Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Be Mindful of your Teeth!

Dentist Check up after 6 years or more in Bright Now
30 minutes Xray
4 minutes explaining Xray
2 videos watched
Deep cleaning first half
Done 10 minutes 1758-1808 on the machine thingy and 4 minutes manually.. all done by 1815.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Scuba Diving with the Sharks

Sharks? Beautiful. Kids and Adults waving at us while we're inside? Priceless.
Schedule before hand. I did it online with my card so everything went smoothly. If you easily panic, please try not to. Or else You'd be going up not even a minute down and just waste your money. This is not easy.

Now that the bad part's gone, hell yeah this is thrilling. Not only with the thought of drowning but getting eaten by sharks around you? This is adrenaline. My companion even told me he was planning to go up half through but good thing he didn't and we finished it together. What an achievement.
If you have cold or cough, you should be fine since I was sick this whole time and had no problems since you can cough through it. What I was nervous about is regarding my eyes. Water in my eyes. Growing up even tough I know how to float but not necessarily professional swimming, I'm one of those who cannot open their eyes underwater. But I did not let that stop me and just enjoy this whole idea of mine.

Popeye are instructor was great and patient. I, the rebel that I am was trying to swim when he said at the practice, don't. Do not kick like swimming even with your hands. I can't stop it of course because when you're inside thinking if you can breathe in water, those rules will be forgotten. Sorry :)
More Questions? Go Here.
Price: 6,600 Baht = Almost $200.
I apologize but I don't remember how much was the photo/video that we took.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Thai Sky Adventures - 3rd Tandem Skydiving

May 12, 2017 in Pattaya, Thailand.
It was raining every now and then so we had to wait until our turn. Arrived around 11am or even before but did it around 4pm because of waiting. Cool video though compared to my others since they show it slow mo that you can screen shot by yourself. Warmer though from my previous two weather wise.

They don't let you schedule in a timely manner (my other two were) because of the Pattaya weather. So I suggest you come in early so you don't have to wait all day like we did due to rain. They do have comfortable VIP waiting room with Ping Pong and Pool (you have to pay to release the balls), vending machine, water and soft couch to sit on. There's a nearby cafe that you can walk to and plenty of restaurants with driving.
Above photo is my boyfriend's sister and our instructor.
We paid 10,100 Baht (295 USD) since there were four of us so the more the merrier for their discount! And added the Video offer of 3,500 Baht (102 USD) which is recored by a third skydiver - awesome footage if you ask me.
After your turn, you will wait roughly 30 minutes for your USB with your photos or video or both or whatever you paid for. It's cool that they let you check it as the rest my previous experience do just to make you sure you have proof of your bravery.
I reserved ours online the night before and chose the 30% upfront rather than the full amount. I only chose this due to the rain aspect of being cancelled. It says on their website that if it's due to rain, it'll be refunded back anyway. If there's no rain, I would've paid it fully, hence the handwritten computation on the photo. - Ootd
You can also take some photos with the plane everywhere in between waiting like what we did.
Enjoy my superman poses!

Monday, May 15, 2017

More Tips travelling Internationally

I just touchdown at LAX waiting for my shuttle to tale me home. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are on the same route as my way so I got time on my hands. I was in Bangkok, Thailand for a week and learned a few more insights when traveling internationally.
  1. Have a wheeled carry on. For laptops, extra set of clothes, etc. Backpack is okay as long as you're not like me who can't have a big one on my back that can scratch my wound. I don't know why I didn't learn in my previous trips to Philippines in 2014 and Singapore in 2016. Next time, I promise you- wheeled carry on bag. Or just. Bring a small one for your essentials.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. This is common sense but some people don't seem to get it. If it's a 3 hour flight, I understand the slippers thing but if you have almost a whole day of traveling, please wear closed shoes. You can always remove your shoes (wear socks) in the plane anyway. What I will do next time is wear running shoes that has a bit of heel. Not like my Keds Sneakers that are just flat. I feel the difference.
  3. Rent a shuttle to pick you up and drop you home. Before, I pay a daily rate to park my car in the Hilton LAX when leaving the US. My friend from work suggested to do a shuttle instead when we're talking about past trips. She told me how convenient it is compare to driving especially after a long whole day of flight. In my first time, I used the Prime Time Shuttle and there's about $27 more compare to valet parking it. For me, that's completely fine thinking of gas going back and forth and just the stress of it. If I'm alone traveling (No Carpool for me), I'm always gonna do shuttle.  Thank You Ranka!
  4. Bring untorned, unpainted, looking good money. My fault for thinking I was in America when I brought my usual bank momey I withdrew days before leaving. You know, the ones that looked used amd too dirty. They didn't accept it. Too picky. Make sure when getting money prior to travel, get it from the bank and tell them to give you clean and good ones.
  5. Pack medicine. Me being a silly daighter who thinks mom just wants to tell you what to do didn't listen to mine when my mom told me to bring antibiotics and such just in case. She said think of every situation possible and be prepared. Of course I only got pain killers. After a few days, from jetlag, time difference and cold from my man, my throat started to get hurt and yep I was sick from then on. Always bring enough for you and never hesitate to drink water no matter how much you pay. Next time I'll listen to you mama!
I hope these few tips wasn't redundant from all the usual advices you find and here everywhere. Have a safe and COMFORTABLE trip! Good Luck with that if you're on Economy like me due to being practical :)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The 1975 @ Greek Theater

The 1975. April 27th, Thursday (Second night).
Parked in Griffith Park PONY RIDES and PRE purchased my parking spot. Do this if you are alone like me so no stress in getting in and out for only $10.00.
Cool show. Lights for productions, Pro Love for affection, I had a great night.
Greek Theater - Just pray that it won't rain on this venue since it's an open ground and an intimate one. I love the part where they have drink holder for everyone. That's an A + since not a lot of concert venues include this.
Purchased from Ticketmaster.