Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Walker Canyon

Amazing Hike. We started it almost 1100 and was back at the car 2 hours later. Parking is hectic but totally worth it. When you get here late, you will park longer - common sense; but to scare you more, there is a cop saying don't park here and there due to traffic and way to the interstate.
Don't wear thick clothes since you won't need it. But have an extra thin one just in case the sun wanted to hide for a bit. It happened to us, at first we were getting warm going up. But when we were high enough, sun decided to hide and plus elevation - cool breeze. Beautiful. - Ootd
If you are worried about bugs then I really don't see the point of you going outside. There's not a lot when we went up. I'm really glad mom found this place and as far as I heard, they closed this one down since people are destroying the flowers by stepping on them. Think about though, this kind of view does not exist all the time. It only happens when this par of So Cal received a lot of rain. For them to close it is like not letting people enjoy the beauty of nature. Oh well, if it's the city's place then they have the right to close it. Still, no matter if there are no flowers that bloomed here, I liked the hike.

Cymas and Htc Re Link here.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bailey Canyoneering

Car to Car almost 0900 - 1720. Not bad since I was told it might be 10-12 hours but we finished it before 8 1/2. We could've finished it maybe in less than 8 hours since two of our company quit during the hike up. - Ootd
Links to help me further explain the trip:


We did about 10-15 rappels, I don't even remember so I apologize. The hardest in my opinion is the hike up, and one rappel down which was really exciting and scary. Bring snacks, sweets I recommend for more energy. First Aid since once of our companion slid and hurt her hand. Nothing major but needed alcohol and bandages. She had new shoes that's why. So always be comfortable on your shoes! Take it slow when starting to go down and work your way up (not literally but metaphorically since you are going down).

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Daya @ House of Blues / Garden Walk

Ticketmaster says it will start at 1830, it didn't. When we arrived there, we were told that's when the door opens. And of course it was 15 minutes late so they opened it quarter to 1900. I didn't know the front singer. She was okay I guess and she enjoys doing her thing. She started at 1900. Had a drummer which was amazing and she's the one I'm watching the whole time the front singer did her thing. After 30 minutes, done.
You'd think it's 15 minutes wait? Nope, more than 30 minutes. Daya had a drummer, keys and bass. They were good. Good thing I watched her this time because I might not do it again in the future. Don't get me wrong, I like her, but not crazy about everything.
It's a standing admission concert. Which I don't understand why since I'd rather pay to sit than to stand more than 2 hours with drunk people slamming me. Food is pricey but expected since all concert events are. Good temperature when inside even when you are dancing. I just wish they ALWAYS use the SEATING upstairs since I'm willing to pay more and be comfortable when watching the concert I drove for. - House of Blues, Anaheim.

Garden Walk at Anaheim is such a nice place to hang out. I'd love to try the Escape room next time. I really enjoy the art works all throughout the street. It's not the same as a regular mall for you to shop around, but it's a cozy surroundings to look at. Plenty of restaurants and small boutiques to wait like me for the concert in House of Blues starts.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Amex Gold CC Offer/ Discover 4th CLI

After a month of the Platinum Credit Card offer through my email, another offer from American Express in February 15. At this point, it's only been 5 months since they approved me of my Blue Cash Everyday. I guess most of the good creditors will really pursuade you to have more credit cards ti have more debts so they have more money. Sorry, not me.
It's for the Gold Premier Rewards Credit Card. It has an annual fee of $195. Aside from that reason that I will not apply nor would like to have it, it's doesn't suit my personal needs. Can't say for the future since I'm already planning to upgrade to the Blue Cash Preferred due to the 6% rewards on groceries and 3% on gas. Great for family. So Thank You! But no Thank You for this offer.

Discover 4th Credit Limit Increase - March 8th.
From $3,300 to $3,600. A $300 increase. Last time I requested was September 30th of last year. Not even 5 months so I really can't blame them regarding low increase. My score on their site from February is 745. Since then my balance never reach more than 30% of limit. Still better than nothing so Thank You!

I got denied requesting for Credit Limit Increase in Capital One, Citi and Victoria Secret. Both Capital One and Citi is still not six months and those are the reason they gave to me why I was decline. Completely understandable. But for VIctoria Secret? Never got an increase and I've been with the account for almost two years! Boo-hoo.
Please don't hate me regarding these posts. I woke up before 3 am yesterday and decided to request all these. My parents loan was denied as well as my boyfriend's visa so nothing for me to wait and sacrifice. I merely want to share my experiences but of course YMMV (your miles may vary). Every financial situation is different. Might as well learn from it.