Saturday, October 29, 2016

Yeast Infection because of Antibiotics

This will be disgusting for most of you. For men and for some women who are such sensitive on their body? But since I declared than I'll dare to share whatever I can, why the hell not. Plus, not a lot can have balls to share what I've been sharing so let's get this thing going.

Again, I've warned you that it might disgust you.

It started last week around Friday, I'd like to say Thursday but not so sure or it's not that noticeable yet. For days I've been scratching discreetly my down there. By Monday I'm thinking I can make it until Wednesday since I have an appointment with my doctor because of my back (Pilonidal cyst). Tuesday came in, I can't take it anymore. I called to make an appointment at that day and went it earlier because my mom said so. I texted her after I make an appointment for 1350 and she said come in right now at urgent care. I did and read my story here.
So they suggested two creams, my choice which one to choose and I chose Monistat since that's what I've been hearing in commercials. I used the 3 day first then the 1 day. I think I'm good now.
October 25: Checked up, bought Monistat and put it around noon. Felt a bit better for the rest of the day. Just to be sure put one at night before heading to sleep.
October 26: Put one in the morning again just to be sure I'll be fine at work. I noticed it worked after an hour. Like no itch whatsoever. And at the afternoon, I was still scared and bought the 1 day and put it before going to bed.
October 27: Bleeding like I'm on my period. Itch every now and then but not as bad as Tuesday. I think I'm going to stop now since my mom said it will be itchy if I keep putting more since it 'tickles' the infection.
October 28 up to now: All good I believe. Still bleeding a lot but it's not all blood. Like mixed with some of the fluid inside. I will not put a link here regarding yeast infection since I'd rather let you search that yourself for the pictures. All I can tell you is it has white patches on the side and no discharge at first in my case.
Biggest advice: Do not be embarrassed. I'm only 22 and I got it due to my tons of antibiotics. I got to own it and say I have a problem. Deal with it. It's not like my choice or my fault. My only regret is I waited for days (4 to be exact) which will never happen again. Fix the problem, Don't ignore it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kaiser Permanente Experiences

I'd like to say I love Kaiser Permanente. I do, but not 100%. I mean, nothing is actually 100% perfect in terms of everything. I love my Doctor, and how fast they are at the Pharmacy. How easy it is to look at you profile, history, results and much more on their website. You can make your appointments online or call. I'm lucky enough that my mom works in one so our insurance is great. I have 3 years or so to enjoy this, then will have to pay. More expensive than other insurances but I know first hand, it's worth it.
Usually problems that I've had is Time. Nurses at Heacock says they close at 5pm yet receptionist said 4pm. Same thing happened at Iris Ave. At least 2 nurses told me they close at 5pm. Nope again when I was there after 4pm. This needs to be fixed asap. I understand one nurse that's new. But multiple?

I love the Urgent Care. It's not emergency yet they will make time for those who need it first. At Iris Ave it's after 5pm. But they don't have walk in during the day. Which is I think kind of ridiculous since people are out of work at 3pm pr 4pm and have to wait. They only have nurse visits.
Speaking of nurse visits. Some of them are not too experienced. I have this one nurse in Iris Ave that I love since she's gentle and know what shes doing. Unfortunately I can't catch her all the time. She changed my packing three times now and still the best. The others, or those two that talked to me saying they don't have specific orders so they can't change it is just inexcusable. How come others can and you two can't? They said there needs to be a doctor or whoever to look at it and a specific order for them to do it. I even told them, it's been done with 2 nurses that didn't ask for a specific order nor a doctor.

Here I am at the Riverside. Meeting for the first time with a Gynecologist. I called this morning at 0853 and got an appointment here today at 1350. Called my mom and told her my problem, she said just go straight and not wait. So I did and went to the receptionist and asked if I can squeeze in.
This was about after 1000. She said she can't check me in since there's no opening and earliest check in needs to be one hour early from the appointment. I know this was a long shot arriving early but I didn't take no for an answer. Well, after she said she can't check me in,'I understand and where is the waiting room?' She said the room number so I sat there for a minute and thought whats to do next.
I went downstairs and looked for a self service check in. I checked in myself and went back the the waiting room. A minutes passed and she called my name. See, if I stop when she told it's too early, that's 3 hours of waiting.
After my check up the nurse asked me, you know your appointment is at 1350? I said yes, and I check in myself rather than wait for the receptionist that won't help me. So even if how great the doctors and services can be, sometimes you still going to think the best way possible to help yourself.
Health is Wealth!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Capital One 4th CLI

