Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Fun day! At memorial day. Damn line was long but still worth it since me and my friend has two jobs and can't have any off other than holidays. We got out tickets 5 day advance purchase so instead of around $70, it's $55. But then, later on we learned that we can get even more discount because of workingadvantage.com. You can get in for as low as $45. - ootd
We rode 6 rides total. Arrived before 12 noon and left at closing.
1. X2
2. Tatsu
3. Scream
4. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom
5. Sand Blasters (Bump Car)
6. Apocalypse
Five rides are all extreme. Four of those are roller coasters. All will make you sick if you're not into adrenaline rides. This is really a wide amusement park. My feet and my friend See are tired. Not only from walking but from waiting standing for 4-5 hours or more due to line.
X2. Craziest roller coaster I've been in ever. That's from someone that started riding big ones at 2nd grade. Not only the normal huge turns but also your seats will rotate as well.
Tatsu. Fun ride. A little extreme too but it has a different effect while riding it. Different style rotation I guess.
Scream. Short line. Good adventure, if you see that the line is short, go and ride it. Worth it.
Sand Blasters. We thought we can't ride anymore due to closing time but the short was hella short so why not.
Apocalypse. Last ride. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE. This is the coolest.
All wood ride. Design of the place looks like no effort just old cars since duh it's apocalypse but when you get inside it was cool to see lights and computers so they did think of stuff, lol. Parts where you pass inside is my favorite part but it jiggles.

Corn Dog and Pastrami Fries. Never expect anything from these public places regarding delicious food. It's okay but not worth the long wait and line. Hopefully next time they will have more people to work on a holiday.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Discover 2nd CLI (not even 1 year with them)

Yes another Credit Card Situation. I'm sorry but this kind of stuff is important for people being mature and learning the right ways when it comes to credit :)
Last time I got an increase from Discover was back in November 2015. Check out the short story on one of the links below.
I wasn't planning on requesting one anytime soon since I got plenty of available credit throughout all my credit cards and I wasn't with Discover for so long. I read some Credit Cards Companies do give you and increase every once in a while when you're in good standing. It's been about 6 months since my first CLI, same as the stories I've read online. I've had that in Capital One multiples times, Citi only one and now second time in Discover.

Get this, the other day, 3 days ago to be exact I got my monthly statement. It states my normal Credit Limit. I believe I remember yesterday checking it again because I used the Card for Lunch and I do calculate everything I spend. It was the same yesterday too. And then today, SURPRISE! I was kind of jumping here at the office when I saw the different Credit Limit. Just like my first CLI, it's the same feeling. I didn't expect anything and not planning but here they are rewarding me.
I guess I am in good standing, well I don't have any balance until recently but I'm planning to pay it at the end of the month which I do with all my cards. I just want to spread, if you work hard for it, or not ruin your credit much, they will return it back. Or at least acknowledge you by giving an increase like me. They gave me an increase of 0.692308 = 69%.. So Thank You! 
My face yesterday after working, figured you'll need to laugh at something to make your day. Have a great one!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Current Medical Condition

I'm not dying. I hope not. This is not a joke but  I'm not that serious either.
Back in 2013, I had some cysts. They say it's Pilonidal cysts. I got one in my lower back (got removed at least thrice and still here) and now, two in my right armpits (before it was only one, tried to remove it, came back and healed and got another opening since the old one is close). Sounds fun right? It's irritating. But, it did not get to me at most times. I figured I'm freaking blessed to let some conditions make me miserable.
When we got here to California, I started taking Zenatane for my acne. It worked! But only on my face. I got some chest acne, hell of a lot back acne too. You would not see my back by itself since I always cover it with clothing or with my hair. Thinking all my cysts will be gone to with the help of Zenatane, my mom I hoped. Every month of getting blood from me, I even did the glucose test where I did not eat breakfast and they had to take my blood every hour for four times. Meaning I was at the laboratory for 5 hours without having to eat before.

Then they saw, my Insulin level was abnormal. Most people will have a curve down at the end, Mine went up all the way. I don't consider myself unhealthy. I was aware and taught what to eat and what to do to be in shape. But then, it's in my genes so no matter what I do, it's within me. Combination from my mother's cancer blah blah and father's diabetes.
I'm not trying for anyone to feel bad for me. This is merely my story that is maybe unusual to others but not really in Science world.
For all the people who told me JUST WASH YOUR FACE, or looks at me with my pimples with a glimpse of disgust, I hate you when you did that. Never assume or give advice like you are the best when you do not know the whole story. My acne was gone when I turned 18 and came back around last year. So Odd but now we know because of my test results.

