Saturday, June 25, 2016

Descanso Beach Catalina Island

You have to pay $2 to get a gold wristband for staying in their 'private' sand along the shore line. It was okay I guess but I wished they don't ask for people who ordered something with them. Compare to the beaches of the Philippines, this is small. Pretty too but never as beautiful. Sorry, but not really. Still, you get to have fun with the cold water and perfect weather :)
They have a 'Spa' behind my mom's picture. I only saw Massages though since we didn't get close enough. The Rock climbing is also here as well as the end if the Zip line. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Island Rentals Golf Cart

$40 an hour and $40 deposit.
We paid $40 for an hour having the golf cart to ourselves. I'm the driver. Map that they gave us to follow is at the last part. We did finish it in an hour so we got our $40 deposit. CASH ONLY. I believe this is the only company that allows 21 and over to drive. Others are 25 and up.
Beautiful view up top. Bring drinks if you want to since it's hot. I was told to turn left most of the time, never right. If you exceed the one hour, you don't get your deposit back but you get an hour free for a total of $80 for three hours. You don't have to go back to tell them that you wanna keep it for that long, you can decide when driving just like we did. Since we don't need it that long, just to explore the whole island.
We passed by Wrigley's Memorial and Vacation Houses.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Segway Tour Catalina Island

$68 per each. Started at 9:30 with a 10 minute practice and then we went on with the tour. We were told to stay on the right side of the road and keep 5 feet in between just in case somebody stopped all of a sudden.
It is pretty easy. We went to the Casino that does not allow gambling. Beach side, City Hall, Fire Station and Bird Park.
Before looking at the OLD bird park, we took a quick break for cold drinks that the local family was selling. $2 for each drink and watermelon bites. They also hand you cup and ice to make it colder.
We parked the Segways at exactly 11am. If you think the price is expensive, my bad. But I would earn to experience this because not only it's really easy, it's fun too. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Catalina Express

Our ferry to Catalina Island. Fast process getting our tickets and ride was good. If you're getting sea sick. DRINK BEFORE. I'm telling you, it's a bumpy ride. I don't usually get sick so I'm good and also stayed up top for more than 30 minutes and it was cold up there. You can sleep if you're comfortable enough.
Ferry ride took 1 hour and about 25 minutes. They also took some luggage below so you don't have to keep it in you on your seats. Be careful when going outside or just plain walking to restrooms or side of the boat.
The one going back home is bigger and more comfortable. Way Faster to for about 20-30 minutes!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Versace Sunglasses-Birthday Gift to myself

My birthday is more than a month away. I'm not planning to do anything or go anywhere. And I don't make request saying can I have this as a gift, etc. I'm fortunate enough to have my parents give me things that they know I need and want. Anyway, yesterday, I purchased a Versace Sunglasses in Sunglass Hut in Desert Premium Outlets.
Product Description from the Website:
"Sleek and seductive, this new contemporary shape is an evolution of the iconic January Jones style. With a stunning 3D Medusa decor piece on the front, this is a must-have piece for any Versace enthusiast." 
It says it's for Square, Heart and Oval Face Shapes. I have a Round one. Still, I like it and planning on keeping it. Price is $240.00. And I paid it with my Sunglass Hut Credit Card. Perks with that is I have six months to pay it in full or not and I won't be charged any interest. Amazing right! They also call us VIP if we have their Credit Card. Sunglass Hut also send me promotions on email but I just usually delete it. They also do it on the email which I forgot to bring yesterday like below so I missed the $50 off since the amount was over $200. I was told that I can purchased it now then cole back on any nearest Sunglass Hut and have it return the repurchase with the discount. Of course, I will do that.
I was told by the very sweet man who helped me choose that they only need the four digit code. And maybe if I have it on my email so I tried looking through but nothing. I think it's not the same whatever you are getting on the email and mail. So to get the $50 off, I will go bank to other Sunglass Hut which is nearer from where I live. When I opened the gold box, it includes the usual package. Cleaning cloth and care manuals. It also has a warranty card and I went ahead and did it. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Re-Color Blue&Purple

Second time at Qi Hair Salon! Originally, my appointment is in July 10 but somebody cancelled and I got squeezed in. I texted Sophiany back in May 25 asking if she has opening in June and she said she's fully booked. Thinking I can last more than a month to wait for my appointment, I texted her May 31 asking if there's anything sooner. She said she'll let me know soon. She did after a minute, lol. She has a cancellation (today) and I just said yes even if I had to work. So when she said I got the appointment, I requested off and switch my work day to Sunday. So here I am, waiting for my hair on a heater, or whatever the round thing is and you sit in front of it so your hair gets heat :)
Old hair taken May 26.

Last treatment was in January 7 this year. So it's been 5 months. My hair grew fast and I'm getting tired of it being so long.
Plus the thickness. And last time I got a haircut was almost a year ago. So my black roots and bangs are all around.

Back to my appointment, I was late for about 5 minutes and started right away. She did my haircut first (rough) then color then after final haircut. No more bleaching like before, just a cover up of the colors. I asked for bangs and medium length. Whatever style she wants I just said yes. I'm planning to have an appointment with her every 4 months. Total of 40 minutes in the round sitting heat. All in all took 3 hours. I love it. The haircut was long bob and asymmetrical with a longer cut in front. She curled it afterwards even if I didn't ask for it. Will come back in future to maintain :)