Good say everyone. I just want to say first and foremost. I apologize. For letting the itch get the good of me. I keep feeding my greed and got to stop. But then, as what experts say, it helps as in the long run (credit limit increases).
Lower than my previous increase of $3000, but I'll take what I can get out of nowhere. Current Credit Score on Capital One Site, Vantage is 771.
Been with Capital One since July 2013. Switched to Quicksilver on December 2015. Starting Limit is $500 (no history whatsoever) and Increases all Soft pulls as follows:
  1. 750 December 2013
  2. 1750 May 2015
  3. 6750 October 2016 (only one requested, others Auto CLI)
Also, I copy-and-paste a shared experience from MyFico that hitting the luv button on Capital One Site many times does NOT matter. Which is amazing since people that needs credit / higher score from utilization will need this. Thumbs up for that. Hopefully all credit cards/credit banks are like that.
I'm sorry again. For myself and for those that kind of seeing my pattern. I told myself I wouldn't request on my Capital One as the only 'virgin' since all my others I did request. But just like sex, it's hard to resist. Sorry for the bad analogy. Lets help each other be better and have great credit!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

3rd Citi CLI & Previous TYP offers

After 6 months with my last Credit Limit Increase on CITI, they finally approved me! Last time I requested was September 30, 2016 and was denied due to not being six months in between. It was total $3,700 on April 22, 2016 but when I asked online via chat they said it was like that from April 21, 2016. Read about multiple post regarding if it's worth it and told myself what the heck. What's holding me back is the multiple denial they did to me last January, March and twice in last month. So this is my 5th request for CLI in a Soft Pull and 1st Approval. Did not even think of going further for more with a Hard pull since I just wanted something in return since I used my card almost 100% and paid it in full as soon as it was posted.
It's a sweet deal that it's higher than my last increase ($1000) and now it's $1,500 increase. My goal is 5 digit range but everything takes time. I will reach that goal hopefully won't take 2 years. Will start gardening after November 15, 2016. Current score reported by Citi as of 09/27/2016 - 768.
I had Citi Dividend Platinum from April 2014 and switched to Double Cash May of this year. They started showing Fico Score January 2015 using Equifax.

When I was digging through my emails, I found out that Citi offered me three times for the Thank You Preferred Credit Card. Back then, I wasn't aware that the bigger your limit is the better. Not to spend of course but for total credit utilization. I don't even care about Fico Scores and Credit Reports. But now that I'm learning, I'm also sharing :)

I found these that has the same offer, not sure if I deleted some before.
June 29, July 24 and September 25. All in 2015.
I'm the type of person that once I already have something similar to what I have, (e.g clothing or bags with same style, same color or whatever that's close to it) I won't get it. Because I feel like that's redundant. I'm just going to take care of my Double Cash and ignore other offers as much as I can just like what I did with Chase Freedom and Chase Slate.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Know it All Part 2 Concert @ The Wiltern

Awesome musicians.  No big production to lure you that it was a good show. It is a great show without showing any skin or distractions. Plain talent and soothing music.
Nathan Sykes, Ruth B and Alessia Cara. Additional guest is Sebastian Kole. Not on the list but he was the first to play for 2-3 songs. I'm telling you, no big background music like those big concerts where it kind of shadows the voice/help them in a way. These are all pure singers.
My mom was with me since she don't want me driving that long because of my back and she doesn't know anyone of the artists. When it started all the way to end, she appreciated the whole thing due to all of them are extremely amazing.
Purchase thru Ticketmaster :)
So Proud of the songs I listen to and artist I idolize.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I have the Skin Triad

Whats up. Another day. Another diagnosis for me. Lol. I'm okay though. Not dying yet. Hopefully not in a hundred years. As of yesterday, I got Hidradenitis Suppertiva, Pilonidal Cyst, and Acne. Plus Keloids if you think that's another illness. And today, I was informed I got Keratosis Pilaris. Another skin problem! Yey! It's not one what I eat or do. Just within me.
Look at my social history. Pretty clean right? Yet I have these. Oh well. Life goes on. And back to tretinoin. Only this time, topical for my arms. I had it before orally for my face with the brand Zenatane. One problem goes away, another one swoops in for the spot. Am I a contest or what?
After Retin-a every night, I have to put lotion and these are the samples she gave to moisturize. It will be dry just like me before with Zenatane. Additional checklist on my routine.
Sorry for the quality of photos, that's what it looks like - Keratosis Pilaris.

