Friday, September 30, 2016

Discover 3rd CLI/ CITI 3rd Denial (All Requested)

Last time I got an increase from Discover was in May 2016. I know it's not 6 months but what the heck. So I requested the increase online with my score from website itself of 749. I got approve of an increase 1100. I was expecting more. Total before was 2200 and was expecting at least more than 4000 since Discover is the least limit I have. I was disappointed of how small the increase was but happy that I got something out of it. I've been with Discover more than a year now. Maybe they will Auto increase it, I just got itchy fingers and like what the hell mind.
I called CSR maybe for more and talked to Shelby. Another mistake that I did is that while talking to her, I tried requesting again online which was denied of course. Reading tons of Credit stories, I knew some people got lucky about twice or  thrice online on the same day. Not for me. So after explaining myself about why wanting more and stuff... Nope, nothing and transferred me to an analyst named Tammy. She said I can request for more if I will let them pull my credit. Of course I said nope. Not Necessary. 11 minutes was my total time talking for nothing. I'm just bummed that Discover is my least limit of all the cards I have even after this increase. Other than that, Superb service. Kudos to them as well for giving me an increase in just 4 months from last one.
Another disappointment. More like worse. CITI. My 3rd Denial. I have a limit of 3700. Last July it reached 3600 and I paid it all as soon as it was posted. Looks like that does not count. Last increase was in April 2016. Next month and it will be 6 months. But then again, I got greedy. I gave in into temptation since both Discover and Citi are Soft Pulls. Still, I was expecting at least total limit for Citi would be more than 5000. Nope. Nothing. This feeling I remember last January and March this year as well for my 1st and 2nd denial. Been with Citi since 2014.

Called and explained myself regarding I purchase a big amount few months ago and been good since the beginning. I have no more derogatory on my report and my score on Citi website from them is 765. You'd think that's high enough for an increase right, or so I thought. I should've waited for next month but I don't know if that score will be better or go down. 5 months from my last CLI.
Talked to Luana for total of 11 minutes for nothing as always with CITI. She told me that she can't help me further unless I'm okay with requesting again with her but this time report will be pulled in order for me to talk to an analyst. Yes that's right. They will pull my report FIRST (hard inquiry) just to talk to one of their specialist. Like, that's insane. What are they, VIP? It's bad enough that CITI has this robot machine at the beginning which is annoying, and add the fact that I can't talk to an analyst unless they pull my report? Sound selfish to me. Or I hope that the one I talked to was just misinformed or else Citi is adding stuff on my disappointment list and other people as well. Good customer service, yet as always, no help.
Tried 2nd time online, increased the income from before still denied. 

Now I remember reading that Citi and Discover looks at Transunion for CLI. Not sure though with Soft pull as well. If that's the case, I got a new Hard Pull this month from my Bank of America Increase (which was worth it since I got more than what I requested for).
So this is what I think that two reasons why I got denied/low increase:
1. Not 6 months from last CLI
2. Having a recent Pull
I know this is all my fault. My plan was to wait until November but oh well. I'm sorry. Thank you for soft pulls right? I don't know. Just the feeling of big limits make me more calm about emergencies and helping my parents and unexpected trips. I thought being so good for these banks will give you reward, which they do. Just not as soon as possible. I need to give it time.
Please do not give in unless necessary or you really reach the 'minimum' time frame. Learn from me!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Papa's gift 48th

I treated my parents to San Diego. More like Concert tickets to Air Supply with Suit hotel room and Dinner. I purchased the package in Ticketmaster and my mom is the one who found it. Such a good feeling to treat them like this instead of buying things they already have.
They stayed at the Humphrey's Half Moon Inn. Father said foods good. He got Salmon. They only had to pay about $30 for their drinks. When they got home yesterday, my father said Thank You for the gift. Which is priceless to me because I know they had fun.
Not sure what other places went before the concert and the next day.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bank of America CLI - HP

Got my Travel Rewards February 2016. Six months was last month and I've been reading if I should wait for the Auto CLI. Most of them says nothing, it's like limited people are getting it. So I figure why not last week when I tried. I was hesitant thinking I might get the auto but never did after the 6 month mark. My Credit Score were getting better and the time when I applied for the CLI, the free Fico Score from the online site is 669 for August. It was 681 in July. Strange part is, in my Discover, it's higher for August when it's both pulling Transunion FICO Score 8.
I was not full informed about how it affects your score when having too much Credit Inquiry (from Hard Pulls). And since my score went down why I figured what the heck.

