Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Etiwanda Stream/Being Spontaneous

While on our way to the outside of work, my friend/coworker asked me real quick, 'Wanna go hiking?'. Being adventurous as I claim myself to be I said Yes. Then she said really? I said yeah.
Etiwanda Falls.
I didn't have any shoes, right clothes at all. I was wearing flat office shoes and slacks. Good thing she has shoes and shorts that she let me borrow.
This is one of the moments  live for. Unplanned and getting to places I've never been in. Being in a routine is tiring. Yet unexpected adventure takes that boredom of weekly schedules. Thank you Lord for all experience that I did and will do (willingly), I always say Yes. 
Way up took us 43 minutes. Way back less than 40 minutes. Not too hard for me, I'm sorry I love these things and I do a little cardio. Don't get me wrong, it was a good work out. Excited for more trails!
Oh, and afterwards this hike, we went to the Ontario Mills! Which is my first time so I get to enjoy an hour of it. And got a top/dress. It's kind of short for it to be a dress but as long as I got shorts, I can wear it as one.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

LA Museum of Lights in the Day

LACMA. Did not go to the Museum/s only hung out out the tables in the middle :)
Parking is slow but does move. $10.00.

Awesome for dates? Cool pictures I guess and free except for parking and Museums. I saw after 7 pm parking is free though.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Credit Bureaus/Score

Stupid Credit. Haha. People like me who are new to these things are ignorant about pretty much everything related ti Credit. So like everyone else knows, there's three major ones. Experian, Equifax and Transunion. It never is the same when pulling it up and all of it needs to be paid. Which is ridiculous. How can one be so happy and responsible when every time you want to check you gotta pay. That's a rip off in my opinion. Good thing I have those free due to may bank and cards. But still it is never exactly the same. What sucks is if you don't pay, you don't know what happen or what's in your profile to see why your score is low.
So I tried the and it gave me the three. Except when I was about to do the last one, Equifax, it said they need to verify my identity which is absurd. The other two had no problem and for you I got to send stuff just so I can get my freaking free which again does not include any scores. STUPID.

Reason I did the site today is because I saw my score went down by 12 points when I was expecting it to be higher now since I disputed a collection and it's been deleted on all three. But I remember that last month, mom had an inquiry about a loan for a mortgage and I was included to help of course. I think that's the reason of the down score. Still, I don't like it. I always pay everything on time and in full. Never paid any interest since ai got my first credit card back in July 2013. I know I am responsible. But, because if their algorithm and my short history. They think nope, not a chance for you and no high score. It should be all people starting should start at the top and it will go down when doing something wrong. Just like respect, given to anybody before hand. Because it it's like this, it's like I want you to be stupid and make debts for at least 8 years then they will think of you are an amazing credit user. Idiocy of humanity. Good job for whoever thought of this as a way of making people spend tons of money and struggling wanting to buy the important things in life.

I was furious this morning when I saw that decrease. But hey, everybody's gotta learn. It still seems unfair though. I've read that it's a bigger decrease if you have short history like me. I've calmed down and will just try with my will to not care that much and still do good.
Now, I'm gonna try my best to not open any new accounts until it's August 2018. I will not request any new Credit Limit Increase until August 2017 (even though I know I deserve it by the end of the year for at least two of my accounts) so no soft inquiry will be made. And the only hard inquiry I will do/allow is when my parents decide to buy a house. I gotta make that 8 year mark to have a high score. I just hope they see people that are responsible and not just the ones who spend a lot and rich. Good Luck! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Extreme Acne & Hidradenitis Suppurativa Info

DISCLAIMER: Photos below might disgust you.