Live life. Try to live a healthy life. Some people are lucky, some people are not. No matter what, we all have crisis going on that's shouldn't stop us for aiming happiness. Have healthy and happy day!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ticketmaster is Awesome

I've had few concerts since last year. And most all of it is from Ticketmaster. Other is it's partner, Live Nation. Today, I was going to watch Alessia Cara at the Wiltern and my mom keeps on persisting to come with me. A little bit of back story why:
Last week, my wound at lower back got bigger and was hurting me. I can't sit comfortably, stand up fast and just move normally. Friday, mom drive me to urgent care and it was removed. At least the nasty party and now back to 'healing'. I put healing like that since I thought it's over but it looks like it is coming back. Life right. Anyway, back to the concert tonight...

I love driving, I don't mind it. But since I am limited, can't workout and such. Mom wants to drive me since it's in Los Angeles. I'm thinking, I can but my mom asked me many times even this morning. So I called Ticketmaster thinking they will help me, but expecting nothing since it's the same day. I was transferred twice from Monet then Jennifer. Lastly was Ashley who is amazing. Clearly told me the prices and such and fast too.
The event is at The Wiltern and paid extra for parking at the Park Whiz. Such a good feeling of getting help in such a short notice. Had to pay 40.50 for the difference which is no problem so that my mom would not worry anymore. And I get to enjoy the concert later with her.
Additional pros of Ticketmaster, you can RESELL your tickets! I did before and earned 30 bucks. That depends of course on how fast you are on getting the good tickets and how popular the artists that people will really buy it from you.
To more events in future Ticketmaster!

Monday, October 3, 2016

US Tourist Visa from Manila

The love of my life got denied a US Tourist Visa. It's his first time. We thought he's going to be late but he came in. His appointment was 1000. He got there 1015. He stayed there for about two hours.

Me: hi good morning, :)
Vo: good morning

Pass my passport

vo: what is the purpose of this travel?

Me: to visit my girlfriend this Christmas holiday

Vo: i see, hmm how long?

Me: 2 weeks tops

Vo: uhuh.. what do you for a living?

Me: my main source of income is being a professional seafarer?

Vo: (looks interested) what is your rank in your vessel?

Me: deck cadet. 

Vo: uhuh what type of vessel? Operation?

Me:  It is a AHT, tug boat, we sail from Indonesia Singapore and Australia, 

Vo: when did you sign off?

Me: sept 2015, after that I reviewed, took my exams and trainings for my license 

Vo: alright, so how much do you earn monthly?

Me: 16833 monthly, but recently I received a job offer in archipelago ferries corporation,  i will be a second officer because im licensed now and they will give me 25k monthly. 

Vo: what type of vessel are they operating?

Me: roro/ fast cat, operating from batangas to southern part of the ph,

Vo: there's no way you can become a second officer,

Me: no, they really offered me
That job, i do have my license here.. ( getting it.. )

Vo: what gross tonnage ?

Me: less than 300 grt,

Vo: but you mentioned roro,

Me: yes they do have a roro and a fast cat..

Here's when i get lost I think

He began typing. 

Then that's it. Im
Sorry blah blah blah. When I saw him get that blue form. The last words i remember na sinabi nya is. All the specific information about the denial is here. Thank you. 

Me. Thanks..

As you can see, he answered straight up and he knows what he's talking about because it's the truth. What we think went wrong is the Visa Officer doubted that he's lying about future promotion as a second officer.
Must've been true that unmarried, young an no children is a hard situation getting a Tourist Visa.
He just called me. I smile and said it's okay. When he hung up, I cried. What did he do wrong? He was prepared and honest. And yet the Visa officer thought he was lying when he has all the proof. Real proof. He even presented his previous travels. He's been to Australia, Qatar, Singapore and Indonesia. And yet the officer doubted him. Stupid. And worst part is, I'm not there with him to comfort him.
He even ask me, what about reapplying? Damn. This man loves me. No one will waste their time and money and put full effort just to see somebody. I do know now I have proof of who I want to marry. 

What to do now? All I've been praying is for him to be approved. I don't even ask for him to be here asap since I understand he needs to work. Only approval. Only the chance of it. Only the light front the door that I know is open anytime. And now that dream has crushed. Now I understand the feeling of those stories I read about being devastated with denial yet they tried the best and was honest the whole time.
He texted me I'm sorry. I said I don't want him to apologize. It's not his fault and now I think it is my fault. I didn't sacrifice enough. I got greedy regarding credit cards and shit. I'm sorry baby. I  feel like I didn't give enough to the universe or abused it that's why We didn't get what we want. Why. Just why. When two people that love each other who are honest is the one being rejected. Haven't we suffered enough being away for this long? Seriously, what can I do except love him. I'm sorry, I feel like this all my fault. Baby, I'm sorry. 

Good Luck to others. Others that are planning and preparing. I wish you don't feel any of what we are feeling right bow.