Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nothing crazy, Just Happy.

I woke up like a normal day. With greetings through social media, personal messages and a facetime from my man. I got flowers at work from my parents just like last year:
Me trying to pose because my mom told me too. - Ootd
We or I did not do any crazy since I don't have the time to (and the money) but nevertheless I'm forever grateful whoever is in there watching on all of us. For my 22 years of my life.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Before turning 22 Extremes

12 of my extreme/not really experiences before turning 22 in this lifetime.
Not planning to stop ever. Well, I could just say I will never stop doing these things. If I can have this trying extreme adventures as career, I will. That would have been my dream. But I need a stable job as of now. Might will take a risk in the future about doing this for full time. Can also hold any animal (as long as they are safe and won't kill me). Or maybe I can even if but I'll figure it out to experience that experience.  Please feel free to ask anything about everything in comments below. 
"Whatever it takes. I'll work then play. Life is a playground or so they say." :)
Skiing Big Bear USA Jan 2016
Snowboarding Big Bear USA 2016
Parasailing Catalina Island 2016
Zipline Danao, Bohol 2010
Jetpack San Diego 2015
Mountaineering Mount Baldy 2015
Extreme Swing Singapore 2016
The Plunge - Danao, Bohol Philippines 2010
Sand Boarding - Ilocos, Philippines
Skydiving - Tullahoma, TN USA March 2015
Aerobatics (Plane Flying) - Fullerton, CA 2015

Not on Video - Spelunking in Palawan, Philippines

Saturday, July 16, 2016

3 Rimmel Products

I got three products from Rimmel purchased from Target. It's the Stay Matte Primer, 2 in 1 Highlight and Concealer and Stay Matte Powder. These are pretty cheap, of course from drugstore
Left is before putting on the Powder. Right is after. Shine gone, right? $3.99
Biggest worry for me when buying stuff from drugstore is the color. I do not want to go back and return every mistake I make. I am really tempted to buy foundations every time something new comes up but can't because I can never know what my correct shade is with drugstore.
The Primer was thick. $6.49 A bit sticky when putting but will be okay once it sets. I can't say it works good because the only primer I can compare to is the Elf Tone Adjusting Green and that one I did like. I did not repurchase it though since I'm want to learn more what works best for my large pores and oily skin.
I thought the shade Light is too light for me but after blending with the Elf Pointed Foundation Brush it does look decent. I dab it for most times and swipe it a bit if I'm getting tired and in a rush. Still learning regarding coverage though, I'm not that educated with make ups. Obviously, bad part regarding the powder is it has no mirror just like most compact have. It does not even have the sponge or whatever product i'ts called to put some on your face. Good thing a small brush from Neutrogena is perfect for the shape of the packaging.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

E.l.f. Products

Here are my Elf products as of now that I do like and use.
Well I haven't use the Pointed foundation brush yet as you can see it's still in the packaging but I bet I will like it as well. I might use it for concealer. I have always loved the combo blush and bronzer. Subtle yet pretty.
Tone Adjusting Primer works good. I do feel it helps my skin mattify a bit but not really helping my huge pores. I might repurchase it in the future but as of now, looking for a different one that might help me better.
Combination of Blush And Bronzer is good! Subtle and a bit shinny but works.
I got Professional Foundation Brush, Complexion and Powder Brush. I use it on their purpose of course. Not planning to buy expensive brushes since these do not break me out and they feel soft.
I'm so happy that they came up with a Flat Foundation Brush that I now always use because I don't like using my fingertips and sponge. Yey!

DON'T USE XOUT PRODUCTS! I've already mention this before regarding acne treatment and now in adding for the Shine Control. It kind of works as a primer as well and I used it for a couple of days - It's bad. Not only it makes me oily, it also made my side down cheeks some small bumps! Planning to throw it away or just give it to someone who wants to try it. Good Luck! 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

New Angle & No Lights. 12/13

Mac Studio Fix Plus - NC44 $27.00
Both of these foundations - I DON'T LIKE.
Studio fix plus has a smell like Revlon Color Stay. A little less but noticeable for sure.
Beautypedia, Macy's, Another Review for Matchmaster
It looks like US stopped producing Matchmaster Compact. It's not on their website anymore.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Catalina Island 2nd day Segway, Golf Cart, Beach

Busy but relaxing day. First is Segway tour with Segway tours. It took about an hour and a hald to finish for $68 each.
Second activity is touring the island with a Golf cart Island Rentals that the only one who allows 21 an older to drive. Other needs to be 25 and older. $40 for an hour.
Lunch at Antonio's Pizzeria - Good Spaghetti though
After lunch we hung out at the Descanso beach for a couple of hours. Went at our hotel room to rest and watch the NBA Finals 2016 and went to dinner.
Dinner a Steve's Steakhouse -All AMAZING and DELICIOUS food. Ootd
Catalina 3rd day and Ootd here.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Catalina Island 1st Day - Parasailing

We have a package that includes two night stay and round trip ferry tickets. It was about less than $750 for the THREE of us. We stayed in Hotel Villa Portofino. Breakfast was meh, continental so don't expect sitting down with a meal. Ootd

Our round trip ferry was with Catalina Express. It was a bumpy ride especially from Long beach to Catalina Island. Lunch was at Avalon Grille. Best Skirt Steak ever!
We had Parasailing appointment at 1500. Island Water Charters is our Parasailing. Worst part is, their photo package was $20 then at that specific day, they raised it to $30. What a rip. Although the photos was okay. My mom enjoyed it. But obviously, you have a better view from my HTC Re :)
After parasailing, we ate dinner at M Restaurant without any reservation and got seated right away. Then we walked a bit more and went to Catalina Museum and paid $12 that includes a showing of Jaws in second floor. It was a good museum, and I'm not only talking about the "sexy"pictures of a woman that was popular back then.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Splurging myself

I bought me a bigger Chanel perfume since my first one from my man purchased in Singapore is almost out. And I need it. It's in my routine :)
Mac Pro Long Wear Foundation is my favorite and everyday use. Best one for my oily skin/acne prone. It stays all day I'm telling you. Even until the next day.
I'm NC 44 in Mac and in Moreno Valley Mall or Tyler Galleria in Riverside, my color is always out. Good thing they have it in South Coast Plaza.
I love my new lipstick in color Mehr. The reason I bought is because my old one which is Nars in Niagra is almost out and it's like over 2 years ago. That's $27 while my Mac is $17. Biggest difference is Nars has a bit shine while Mac ice completely Matte.
I also bought my mom Louis Vuitton Shoes. And watching in theaters right now since my father wants to relax.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

My 1st Louis Vuitton

Please don't think that I demanded to have one. Not in a a million years I would ask for anything like this. Thank You Mom.
Jasenka offered us any drinks we want while waiting our purchases getting wrapped.
Looking at a catalogue only for pictures. I feel so lost being and getting this brand.
It has a lock. I didn't know that it has one until I checked it at the store. The keys? Hidden. In the little black keychain.
Thank you mama. Will always remember this day, hopefully this will be the last time you will buy me this much as a gift. Will try my best to return the favor to you and papa.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why Lie Amazon? Prime Re-Eligibility

I got at email this morning regarding 'Prime' re-eligibility for FREE. It's legit. Check the last photo at the end.
And when I logged in it's not Free. Really? I honestly don't care about being Prime customer. But if you're going to offer me something, why not. What sucks is the bait. Annoying. Please never do it again. Don't tell me it's sold out BS since I never ask to have these promotions okay?