Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2nd Refinancing - Hyundai Accent 2013

My mom refinanced my dad's car through Rate Genius. She said she didn't find it herself. Credit Karma recommended it to her and she likes it since everything is fast and online. I thought about other banks, comparing rates and the risk and gave into temptation yesterday and completed the application. Today, I got the Congratulatory email. I also almost applied for Lending Tree twice, but always stopped myself when it was asking me about social security number. Since I know that when I do that inquiry will be pulled on my report and on Credit Karma, reviews on Lending Tree is BAD. I talked to Anthony from Bank of America yesterday saying he has 15 years if experience but didn't finish it since their lowest term is 48 months and I prefer 36 months unless I pay more. I'm so relieved that I didn't hear that snob tone of his when said I won't go through so kudos to his customer service. He did tell me that after 30 days, the inquiry will be deleted. Not sure if he meant when you finished the application or when you're approved, nevertheless, Good Luck when applying!
I looked and read maybe at least five other lenders/banks. Like Capital one below, I was not prequalified even though they sent me letters many times almost every month about refinancing. And here I am declined even to apply after denial of prequalify. Thought they give me something good since they're my oldest account standing. Here are some of what I saw online of the lowest APR of each lender:

I really suggest using the calculators included if there is on site and read the fine prints. Be careful when filling up since sometimes it will say somewhere that your credit will be pulled with the smallest font.
Purchased my car March 2013. Refinanced with Xcel Federal Credit Union March 2014 for 72 months. Meaning. Last payment would've been March 2020. Hopefully if this all goes well, I chose 36 months with the last payment happening December 2019. It's only three month difference but the point of this Refinancing is to remove my mom's name in my car. 
14.24% to 8.8% to (I'll post when 100% done, sorry). 
Rick Reyes from Rate Genius called me this morning 0905 for about 13minutes regarding my choices. Easy to talk to and fast. He gave me a rate and lowered it down more but we still need approval.
Received the call 1032 saying approved and talked about the process about 10 minutes.
The blue paper above is my handwriting while listening to Rick explain the rates on different terms and he estimated it more than what I got on the email which is good. I calculated it all and I actually didn't save. I will pay about $655 more. But he said something about refund because of insurance blah blah and there's a $75 prepaid refinance fee with the new Credit Union that's why the APR is different on three terms.

Friday, December 16, 2016

ATT Online monthly Cost/Citi Email Credit Limit Confusion

I posted before regarding our monthly cost in Att will now be $234.92 before taxes. But yesterday I check, it was down to $209.92. So I know there's something wrong. I chat with Maria and of course it's a glitch said will be fixed asap. Today I checked again and it's even lower (first two photos). This is confusing. On the system, monthly fee for my phone and my mom's iPad is not included total of $56.50. False hope.

Another amazing false hope - Citi's email to me this morning. I got an approval in October about my limit increase. And this morning, I received this saying then information I already know. I went ahead and chat with one of their agents online and bottom line, this email is redundant.

I had to copy and paste the whole conversation to Microsoft Word since the window is so small I can barely read what he is saying.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hard And Soft Pulls on Credit

Yesterday, I received my Experian Credit Report from It was pulled November 29, 2016 so it's recent. Now that I have three of the Credit Bureaus, I jot down what pulls from where when opening an account, credit limit requests and just random inquiries from different creditors.

HARD PULLS are the bad ones. Having too much will alert the creditors you are going to apply for. I think it's only June this year that I learned about credit. So before that I didn't really give a damn about inquiries and all I do is pay my bills. Now, here we are being so conscious of evey single thing I do to my credit, which is good! But sometimes I think I'm getting obsessed.

