Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Series of Unfortunate Events in My Life

Yes, I watched the movie in 2004 starring Jim Carey. Yes, I also watched the series on Netflix and eager to have the season two since questions from season one just keeps coming. Anyway, this is about my current situation and I do not mean to make you sad in anyway. Just sharing basically.
Last Sunday, my back starting to hurt again. I have a pilonidal cyst that won't go away. Had a surgery back in 2014, two years later here it is again. Specifically October last year when it start swelling up and I had to open it (twice) while I'm awake. I talked to a surgeon saying it's up to me if I want to do a full surgery again but it's like 50/50 if it is really going to be gone after that. I said no since after the minor openings it felt better. Here I am again, talking about it. Back to Sunday, I'm having a hard time sitting properly since the target of that is my lower back. I'm walking slowly as well. Monday before work, Mom can't take it and she opened it. Damn that hurt. It was a minute circle and blood was the one dripping. I made it to work and hours later, it felt a little better. After work, I went to a walk in clinic in Moreno Valley Kaiser thinking I can request to cut it open. Doctor arrive and took a glanced at my wound saying go to surgery. I tried asking to cut it open so no surgery needed but Nope, he just said I will refer you and go to surgery. It looks like for him, it doesn't even matter about my history.

Next day I received a call from Kaiser to schedule the consultation then if possible surgery. I said can I call back in a couple of minutes to ask my mom. Told my mom and we decided a time, I called back another person answered telling me that spot I want is not available anymore. Bummer. I said well I had no choice so that I was told is taken. Representative told me next time book it no matter what since it's filled up fast and you can always cancel than loosing that spot you were told. So I have an appointment next week. Tuesday comes in, went to work. Around afternoon, I can feel like I have a small diaper in my back that is full. When I went home, mom checked it out and as soon as she opened it, it smells bad. I mean gross, lol. But the relief was priceless. It dripped on my pants and underwear, that's how much it go out. She pressed it to make the rest comes out and yes it hurts. After she got satisfied, I felt so much better and started dancing around jokingly from so slow when walking. Now, it's still dripping but my mom and I thinking surgery is not necessary. Hopefully. Of course, I just have to live like this maybe forever.

Another event, my parents journey of buying a house. I don't tell anyone except for my closest friends. Yesterday, I just told my friends here at work about it (two of them then became three since one told another one). When I get home, Mom was telling me about a complication about papers. Last week, it was like that too but mom fixed it and found a way to complete the process. And here we are again, trying to make this happen and it looks like it's just too stressful. I feel bad for my mom the most. Lenders, Please don't prequalify people when later on you're going to judge every little thing we have. She even told me last night, I'm okay with not pursuing the house as long as your back is healed completely. In my mind, mom NO. I want this house to be yours and I'm going to be okay no matter what. Here we are again for the waiting game if there's another conflict on papers during the process. I hope I did not jinx it.

Final event going on, my boyfriend is having a bad time in his career. Last year, we tried him applying for a Tourist Visa and was denied. Now as a seafarer in the Philippines, you need to have a crew visa to US. And because he got denied before, the company he was in was hesitant to help him because of that denial. What I hate the most. Is they made him wait forever and never calls him. The only way he'd know is if he go there personally. They 'tried' but never really did anything and that's what bugs me. Waste of MONTHS especially for my man. Philippines.
I can't do anything to help him out about this. I can't just go home to him for a few days because if I do that, those few days will be going to my travel time. This sucks. And what I love about my boyfriend? He does not talk shit about the company. He keeps saying, I don't blame them since it his fault applying for that visa. He understands the risk of the company about him when they receive a denial as a crew visa because of him. What an honorable attitude he has. He is so strong. And tomorrow, he will start going around Manila to find a company that will take him.

To almighty, whoever you may be. I don't know what to do to help my parents and the love of my life. These are out of my hands. I can't do anything to make it better in anyway. I can try making them feel optimistic but in reality, I'm scared as well. I don't know what to sacrifice for them. I will always make them first in my prayers and thoughts than myself or my cyst problem. And to make myself worse, yesterday I purchased two tickets in two different concerts. I will be going alone on each. If I had known that my mom will tell me at night that something is not going smoothly in the process and my man knew all along that he will be withdrawn by his amazing agency, I would have never bought anything for myself. I'm sorry.
Please be strong when you are having unfortunate events in your life. Like I'm trying to be.
Have a Day. Yes, not pressuring you to have a good one whatsoever. If it is then I'm happy for you, if not, breathe. Join me in just having a day. Or week? Maybe month. who knows :)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Walmart Tire Dept @ Moreno Valley

