Friday, February 24, 2017

Tandem Skydiving Oceanside, CA

My second tandem Skydiving and definitely not the last. I'm planning to do the AFF in the future though so it'll be something different. My friend that I'm supposed to go with purchased a deal on Groupon where you pay $45 for a value of $100.  Tricky part is on the the Go Jump website, weekday specify $189. But when I checked in, I paid $99 total of $199 meaning they didn't honor the website rate. I didn't bother to ask about it since I already got a deal on groupon. Still, it's nice to do what you offered. Ootd.

My partner in Tandem, Paul was amazing and fun. I did this before so I know the gist but the people in the group made it memorable. Anwar, my outside photo and videographer was great as well. She told me to hold her feet if I can (like the thumbnail on my video) and release it when she shakes it.

There are many options regarding the photo video package and I picked the Outside Photo And Video for $130. Can't say it's worth it since I have my own camera that I can attached to my wrist and use but of course they won't let that (they say after 200th jump) to have the customers pay for the footage. I wished the angle of the camera sees the bottom part a bit more compare to all sky throughout that you don't see how high it is from the ground.
Compare to my first jump, as Paul say, this is fancier. Quality of the video and the view maybe? It is 1000 ft lower though unlike 14,000 ft in Tennessee. But this one has more spinning because of the wind. Oh, wear gloves. I don't know why I completely forgot about that part since I can't feel my hands on my first one even though I wore thick gloves. Probably because that was in the South at March  and I'm in California thinking it's warmer. Though, It's manageable.
My appointment was at 1000 and they asked to come 15 minutes prior to sign some paperwork. I love the souvenirs afterwards with the cutest book about skydiving and stickers that I put on my laptop and car. Big applause that you let my friend reschedule last minute (2 hours before to be exact). Most companies charge a fee for that but you didn't (hopefully you don't ever and not just because I myself went through the jump). But still, Thank You!
Definitely recommended, love the experience :)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Things happen to fill the void

I did my 2nd Tandem Skydiving today and will post about that tomorrow. For now, I want to share stories about things that happen is to fill void. Well at least most of the time. Maybe you're just lucky but you don't have any void so you get more or something.
Originally, there's supposed to be three of us today. One said her mom is in the hospital so that's a real excuse, and the other said her sister is not feeling good about the jump. Now I'm kind of confused since she's the one that scheduled it and even chose the time. I was planning to do it on weekend (Sunday) since I work full time on weekdays. I said yes to her so I was half day today on my job. I have no problem going on my own but my parents have so my mom came with me, just on the drive. She didn't go jump of course. Even she was from shift last night. Thanks Mom :)
Back to See, hi See! My mom said why didn't your sister know beforehand so that she could've said something way earlier than this morning. Oh yes, our appointment was 1000, she told me she's cancelling at 0700. Anyway, I hope she forgives me if I don't come with her when she does it since I can't do another half day. I need to be on the good side of my supervisors :)

Next one, I'd say many plans that never went through. It can be leisure, financial or whatever. For example, many time my plans on canyoneering was cancelled twice or thrice. That's for two different mountains. I either go to work or rest. I know, I'm too crazy to go to work but the better choice is to just rest and enjoy my day. Spend time with my parents watching something. Relax and just be lazy. Because I don't do that most of the time.
Then me being angry at my friends. In the Philippines. They are my most true friends. I fight with them and judge what they're doing. I always compare them ti me that I always say yes and them, that they keep saying No to every hang out of the group. I didn't act as a friend before hand and ask what is really going on instead I scold them for being a friend who doesn't care. But in reality, I was the one that didn't care that much to ask why. I'm sorry guys. I really hope you forgive me.

Also, my boyfriend getting denied for the second time for a tourist visa. As we keep telling ourselves, maybe it's a way for us to learn, especially him to have patience. To not rush anything. That not everything is a piece of cake and not all the time you have control on your fate.
My parents getting denied on the house. My father said to my mom, well that's good, at least you don't need to pay $2000-3000 a month for the house. Meaning, he is looking at the bright side ofnwhat happened.

Sorry for the nonsense post but I also want to share that my baby (Hyundai Accent Hatchback 2013) has reached 60,000 miles! Prices went up - $3.00. His birthday is next month turning 4 years old. Yes, he's a he.
  1. So I got around $150 bonus at work, and I'm going to pay $200 for my baby's check up.
  2. I got a GAP Refund from my original lender $277, I paid that to my tax due of $310. Again not enough.
  3. When I signed up for the Bank of America Trave Visa Rewards Credit Card, I received a $200 credit if I spent enough. Unfortunately, it's a point system and will only Credit travel expenses. Surprisingly, gas is not travel expense as well as other things. So the only one they allowed is my parasailing in Catalina Islamd for $178. But then again, that's not going to go on my savings but on my current Tandem Skydiving Jump of $280 (inducing photo and video package bt excludes tips).
Just know that whatever happens, cancels, or is changed, it has a reason. Too cliche of everything happens for a reason right. But the more I age, the more I believe that phrase and just think it's all in good hands.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Imperfections are Not a Big Deal

