Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Las Vegas Virgin

Spent Three days in Las Vegas last week. It was a blast.

First Day - Slotzilla in Fremont Street and Bachelorette in Mandalay Bay
Second Day - Skyjump @ Stratosphere and Wedding in Luxor Chapel

Insanity Ride in Stratosphere Tower

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Skyjump @ Stratosphere

Awesome experience. Not as long waiting in Zoomline, and not as turning your stomach as a bungee jumping or skydiving. Whole thing was finished in about 30 minutes. You got to arrive 15 minutes before your time though. Inwent there around 1115, my appointment was at 1245. So we went around the retail shoppes before heading back.
Sky Jump Site.
I purchased the package with gopro - duh! It was $153 including taxes. I say so worth it. People say I won't pay for that much to jump, I'd rather drink alcohol. For me, that just means you're not going to do anything different in your life but just pretty much drink. We all have different priorities anyway, so live your life! - Ootd
After the drop, it's about 5 minutes ti get your video. Then I got a t-shirt, which was surprisingly weird than the other because of the color? I got the blue one for $29.99 and the others are $17.99; this is the only thing that didn't make sense. They gave me a 20% so whatever and thanks! They don't have any XS so I got the Small.

They dress you in their jumpsuit, will give you disposable and the thin socks if you want plus the comfortable shoes. Lockers are pretty safe since the key you will use will be your necklace. Place down has a weigh scale before you go up and another one up top before you go down I guess. Windy and cold as I keep saying if you see my video.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Zoomline @ Slotzilla

$40 for Zoom line before 1700; then it's $45. I got it on their office but you can also get it online if you prefer. $20-$25 for the one sitting down that they call Zip-line and only halfway of the whole street.. They don't offer the video package for $60 before that as well so I'm sorry if I don't have any video, only photos. I purchased the get it all digitally for $40 than have one or two printed which I think is not worth it compare to having it all. This is located in Fremont Street.
My ticket was for 1620. Waited an hour before completely 'flying' - so short. About 30 minutes before going up - gearing up and waiting. Then another wait up there where you see people wait before going out. If you're afraid of heights, I still recommend this since it's not that high and you're going to enjoy it once you're out. But I'm looking for more thrill I guess.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Diamond Lake Valley Hike

Pretty and short hike. Located in Hemet, CA. Flower trail was done within an hour. Well it can be shorter but of course with mom, photos had to be taken and not so fast pace.
Wild Flower Trail as they call it is seasonal so always check first before heading out. 
Parking's $10-20. I say go for it at least once since the breeze is just relaxing. - Ootd