Experian: Basically almost all. As of November 3rd, I have Eleven (11) hard inquiries on my report. Hopefully I'm not mistaken by that since on my Amex Credit Score it's saying I have too much. Some are from work and apartments when we moved here. But all new accounts, are pulled here. Comenity Bank VS, Discover, Bank of America, Kohl's, American Express. I'm not sure about Capital One and Citibank since I've been with those more than 2 years and it's not showing as an inquiry anymore.
CLI - Synchrony Bank (Sunglass Hut)

Transunion: Two HP from August report. One of is from CLI - Bank of America.
Oh and Kudos to Capital one from having a free credit report on their Credit Wise. Thank You guys!

Equifax: Two HP from August report as well, One of is from opening a new account with Discover last year. It doesn't have my American Express as new account. I opened September this year so I guess Amex does not report to Equifax.
EXPERIAN: (August 25, 2016)
Bank of America
Capital One
TRANSUNION: (August 25, 2016)
Bank of America
Capital One
Synchrony Bank
EQUIFAX: (November 29, 2016)
Capital One
Now to the not so dangerous pulls. Believe me when I tell you that it's probably for the better if you opt out of promotional offers. Not only you are not annoyed by how many mails you received each week, you are saving paper and there are few soft pull so your credit. You might tell me it's not a big deal but I prefer a clean one than a dirty report from soft pulls of company you don't know even exist.

As you can see, Capital one (which is my oldest) has pulled from all. I kind of don't understand the pattern though since it's mostly last quarter of the year. I do applause it though for being all around since it's like one pull from here and the next one from another bureau.

Citibank is my second oldest and it's pulled on all as well but not as often as Capital One. 10/25/16 is from my CLI that I requested.

Discover did a soft pull for annual review maybe? I was approved 07/05/2015.

Bank of America pulled on 08/20/16 which is my sixth month since approval and didn't receive an automatic increase. So I requested one with an HP which was pulled from Transunion in September this year (see above).

There you have it, my recent report of hard and soft pulls from creditors that I know. Let's all work together to make our Credits better! Thank You for reading!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Closing my Sunglass Hut CC

I posted before how Synchrony Bank pulled a hard inquiry on my credit report without any warning whatsoever when I requested for my limit to be raised. I talked to someone in their department through cell phone and he said that he sent the removal letter. Unfortunately yesterday, I received a letter stating they can't delete the inquiry. Even though they clearly explained that they are aware of the no warning. Therefore, I decided to close this account effective immediately. I've been with this account more than a year and an inquiry on mg credit without me knowing is a deal breaker. You lost my trust. $1200 credit limit is not going to kill my ratio as of this time so loosing this account would hopefully simply delete the inquiry it made. I've got four account opened way before this account was opened, persuaded by the sales lady and mom when purchasing last year. So my credit history will not be ruined drastically.
I wish the Synchrony Bank, Sunglass hut Credit Card business truly the best.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tandem Hang Gliding @ San Bernardino, CA

Flew with today! Originally, my appointment was yesterday at 1000 but they texted me at 0830 saying it's gusty and the direction of the wind is opposite. So they asked me if I want a refund or reschedule and I picked reschedule for today. I asked for earliest and it was 1400.
We left the place at exactly 1400 and ride the van for 30 minutes. They set it up and went on right away. Believe me, bring a jacket. Even if it's warm down at their waiting area, it's cold up.
Finished at 1512, about to go home at 1520.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Opinion is a Matter of Perspective

Growing up, I got friends who come and go. And when we moved here, from Philippines to America. I left them all. I thought not mentally though only physical. Since then, I've been jealous all the time if they are together. I detached myself from them just to not be attached anymore. I get angry at them for saying no when there is a gathering and one couldn't be just because they are tired. I feel like they are taking things for granted and not appreciating the fact that they are all together. There are things I said to them and I don't want to take them back because that's me. But then, I apologized if I said something to harsh whatsoever, but I don't lie. Maybe sometimes, it;s better to not saying anything? If that's the case then what's the purpose of friendship, being able to say things, opinions truthfully.
I've been defending myself saying I want to push the group away from myself since I don't want to get hurt. My reasoning is that I'm so attached but then it's my fault because they care about me yet I don't want them too. I don't know if I'm so close minded or just because I live in a different world than they are now. Even though we've all been friends since 2007.