Biggest amount I spent on this card was no more than 1100. And the reason is for me to get the sign up bonus. After that, it barely reached 500 and most of the time, 0 balances. They never got to charge me interest fees since it's always PIF. That's why I thought I will be getting auto CLI after 6 months.
I was initially approved 2500 with 250 available cash advance with 681 Experian Score (from the letter they sent me after approval). It pulled Experian for sure since I got my report. None on Transunion and I don't know about Equifax.
For the CLI, pulled from Transunion. Reported by Transunion based on my Protect my Id account by Experian. I don't know if it is also on the other two.

I asked them about auto cli but as always, crappy response.
"Thank you for your inquiry dated 09/9/2016.  We regret to inform you that we no longer support this type of inquiry via email. 
A consumer card service specialist will be happy to assist you with your inquiry by using our online Chat service or by phone at (800) 892-8349.  Our dedicated team is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
We apologize for any inconvenience. Please be assured that we know your time is valuable and would not direct you to contact us by telephone unless absolutely necessary.
We value you as a customer and appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing Bank of America.
Bank of America
-----Original Message-----
Good Day, I've been with my BOA CC for 6 months now (did not get Auto CLI) and want to make sure if I ever want to request for CLI ONLINE, that it will be a soft inquiry?

I didn't even remember about the Visa Signature thingy. Where it should be upper tier than the regular Visa. Requirement is, limit should be at least 5000. And now that I have more than that, I can have it. But, I figure it's not necessary. Maybe when it's about to expire in 3 years I can order that one but I don't see why I need to have it right away. Plus, I read about the part where if you have the Visa Signature, limit won't be reported to the Credit Bureaus that can cause the total limit, hence utilization then score. Nope, not going to risk that part yet since I'm still getting the hang of building up my credit.

I applied for 6000 total (increase of 3500). I don't know why I did not go higher though but I remember that I was trembling typing and just want it to get it over with. Surprisingly it gave me a 5100 increase! with 800 available for cash advance. Total Credit Limit 7600. Happy about it since it was higher than I requested thinking I will be declined due to short history and not so good score. At the same time, wishing that I requested for more but then I don't want to feed into my greediness. Which to tell you the truth, it's starting again and I need to stop. Overall, my credit utilization is my main goal to be higher. Downside is too many inquiries and new account. Especially on my Experian. Hopefully I will not be irresponsible; so fingers crossed, it will be for the better.

The  luv button is not showing anymore, LOL.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Survivor Mud Run 2016

Finished it in one hour and 20 minutes. I can finish it earlier but I have my friends with me and one has having trouble with her shoe having so much mud because she doesn't wear sock.
What a nostalgic feeling, this was normal for me back in High School due to training to be an officer. And now I get to do it for fun. Including a beer afterwards and an awesome looking medal. Must try for everyone that is not too sensitive. Only downside for me is I bought tickets for my parents which was not used and SMR said I can use it for next year but not sure if there will be a run or it will be on the same place. I hope there will be another one and if it is not on the same place, I will go since I don't want it to go to waste.
Pointers for future:
  1. Buy it in Groupon- always cheaper.
  2. Wear long socks
  3. Wear shoes that has more grip than those made for gym/flat surfaces
  4. Do not walk slow since your energy will be less, brisk walk.
  5. Help others if necessary, don't ignore people talking to you
  6. Have the early wave. As late as it gets, it will be warmer and dirtier
  7. Get the beer afterwards. You paid for it.
  8. Don't wear jewelry that's too important. You'll never know how clumsy you will be.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
I got 12k steps before lunch at Pechanga Cafe. What a productive day. And I even worked afterwards

Friday, September 16, 2016

Scared of Karma

I believe that if you do good, good things will come back. If you do bad... you know how it goes.
Just typed Karma on "Bing" and this is what it says. For you that can't understand what I'm trying to say, see the definition below.

Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering.
I try to be positive all the time. I try to not give tough love on everyone. I'm the one who will tolerate you on something stupid and crazy if I know it will make you happy. Growing up, I've learned to share. Maybe that sound doubtful since I'm an only child but I know that I want to share. Most of the time, I think of others first before I think of myself. That is not such a bad thing. Until, I abuse myself not knowingly will turn into sickness and ignore others advice and such.
Tomorrow, my friends and I are going for a obstacle run. Originally, my plan is with my parents. My father has to work, and newly employed so I can't really force him to go and be absent and my mom just feel awkward without him with me and my friends plus her alibi that she has work before the run. Now that I've decided to use their vouchers for next year, it'll be me and my two friends. Usually, I work on Saturdays. My only off is Sunday, which is still I got to get up early in the morning to go to church. So no lazy day at all. Maybe after the mass sure but the best rest is when you don't have to wake up at any alarm at all.
Maybe about 2 weeks ago, I requested tomorrow to be off. Then a week later, I thought, Nope I'll just work. So I texted our manager and she gave me the last shift (closing). When I told that to my friend, she's like why did you take it back when you could've got it off? I said I don't know.
Today, I told my parents that tomorrow I have a full day to do. Get up early. do the run and work afterwards until 2300, pretty much I get home 2330. Enough time to brush my teeth and get ready for bed which is midnight. I told them I got it off originally but then I changed my mind. And my Mom is like, WHY? I replied, well... (I did not reply anything because I don't know the reason). Then she gave me this look of "You are torturing yourself". And in the back of my mind, Why the hell did not I just have that day off??

After I said goodbye to them, while driving in my car I thought, am I workaholic? I keep complaining how exhausted I am every week and not focusing on the goal. Keep saying I need sleep and rest yet I'm the one doing it to myself. I don't know. It's not even about the money. It's just me. I feel like maybe, when I'm working, I'm productive. I'm useful. I have a purpose. But now, I can also see that I don't have my own time for myself. I don't do laundry often compare before and I can't even help my father wash the dishes at the end of the day. My room's a mess and when I write on my organizer, it's like every week not every day. This is bad.
I'm scared that I will go insane soon. I'm scared that I will get sick on the most important days. I'm scared that something might happen to my parents and I will regret the time that I could've spent time with them instead of working.

On another note, I have a big wish for next month (approval). And I'm scared that it will get denied, because of some good things happening to me. Credit scores are going up, just got approved of a new credit card, raise on my other job (I can ask for one as well at my other job but I'm scared that I will get denied on my wish for next month). It's my fault I got approval for a new credit card. I couldn't resist temptation at the time. Oh please Lord, I don't know what I can sacrifice to make that wish approved. I don't know if I should wish bad things (little) can happen so good one will come our way. I know that's bad but I noticed that that's how it is in life. Roller Coaster. It couldn't just be up, up,  and up. I don't know how to be optimistic when something good happens, you already can feel that the opposite feeling will come.

Sorry for blabbing but, Do you guys think I'm workaholic?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thunder From Down Under @ Morongo in Cabazon

Last Saturday, I watched the Australia's Thunder From Down Under. We got Complimentary tickets because we are workers. I just got drag. It wasn't my plan. And even if it is, there's no reason for me to be ashamed. I've never been in a place where men are the strippers. So I was scared right before it starts. Like a kid that is about to ride a roller coaster. That feeling. And may I remind you that I love roller coasters. @ Morongo Casino in Cabazon.
I believe tickets starts at $25.00. If I had to pay, No I wouldn't have come even if my friends asked me. But since it's free and I was working that day off, I just rested at my friend's place and went on with the concert. After pictures our us having our little party. Our 3rd Island Party, since we are in the kitchen surrounding the island part, drinking, laughing and playing.
After the show, they kept on saying we should go to another one where we can't drink. Since we are employees, we cannot have any alcoholic beverage inside the company. I just keep nodding and answering I'm ready whenever you guys are. Since I am that kind of person. But it was my choice, men, there are other plenty of things I'd rather spend watching/doing that guys stripping.

Probably because I'm in a relationship? But I'm not sure. I'm the type of person when I don't like something, I don't. What I want is to spend time with my friends and hang out. Not see men that showing their behind. They are all good looking, Alex, Nick, Benny, Malik, another one which did not dance solo so I do not remember the name and the host, Kurt.
Alex started in a jungle theme (Tarzan), Nick did the GI Joe Colonel in a way, Malik is the Milk man of all the career men dance and Benny is a firefighter. Kurt, the cutest in our opinion (there's three of us that says so) did Magic Mike. It was s fun show. But, I was embarrassed for the girls that got groped and danced on. Oh please in future, don't pick me. It'll be a disappoint for my boyfriend, audience and me. LOL. Have fun! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

At 22, I Completed the FOUR card networks (last AMEX)