I got diagnosed with this illness months ago. It's not a big deal though. Not dying or anything. Just can't be comfortable in your own skin of you have a hole that has something going out once in a while. Oh and I don't have a picture of myself with it, too much for me. I only have my chest acne and portion of back.
I'm done with the acne treatment for face, worked well but not 100%. Nothing happened on chest and back so my doctor has to put me on another dermatologist. We changed insurance so it was completely different one. Now I'm taking antibiotics twice a day with food and a Clindamycin ointment that I put on my chest, back, armpit on right and where I have active acne on face.
Watch - GShock
My last check up was Thursday. Doctor injected me with 2 ml with different dosages in the photo above. Damn it hurts. And done multiple times. I don't  want to do that again. I will come back in 2 months to see if there's any improvement on my acnes as well as the Hidradenitis. All of it does not hurt at most times. Except for active acne once in a while. I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin knowing I have these and still wear skin showing clothes, who cares. I mean everybody does but only those narcissistic humans will judge me for it. It's not contagious so please be nice when asking me in public. It's nit that I did anything wrong, it's just within me I guess. Let's see what happens :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

4 Random New Essentials

Make Up, Hand Lotion, Powder and Brush! All from Target. I love 3-in-1 stuff. Makes it easier to organize. I'm always looking for things to be in love with, like normal people I guess. Because I hate to waste. So as much as possible, I searched and read reviews first and compare prices before purchasing stuff. Now these things below, I didn't really researched through. But it feels like I'm gonna like it all.
Hand lotion since I'm getting hang nails all the time. And I just learned it's because I work with papers all the time. It's because if the dryness. So now, I got to help myself be used to putting lotion every now and then. I just tried it right now and I love the smell! Not too strong and not to sweet.
New powder since my recent one is too light for me and has no mirror. I'm gonna keep using that one but it's not gonna hurt if I have an extra one for another bag. And this one, I think matches my skin tone that has a mirror. 
Small Elf brush for contouring and highlight. Even though I have no idea what these are, I got to learn. Tomboy here with zero education in Cosmetics but have to learn to look like a decent human being.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Stupid Fights

You know you are in an old relationship if you get on each other nerves when fighting. Little things just make you wanna end especially if you are in a long distance one. But sometimes you gotta think, do I let this pass by or I need to take a stand. Where is the line of being immature and being abused as if what happened is nothing and no big deal.
Let's get to nonsense arguments:
1. He ignored my facebook comment. He didn't even bother to talk to me about. I just saw that he was already on facebook and I asked him about it he's like what's the big deal? And we got into it. Yes I'm immature. But please don't ignore someone you love no matter how childish the topic is. Thats not how it works.
2. He was on IG first before texting me in the morning. Don't get me wrong. I'm not that crazy clingy. I will support you all the way whatever you wanna do after you acknowledge me. His reasoning, it's because you texted me about IG so I was trying to check it first. Yeah sure , after 50 mins? And hell I had to text him, have you been up this time? Before he responded like he just woke up. At first he said I peed earlier. What the freaking hell. And now he's trying to tell me let's stop this and rephrase this morning:
3. Back to number one. I deleted that comment since even if I mentioned to him, he didn't do anything about it. And now in our fight he's telling me im annoying because I deleted it. If only he responded even an emoji, it's freaking simple.
4. Look at the second photo. My point is he did not text me about him being awake and he's saying shit like cheating. What the freaking hell. He's always over reacting, making me feel like I'm the one thinking too much when I reacted to his doing, he's the one thinking over the top about it. Like my problem is just level 1. You making it sound like I'm mad because of level 5. Damn.

I love the man. But if he will keep on making me like a child that can get a mad at the stuff I know is not okay to me, and he can't seem to understand ever why. I might let go. I tried for many fights before to make him understand but all his arguments ends in why would I say Sorry if I have nothing to apologize for.
Why do I love this man. I guess my mom is right. You really know you are strong when times like this comes in. That you wanna leave that easily and ripped wach others apart. And afterwards you're still together.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's Important to know yourself; deeply.