I've been sharing my thoughts that I'm this practical bullsh*t who don't ask for things. I work two jobs who lives with my parents. I'm also not like one of those normal people who post selfies in social media to gain confidence or who posts stuff and caption "Please" or "Need to have these" or worsts, "Wish list for Birthday, whatever holidays (even if it's like in months away)". In Instagram I block right away those pages. I always click the See fewer posts like this because I hate needy people. Or those who ask for things that they don't work for. I feel like, you don't need to let everybody know you need this and that. Aren't those things private? Or at least share to your friend personally?
This friend of mine (who I know no longer is because of what I said) is newly broken up and thinking of getting back together with his ex that we all protect, yes from her. Little background, they were together for years and college got in the way (and money pus effort) so they broke up. What sucks is, his current ex boyfriend was hitting on her even when they were together before. This Ex is rich. Has a car, no worries with buying her gifts, treating her into no so cheap restaurants far away.

Fast forward, they are together anymore recently. At first, I don't want her near our friend because it sucks but I found it this Ex is a freaking asshole. Protective side of me, some say aggressive or even WAR FREAK says not let her see that Ex ever. And now the friend of ours and her are thinking of another chance for both of them. I warned our guy friend, whatever he did while they are not together is NONE of her business and she can;t make him guilty for that. I'm trying ti be protective for both of them. I'm just scared that it will come back to point where she will miss those expensive dates, car rides whenever and the effort of Ex because of his luxurious life.
Then yesterday, I went home and I saw her post regarding a planner I think with a caption, "Please."
Without blinking an eye, I was the first to comment and said "Buy one yourself". After few hours, At least six to seven people attacked me that I was harsh. She said what's my problem, I answered you have a problem, you want people to buy you stuff. Then more people was happy to comment about I was not even mentioned in the post and I was a war freak, bad mouth blah blah blah. I'm never going to take out that comment because I don't regret it.

My boyfriend tells me I should've just messaged her personally saying my opinion about it. I argued that he might be right but at the same time, isn't just going to be a more personal attack? Like, Hey, you sound like a spoiled brat on your post. Like that? Please help me I guess on how I can be nicer because I'm just saying what's on my mind I few people will understand that. Two of our other friends messaged me saying if I had a rough night or I have a problem. I both said to them, No I did not have a rough night and I'm okay. Of course both of them are implying my 'harsh' post. One of them is the one who did not go to one of the groups' plan because he's tired. Best part, he didn't even answer. We only knew his reasoning when I posted something 'harsh' again on our group and he got of course hurt hence the explanation of being 'tired' and just not really interested on the groups' plan. He messaged me last night and all I can reply to him are emojis because I don't want to explain myself. Then he told me to screenshot his message and send to friends if I still have some. Ouch right? Good bye Mhanny :) Back story, I apologize to him and all he can say is Ok. I left it on seen and he said if I'm okay with his answer. I said why would you answer something if you don't mean it? That conversation I screenshot and sent to my 'best friend'. And now I know that best friend told him what I did. I hate people who are bailers. If that's not a word, those people who say yes then ditch you and those who abuse other people.

Now back to the she friend who posted the Please part. She messaged my boyfriend, they are best friends saying how she is annoyed by me. Why? Because she was hurt that she sounded like a spoiled brat? Because I was harsh? I don't know. I'd rather her block me completely of everything that see her posts like that. I guess I can unfollower her. Which I will do couple days from now when her awesome friends that make her spoil her self and post it on social media stops praising my amazing comment.
That's why I don't do Facebook much anymore. I see people asking for attention rather than appreciating the technology as a way to reach to others far away. To not take things for granted. To work for what you want. To know what's like to sweat and have pressure in you to make enough and spend it on something you like. I remember myself posting my car three years ago, that I didn't ask whatsoever and earned from hard earned money. Please never think I'm boasting, I'm not. I'm just trying to make you understand why I would say or think such a thing. So yeah, if you don't know me personally and you see my comment to her post, you'd think I'm a dick. Maybe I am, and that's fine. That's my opinion, I guess a bad one :)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Nothing like Cotton Candy (3rd Colored Hair)