I'm Sorry. I'm going to post about credit cards again. I'm adulting, (if that is even a word) so I've been reading and waiting. Believe me, waiting is the hard part, My heart were beating fast and loud when I was waiting earlier. Until now that I'm thinking about it, I still feel the rush of excitement and  nervousness.
I have 3 years of Credit History. I have an Auto loan, 4 (now 5) Credit Cards from Major banks and 3 Store Credit Cards. I have one inquiry from two months ago for a loan to help my parents buy a house. I've been looking for Amex for months now so I can have all four. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and again lastly, American Express.
Special Offer from Yahoo Ad:
Incognito Sign up Bonus:
 Normal Internet Explorer:
First, I don't want any annual fee. For now, since in future I'm planning to get the BCP for the 6% cash back in groceries once I have a family. But for now that I'm single and my man is not with me, I'd rather not pay.
Second, Free Fico Score. I get my monthly from Capital One (not reliable since it's a Vantage), Citi (Equifax), Discover and Bank of America (both Transunion). Now, circle is complete since I will get Experian from Amex!
Third, Hopefully, I will stop looking and reading about Credit cards. I might still but not about getting a new one but about limits for future and reducing APR when necessary. All my card are ZERO balances every month except for the one I'm using on that particular month.

I got 5 credit cards that I need to rotate, before it was only 4 so perfect divisible in a year. Now it's an odd number. Nothing serious but I'm a bit of an OCD.
Credit score will drop. I check Vantage Score in Capital one in their simulator and it said will be down of 10 points. Hopefully that is the most if will be deducted. I recently got 12 points down in Bank of America and I believe that's because of my parents' inquiry two months ago. But then I thought it pulls from others not Experian. And last time I check @ July 21, my Experian was at 739. Did not do anything after that so I was at 50/50 when I applied for AMEX earlier.
Now, I am overwhelmed. Just like before if I remember correctly back in February. But now, it's complete. There's no reason for me to get another one in future since I got all the 'known' networks. All those perks for pre sale in concerts, discount in restaurant or whatever cash back is the best I can choose from what I have!
Well, I blurted it out. It's because of the concert ticket I saw this morning that made me think of applying for AMEX now. I told myself I won't apply for this until August 2018. Not even a month and I broke that promise to myself. Sorry. But hey, now that I got it all (and please help me stop getting new ones), my score will be going up after years and will be good (cross fingers) when buying a house for myself/family is necessary.

I got approved for the Blue Cash Everyday for 6 grand. That's the most I got for a new account compare to my previous card. And now, it has the most limit. I bet it's because of longer credit history and deleted derogatory. Believed it or not, I've had that derogatory for more than a year and kept ignoring it. It was on the free scores from accounts but did not really say where it came from. When I got a report, I disputed it right away (again, MORE THAN A YEAR that it's on my account). After it got deleted, my scores went up.
Which Sign up bonus will I get. Online on their website it says:
EARN $150 BACK after you spend $500 in purchases on the Card within the first 3 months of Card Membership.
But other sites (which is months ago after written) says:
-Plus, earn $100 back after you spend $1,000 in purchases on your new Card within the first 3 months.
-Earn $250 after spending $1000 in three months (proof above)

Those two have a huge difference. $500 to spend for and 50 bucks less. It's kind of a deal for me. So I am trying to force myself to remember that I did read the first part when I applied online on their website. Hopefully, there's no case of them changing the offers in a matter of seconds/hours? Let's see when it arrives. I also chat online to ask about this and was told that since I just got approved, I need to wait for 72 hours to see my eligibility for the sign up bonus. Meaning it's not set in stone that just because it's what you see online, it's what you'll get when approved. See the above photos for proof.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Corona Del Mar Beach

Labor Day weekend!  After church, went straight to Corona Del Mar. Perfect weather. Felt bad for a bit since I wore closed shoes but I took it off and felt the cold water. Worth it. No charge. Just park and hang out. I suggest going earlier since as later the day gets, more people comes in.
This beach is not as crowded as the other we've been into. Not a lot of activities as well. Probably if we walked further there will be some, but we just stayed a few minutes. I do enjoy looking at kids having fun playing at the sand and those who are just arriving with the excitement on their faces jumping around.
Parents being crazy as usual :)
Dress - Kohls
Shoes - Converse
Watch - Esprit
Left - Fossil Q
Sunglasses - Versace