I am an only child and I had a lot of alone time. I went o movies alone for many times and adventures that I don't know anyone until that day of. I spent my rest days at home either watching TV or in my room but most of the time, I am by myself. Don't feel bad though. Because of these times, I learned a lot about myself. I know what makes me excited. What annoys me, how I react to some things I don't care and some things I do. How is my perspective about the important part of humanity and more. Let me tell you, compare to others that I know, I am comfortable in my own skin. Of course I have helped from my parents, friends, relatives and my love. Point is, it's such a huge difference if you know who you are inside and out.

After that dramatic intro that I'm always bad at, Yesterday was not so great day for me. And for some people, they would blame it on other people, weather, or simply just say it's a bad day. For me I learned how to really step back and think what started it, what goes after and what might come in to finally say it's not a good day; but that's okay. I'm living, feeling loved. So I will lists the stuff that made me, Oh well. Fun time.
  1. I was late. Not too much and not really big deal. My fault of course for loving sleep too much. But every Friday, I work two jobs so I leave early at my first one. And since I'm late in the morning, I forced to stay a little late.
  2. I had a problem with a job that I designed. I though all is good and I heard from the Salesman that there is something wrong. Not sure how big it is though. And it is pretty normal for our career but still, not a good feeling and I head it before lunch!
  3. I have another problem with another job I was working on. They keep telling me it takes long time to really know every little thing in our line of work. And even some that's been there for too long sometimes don't know how to read plans. SO I had to do it again and again. It's just frustrating that you learn as hard as you can and try to remember everything, but it never is perfect. That's why I'm human right.
  4. I had to rush after clocking out to my other job. It was not fun. I always think I'm gonna be late anyway why force it. Good thing I was not late but I will not do that again. Please do not rush on the road.
  5. Some of my coworkers are just not doing their best like the rest of us. I will never say or think that I am perfect but everybody knows I try my best to do as much as I can. I am talking about the second job of the day.
I think that's enough ranting from yesterday. I'm good! Always trying to be after repeating bad things in my head again and again until I get numb knowing that it all happened and it's all normal. Life is still beautiful. I still know what I want and need and what makes me happy, Or so I think. Point is, know yourself as much as you can and keep on going. Have an amazing day!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Front Bumber of Gooby

2nd time my car's bumper is broken. 1st time was the thief that stole my neighbors' trailer and my car is beside it and they didn't care that they damaged it. We got State Farm Insurance back then, and even if I have 0% fault of what happened, I paid $200 for the fix. The damaged was more than two grand so still grateful for the help but a bit disappointed that I had to pay for something I didn't do. Welcome to adulthood right?
Now for this second time, clearly my fault. Last Sunday, I went Rock Climbing for the first time ever with 4 mile hike one way. I was exhausted. Excited to go home afterwards, I didn't even bother to think to drive thru a rocky and deep road.
Needless to say, this is the result of that exhaustion. I broke my front bumper and not sure if there's more damage at the bottom from the rocks I forced to drive into. Yey!! We have Geico Insurance now. Let's wait what will happen. I love you Gooby (my Hyundai Accent 2016 Hatchback).

Sunday, August 7, 2016

San Antonio Canyon Rock Climbing

I never did rock/wall climbing ever. Indoor nor outdoor. So I was excited to do this. And when we were taking before hand, Pete said there will be a hike up and down. See was surprised, I was too but not worried. Ootd.
4 mile Hike:
Started 0915
Stopped 1030
1st 5.6-7 less than 20 minutes
2nd 5.7-8 less than 25 minutes
1st less than 10 minutes
2nd less than 10 minutes (Maybe even lesser)
There was a third one, like flat short boulder but I didn't try since we were almost short on time and I've had enough climbs for that time.
Hike down was a tiny bit faster because it's declined slope yet harder. Due to heat. Damn it was hot. See had a hard time hiking down so I carried her bag half way and her helmet and shoes all the way. Only bad part about this trip, I lost my sunglasses :(
Shoes is a big deal. I didn't know that hiking shoes and climbing are totally different feeling. I was okay and comfortable event though I feel rocks at the bottom on the way up. But Pete noticed around 20 mins since we started hiking up that See and I are already wearing are climbing shoes. He was uncomfortable about it even though I kept saying I was okay. He went back and got our shoes. We reached the destination and he caught up there in about 5 minutes. When sun hits, I understood the shoes makes a huge difference.
And another news, see my souvenirs:
Even with these awesome bruises, I will never regret this experience. It was not easy, not for a first timer like me straight in outdoors. There are so many times where I'm thinking what do I do, where do I grab? Hell I still finished the two climbs. Thats why I love doing these things. I'm miserable at times but I love the feeling of me, being not okay and conquering what I need to face.
I was thinking we can do Canyoneering in September but See and I decided, let's rest for a few months before another one. Lol. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Father Dearest is the Sweetest