Yelp review:
This is for the TIRE DEPARTMENT. I got there around 0715, was THIRD in place. All I need is to get ONE tire fixed. I gave them the keys but the amazing Daniel forgot to ask me for any paperworks. I assumed it's fine since I have a HISTORY at walmart, they got my name, number info etc. then after mass I went there about 10am. Saying they didn't do anything because no paperwors was made. DANIEL said he takes FULL BLAME. I said okay, I'll wait. And now at 11am, he's telling me it's going to be another HOUR because I LOST MY PLACE for not doing the papers. When I reminded him, you just told me you took FULL BLAME and now I'm at the last place? He even told me 'well technically it's your fault". Way to turn things around for that customer service of yours. Other pointer is that they got more than TWO HOURS to call me and say hey we don't have your signature can you please come back so we start to fix your vehicle asap. NOPE. If I had comeback later then they'll just say nothing.
I demanded to ask for a supervisor and got an asst Manager Jessica. As expected, didn't really help but 'checked' outside and told me that they can't put me in before the people in current line.
WTH. That's the whole point of getting up at 7am and going straight there to get it done quick. And because YOUR people don't know what should've been done like the paperwork I'm the one to suffer? Get it together.
Another thing I heard is that a car of one man, his car got the WRONG TIRE. It's should've been for a Honda not a Chevy of some sort. like, HOW??? I'm surprised that man kept it together because he's been there longer than me I bet.

The only reason I put another star is from my previous service with Andrew, who I feel like the only one that knows the job and does it well.

So I just called my father 1215, and they can't fix it due to Running Flat Tire. IF THEY LOOKED AT THAT THIS MORNING WHEN WE ARRIVED, all this fiasco could've been prevented. If amazing Daniel looked at the vehicles' information and realize that, hell we don't fix Rft when we first arrived at 0715, then done. Everyone can go there separate ways. I give a sarcastic applause. Well done. What a waste of time.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Rate Genius to MCCU (2nd Car Refinance)

2nd refinancing - I applied on Rate Genius December 20, 2016. Got the email saying I was approved and will be contacted by my loan officer the next day December 21, 2016. I received a call after I got that email about 3 hours later then received the 3 options I can choose from:
Option 1
Interest Rate:2.49%
Term:60 Months
Down Payment:$0.00
Days to First Pmt:30
Monthly Payment:$215.66
Est Monthly Savings:$90.34

Option 2
Interest Rate:2.49%
Term:48 Months
Down Payment:$0.00
Days to First Pmt:30
Monthly Payment:$266.31
Est Monthly Savings:$39.69

Option 3
Interest Rate:2.49%
Term:36 Months
Down Payment:$0.00
Days to First Pmt:30
Monthly Payment:$350.76
Est Monthly Savings:$-44.76
Of course I had to calculate how much I will "save". I did NOT. My loan officer, Rick told me I might receive a GAP refund from the original lender which is now in process. But before I contacted them here's what he told me to do:
"I'm assuming the refund you're talking about is the GAP refund.
That has nothing to do with us.
You'll have to get the payoff letter from Excel and then call the dealer."
I just hope that's about $700. Because refinancing this through Rate Genius made me pay $655 MORE that my then current term with Xcel.

I chose number 3 even if it's more than my normal monthly payment. After I submitted required documents,
We are working on your vehicle refinance but need some additional documents to process your loan. Please see the list below and upload your documents today.
  • Driver's License(s)
  • Back of Driver's License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Voided Check
  • Proof of Income
  • 2015 W-2
that day the loan package was sent to me to sign. I received it the next day and send it back asap for them to look and complete. It was really quick but at the same time, holiday season is our concern for deliveries, offices and such openings that are limited. They received the package December 23. After a few days, I was worried because I have no idea if everything is going smoothly. I emailed December 28 and told my loan was sent for funding, meaning all is good. December 30, I received an email saying loan has been successfully funded. Perfect timing since I was told that they only a have a TEN DAY lock for the quoted rate.

Original loan with Hyundai/Kia Motors Finance in Covington Pike, Tennessee; monthly payment was $387. This loan has me and my mom as the borrowers.
After a year I refinanced and got Xcel at a rate of $307. This loan only has my mom's name.
Now that my parents are planning to buy a house, their credit history needs to be clean. No big debt whatsoever. And for that reason, I decided to refinance my car to my name only. My mom also refinanced my dad's car because they both have their names on his.

Rate genius - Pulled Experian and Equifax as an inquiry. They gave my information to THREE lenders.
Matadors Community Credit Union - Reporting to ALL three credit bureaus. Hundai/Kia Motors Finance did the same thing which was the original lender when I bought the car.
Xcel Federal Credit Union - Only reported to Experian. So from March 2014 to December 2016, Transunion keeps telling me I don't have mix credit like non mortgage loan.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Trailer in Youtube

Anyway, I love videos. But, I never consider myself creative that's why most of my clips are just together - no editing skills whatsoever.
With the help of iMovie setup, I made this as a a little trailer of what I love doing the most - adventures.
From 5 days ago, Here's my bare face.
Do yourself a favor and stick to your resolutions. Or be like me, have none :)