Today's my third appointment with my colorist Sophiany and I chose the picture from Instagram feed and liked it figured why not give it a try. We started at 1300. Then after putting then lightening chemical, it took 45 minutes to be fully absorbed by my hair. It should've been 30 minutes but there are parts that wasn't lightened before. After washing then the coloring part. Processed it for 35 minutes then wash. It's done in about 4 hours. Not necessarily cotton candy looking, but you get the gist. After this, I'm going to go back every 12 weeks not not for the coloring part but for my haircut. I don't really have a style that I'd like to keep, but I'm too lazy to style so regular haircut will help me.
So she asked me where my parting is, I said left since that's where it usually is. Then she asked to the left? I said yes. I was wrong. It should've been to to the right of your parting is on the left. My bad. Now I know. Forgive me for being so ignorant on cosmetology.
Before look:

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Proud to be Practical

Since I've been posting how cheap I am or how my mom is luxurious most of the time, I want to write something about myself that I'm not ashamed of ever. It's being practical. Sure call me cheap of whatever I don't care. Well sometimes I do and it gets in my head but I can't change who I am. All I can do is learn from mistakes. I do believe that quality exceeds quantity. And I also believe that if something does the same thing and purpose, go for the better deal. It's not even about money, it's about being resourceful of what you have.

Last year, I completely realized that I love doing activities that some might say extreme. Hence the title of my blog 'The Brown Daredevil'. While I was working in Missouri, the Go Pro trend started. Or got more popular. I don't really know since I don't like mainstream things but I got interested on it more becuse of my 'hobbies'. I first saw one March 2015 when I did tandem sjydiving in Tennessee and the guy behind me use a wrist housing camera that holds the go pro. I started researching about it and months later, I didn't buy it. LOL. Instead, I bought my Htc Re that I still extremely love. No need for cases, etc. yet waterproof and oerfect for everyday shots. And the angle is wide as well. Even at night you still get to see around you and I just love it. I got it from Best buy and now it's gotten pretty cheap.
Fast forward to last month when I got the go signal from doctor saying I can work out again. From then on, I've been planning activities on my unsual off days. I was hoping to do the Hang Gliding Solo, where they teach you and you get to fly on a beach. But if I do that, I will have no one to accompany me and no one to record my activtity. They don't have those video package and I figured I won't do it if I don't have any proof. So I thought the wrist housing from my skydiving experience will be perfect. But then, I don't want to buy go pro because budget issues. Last week, I posted the incident on Amazon where I purchased something and it got cheaper the next day. I cancelled it completely because I decided not to do the Hang Gliding alone and I was irritated by the cheaper part and Amazon can't fix the prices like that.

The next day of my cancellation, I saw an email from amazon about the Black Friday deals. I was working that day in saw the cheap bran camera simila ro go pro. Well cheaper than my previous our purchased that I cancelled. First one was with camera and wrist housing and total proce with tax was $160. This second purchase that arrived at my house today since I got an alert, $61.92 including taxes. Below is a photo of the four products that I bought. Includes:
Add that up 60.56 + 1.36 for tax (free shipping). I saved almost $100 with four products instead of only two. That's bargaining if you ask me. Of course it's a risk of how the quality of the camera is. But as long as it's going to record me and my surroundings, with the wrist housing that I can use to record while using both of my hands, I'm sold. I got the floater for my Htc Re, so that when I go jump a cliff or something and it falls somewhere unexpectedly, I'd still see it. And if you think I have too much camera, oh well, I can say I have or want to have too much actions going on in my life. And I want to be able to look back into it. As one of my friend told me, I'm not cheap, I'm sensible :)