Disgusting Photos Below.
Well, since I always say I love dares, here I am daring myself to post pictures of my disgusting self.
You were warned - Hairy, Full of Acne and Plain nasty.
Basic purpose of this post, It's completely fine. There is nothing wrong for a woman to be so hairy and full of acne. You can't make me or anybody feel bad because of what we have. Don't you dare try to tell us that we are not doing anything to be better because that truth is we are not worse. Yeah sure society tells you what beauty standards is nowadays. I say that's full of freaking crap. I myself eat healthy-ish, Work out an hour at least twice a week and work two jobs. So please don't tell I'm a lazy one.
Links for my previous posts: Skin Triad, Hidradenitis, Needs Metformin, Zenatane Journey
I already finished my acne treatment last year. November 2015 to March 2016. It was out when I turned 18 in 2012-2013. But then again with stress I think, Adult Acne came in. Now when I'm about to get my period or already in one, I still get 10-20 pimples on my face. So yes, no matter what I put or do, it will still show up. I clean my face everyday, wear moisturizer and primer before make up. I need make up, because again acne. Yes, I read those non-comedogenic products for my face/skin. ProActiv, Neutrogena, XOut, Eskinol, Maxi Peel, Simple Soap, Branded Soaps, Chinese products, Don't what this and that, and others that I already forgot about.

After my face treatment, my back was not getting any better. I did not have these thousands of pimples when I was a kid. When I moved here to America in 2012, it started showing up. It didn't really bother me until 2014 when I went back home to Philippines, my relatives are like what is that on your back (I know they are disgusted so I have to do something) and they're just keloids. Hard headed can't do anything about it. I put Clindamycin every time after shower and St. Ives scrub while in the shower. I really don't see any changes. Went to my dermatologist twice for injections. Damn, that hurt. Especially if it was done on the little ones on my chest. I sacrificed many times. I got to do what I got to do and here I am still have my imperfections. See those white marks on my back? That's just side effects as well as the hollowness of it. Next possible 'solution' is under the knife or lasers.
I also did the hair removal treatment in the Philippines which almost cost $500. Nothing. Well, there's like one 1/4 of an inch that has less hair, but my armpit still has lots of hair. I tried shaving, waxing and my current doing is Nair where you put a cream and wait it out. The Cream will burn the hair so you can wipe the hair of. Of course, It's still not silky smooth because that's just my skin. Chicken Skin as what people call it. I usually do the Nair every two weeks since if the hairs are too short, it won't even remove it. And if you wait too long, your skin will burn. So yes - Effort.
My Pilonidal cyst on my lower back is not even here. I got in surgically done so MANY times and it's tiring. Best part, that's how it is - it won't go away.

I didn't post this so you will feel bad for me. Please don't. I love myself and my body. I'm still continuing to heal my back even if it feels like nothing is changing. I still wear sleeveless even if my hair is showing on my armpits. I have a mustache that most of the time I don't care to shave.
I posted this to say it's okay. It's beautiful. Life is beautiful. Imperfections are beautiful but it starts within you. For those that say you suck because you have imperfections, please leave them. You deserve so much better. You deserve a real human being. If there are no imperfections and all is perfect, doesn't that make it imperfect? Accept who and what you are. Do something if you are unhappy. Stop complaining for the problems that has answers. Be better if possible and do it one step at a time. Ask for help but in the end, it should be mind over matter. Help yourself. Love yourself.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Life is full of disappointments - Denials after Approvals

Well, as my Series of Unfortunate Events of My Life Post - Look Away. My parents loan did not go through and my boyfriend got denied just right now for the second time applying for tourist visa. Let's start with the first thing. Banks that approved before hand but denied the real necessary loan (there's other two but I don't know the name of the lender):
My denial experiences:
Discover Loan - Prequalify Denial
Social Fiance (SoFi) - After 5 days of waiting, Denied on February 9th.

My mom has enough income to get the loan. But, because she's not a full time because she's a nurse, they won't include her two jobs but only one. What sucks is the agents know the situation before hand that she's not full time but has two jobs yet went through all the stress and even added me so imagine how many pulls my mom's credit went through. But then again, can't blame because every bank or lenders has almost the same rules. And my mom that has credit card debts thinks it does not affect, it did.