Last Saturday, I went home kind of early from my job. My mom had to work night shift so it was just me and my dad after dinner. Around 2000 if I remember correctly, we were sitting in the living room watching television while of course on our phones doing our own thing. I am close to my parents, but not too close that I tell them stuff about my relationship. If there are some big news of course I tell them but other than that, I keep my matters private.
Ever since then, it's my father that asks the weird yet serious questions. Back in 2014 before I went to the Philippines for more than two months, he asked me while we are in a public place buying Filipino grocery food, are you planning to get married? (mag aasawa na raw ba ako). I said straight up no. I know my father wanted me to say no and I did not even hesitate to answer no since it's my plan to go back. Continue my studies, earn and maybe live in the Philippines, no matter what my man and I decide in the future. He secondly said, are you sure? I said Yes. He thirdly asked, how many percent? I said 100%.
As you may know, I came back not pregnant. My mom even told me they thought (teasing from friends) that I may be pregnant when I come back. Boy, I'm not that young anymore. I was 19 then, kind of a little mature I guess? Hey, it's my own hard work money that I used to had that vacation. As well as the unexpected 1 week in Singapore last January.

So back to the other day, while he is still on his phone, he asked me, When is your boyfriend going to come here? I said, I don't know father. He continuously asked about our status, Is he going to come here for good and work here which he seriously suggested. Because for him the important thing is, we are together. He even used me as an example of working hard back in Arkansas. That I may be a Manager now. His point is, no matter how simple your work/job is, as long you are together you are going to be okay. It's hard to be away and you will always feel sad every once in a while. (Try to see this as my father telling me while I listen, al of this)
I tried to explain to him , I don't know yet. He wants to pursue his seafarer career. (he wants to be a captain) Maybe he will come here after his next contract. I was kind of trembling at that moment, because the truth is I don't expect anything anymore. I am not a US citizen yet so I can't get him as a FiancĂ©. Even if my father is like, Your mom told me you can get him as a fiancĂ© even if we are not a citizen! I said no dad, it's not possible. But his point is, he needs to go here to be with you because I know how it is not being together.

My mom was in abroad for about 10 years, Saudi Arabia then Singapore then Saudi Arabia. So I saw how it is being married and way from each other and with me as their only child. So he knows what he is telling me. He said, do you want me to talk to Jee about this? I forgot if I answered or no. I don't think so. If I remember correctly, I did not get the chance to since he said right after that question, Next time you talk, I will say something to him. I got teary eyed with our conversation. I hid it of course, not sure if my father felt it or saw me wiping it. Then I texted Jee about it. All what my father explained to me and as he keeps on saying "suggestion only".
I remember when I was 15, (we started dating when I was 14 but told him after months) about us, about him courting me. He said no, school first then afterwards, sure. And now, he's the one telling my man to be here with me. My parents saw how he took care of me when I was in the Philippines. I pretty much live in their house and they say how he cooks, cleans and I'm just there facetiming them.

I just want to say Thank you Papa. The conversation we had is so thoughtful of you. To think, that you and mama are thinking not only about me but my relationship with him. Thank you for your concerns, questions and suggestions. I love you both and will continue to pursue life to make you proud. - Your loving daughter.