Now about the love of my life being denied; Of course he was not approved before hand but you get the denial part. He put so much effort into practicing and even told me the interview was good. But, being young and unmarried man - Denied. Oh well.
Don't know what to put anymore expect, we just have to move on :)
Not everything in life will be in your way. I'm just proud of how my parents are calm and accepting that we are not going to get the house they want (again) and my love keep saying "I'm fine" in the tone of Ross in Friends. You get the gist when you're a fan of the Tv Show. I will still be forever Grateful for Everything and feel blessed everyday.
Thank you for this life. Happy Sunday night (at least in California USA)!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Amex Platinum CC Offer/Discover Prequalified Loan Denial

American Express emailed me this offer last week about the Platinum Credit Card. It's nice to look at and have but I'm not going to pay $450 as an annual fee for it. We'll never know in the future though since it has an amazing cash back style of 5X on flights. I might actually consider this in the future due to going back in forth in the Philippines. Plus those extra credit like $200 Airline fee such as Wi-Fi payment, extra baggage fee's, etc. Nevertheless, not yet. I've been with Amex for 4 months. Thanks though!

I've been with Discover almost 19 months now with my Discover It Credit Card. Last month or two ago, I received a mail offer from them saying I'm prequalified to apply for a loan up to $35,000. I was not planning back then but since I'm trying to help my parents buying a house and getting loan might come handy, I applied last Friday. Nope, denied. What sucks is browser got an error and I didn't get a copy of that denial statement but I got a glimpse of credit score 739. I tried messaging them through the secured message center but was told to give the loan department a call if I want a copy of that denial statement. I guess my recent auto refinancing affected my score from the past month or so.
Oh well, not everything in life will go your way. So I tried SoFi referred by Credit Karma and as of this time, my application from last Friday is still being reviewed.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Personal Loan @ 22 w/ SoFi

If you are reading my past posts regarding my financial experiences, it will lead you to an idea that my parents are planning to buy a house. Here we are, praying that our loan will be closed. But since my mom is stubborn since then, she does not like that I keep telling her to stop having more credit cards and loans. Anyway, they are going to borrow my money to use as a down payment. Our current lender is saying that they cannot approve the loan unless my  mom pays her big debt (loan). I feel really bad if my parents won't get the house that they want. I really feel that this is for them and will do anything for them to get it.
I appreciate my mom doing all these paper works and conversations with four lenders to see which one will grant our wish. Unfortunately, one says this is the only amount they can lend us, another one has a condition and the others are taking too long. She is losing her patience and planning to give up because of the stress and does not have enough money to help with the loan. She tries using my father's profile to apply for a personal loan but not as a success. Not sure if she is not happy with the interest rate or monthly payments, I don't know. I told her, okay mom, I will try to apply for a loan. I did yesterday. So here we are.
I went online and put Personal Loan. Credit Karma and Nerd Wallet showed up where you can choose from different lenders. I chose SoFi in Nerd Wallet thinking it will give me the best rate. I really don't have anything else to compare it to since this is my first time to help my parents. Put some information and says I'm Pre approved. I applied around 0930 and uploaded 5 pay stubs (2 in my part time and 3 in my full time) and the front and back of my green card.
0941 - I received an email saying my application has been received.
2194 - Email saying my documents has been added to the loan application (even if I did it 12 hours earlier).
The process at SoFi is really easy and quick, All can be done online. Waiting is the hard part.
I got 2 offers for fixed rate payments:
  • 3 year maximum of $12K +
  • 5 year with monthly of almost $336 (because of the 0.25% discount if enrolled in Auto pay)
I chose the second since I need the exact amount I applied for to help my parents regarding the necessary conditions to close for their house. If this goes through, then I might actually have a personal loan of my own to add more help. But if my mom's loan goes through with another lender that does not have any conditions, then we won't need any of this money. I really hope it goes through without the condition since I don't want to have any loan under my name. Plus, another Hard Pull on my Credit report no matter what happens. Protect my Id already alerted me this morning and says pulled from Experian but per disclosure, it will be pulling from one or more. Oh well, I will do anything to make my loved ones be happy so be it with the pull.
I'll update once I'm approved or not. Good luck!
Photos are in order when I applied and I took them as I go forward as well as disclosures.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rock Fitness @ Wildomar

$5 on Tuesdays - Ladies Night including climb and gear rentals. Third time climbing all my life; Second time indoor climbing so I know the gist. When it's your first time, they make you sign this disclosure and get you into a group for a quick orientation about what to do and what not. 
Pretty packed because of that good deal so arrive early afternoon than evening or else you'll be waiting for each spot rather than climb again and again. You got to be prepared of how BAD the smell of the shoes are. Gym itself has a court for basketball or volleyball, two or three studios for classes like spinning, yoga, etc, weights, balancing ropes, jumping square (don't know how it's called), bit of cross training and the rock climbing. We will always come back here if we crave for some climbing because of the best deal compare to others that includes gear. And, not only the rock climb but you also have access to the whole gym.