I am kind of pre-diabetic. I was told to drink Cinsulin (Chromium and Cinnamon) as well as Vitamin D everyday. I did since then. And now I got an additional one since my Zenatane days are over. Metformin. Preventive medicine for people like me, prone to diabetes. I was told to drink it with food, but nothing with High Carbohydrates everyday. Now my mom won't let me it more than one Kisses a day. Yes, I'm talking about the small chocolates Hersheys. I'm okay with that since I'm not really addicted to sweets (sometimes when time of the month is coming of course).
And then earlier after lunch, my coworker noticed my gums! Yes, gums. I have a small part in front that is kind of bleeding. Now, don't be alarmed with the bleeding part since it's not really dripping but it's always red. I know I should do something about it aside from brushing my teeth everyday. Then I read like the links below, that it might be because of being prone to diabetes. Which in my mind is a bit of a relief since I don't see I would have Gingivitis if I brush my teeth at least once a day. My father smoke cigarettes that's why he has gingivitis. Oh well, Life is a freaking balance of freaking unfairness. Still, happy to live :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Amazing Amazon.com

I, we love Amazon. My mom and I. All of our orders arrived except for me last Friday. I got a confirmation saying it has been delivered and received at front desk or receptionist yet we went to the office twice and nothing was there. Maybe it's there and the people there are just you know, because that has happened before. So I called Amazon yesterday (Saturday) saying I didn't received anything and Alyssa was amazing. And since she apologized for the inconvenience she expedited and says will arrive in exactly two days, Monday. It arrived today! -Sunday. It was that quick. 
1st photo was the email after my conversation with Alyssa and second one is the Tracking detail of the original they sent out.
It was the first time I was a bit disappointed since I didyget my package (or maybe it's our office people fault) but it was resolved amazingly. Not even a glimpse of doubt that I was lying from Alyssa. Working in Customer Service, I know some people do that. Also I asked her to put a returned slip if ever I got the original one and can send it to them. Bottom line is, it's amazing!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Citi Double Cash

I got it! Yey! Excited to use this as soon as possible. Surprise for me, it still says I have a Cash Advance Limit! And it's the same amount as before. I hope it's not a mistake since I was told that Double Cash does not offer cash advance. Oh and it's a World MasterCard. Not really sure what's the big difference between a normal MasterCard but I'll take what I can get.
More answers to some questions on the conversation below like Hard pull or Soft or none at all, same credit history with Citi and a few more.
 I just checked the statement on the Double Cash account, and it says it has Cash Advance! It's not a mistake :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Love =\= Happiness

I was talking to my best friend about my current status with my man. I told her, I don't think I'm happy anymore. And let me tell you, this is a big deal. All these years, every time we are about to break up or just having conversation, when I'm being asked if I'm happy with him, no  doubt I'll say upfront Yes. Nowadays, I can't. It's been happening, or I've been thinking about this for months. I love Najee with all my heart and yes I will be happy if we are together. He's still the man I want to marry and grow old together with. But, as of now.. I'm not happy.
My best friend Ziel has never felt love. Or maybe she did and just didn't tell me but she never had a boyfriend. She both knew Najee and me from the beginning of our relationship. When I was telling her yesterday that I don't think I'm happy anymore, she said follow my heart. If it's really me and him, we'll see. Important part is I'm happy. Then she followed it by 'If you love him, you should be happy". I'm like, Hell no. You can't make it the same thing. It's not an equal feeling. I told her No, you don't get it. It doesn't work that way. Especially when you're not in the same position as we are. She understood and said well I don't have any experience anyway. We're okay, my best friend and I but I was surprised how ignorant it sounds. Just because that's what you thought does not mean that's how it is.

Now, I don't know what to do. I can't force myself to be happy just for our future. I keep focusing on what's ahead of us since we know our future together we'll be awesome. Then I forget myself in the present. I don't have a life. Any life. Because in my mind, I'm going to earn and we'll be together soon yet I don't even know if I'll live long enough. There are so many times that I feel like I'm never the priority. When we're talking he's watching TV, cooking, cleaning, whatever it is and never focuses on me. Unlike me, I go straight to my room just to talk to him. Damn. Am I needy? Too clingy? Let me remind you, we're on a freaking Long Distance relationship.
Today is our 'monthsary'. Most of the time we don't make such a big deal out of it but we say it to each other.. Happy 10th. Last night when he was sleeping and I'm here at work, I sent him a short video saying Happy 10th. When he woke up, he didn't say anything back. In the middle of the day from the Philippines, I asked 'No Greetings?', he didn't answer and talked about another topic. When I wake this morning, I told him, again, No Greeting? He said Happy 10th! It was my third time saying that and he finally greeted us. I just said, I need to go to work now, Bye. I hang up. He texted and called I didn't answer.
What should I do now? I'm not happy anymore. Yet it kills me to think that we're not going to be together in the future. I keep telling myself, if we are physically together, there's no problem. But we need to face the freaking fact that we are not together. And from all this time that I tell him, is it always going to be like this, I'm your last priority? And he forgot our monthsary? Which is so strange since a day before he keeps saying how time flies another monthsary so I don't know if he did it on purpose or just plain stupidity.

Maybe I can ask him if he's just want to be friends, because I can't deal with no expectations, no future plans and being the last resort. I don't want to feel being taking for granted anymore. Even though he keeps saying he's trying he's best due to busy schedule, I don't know if I can hold on any longer.
So please, never think or say if you love a person you should be happy. Because I would die for Najee, I would leave my parents for him (of course with their approval) because they know I'm happy when I'm with him. I love him then, now and possibly in the future still even if we are broken up.
This is the first time that I'm saying I'm not happy. I know it'll kill me, but we'll see. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Don't get ahead of yourself

Good day! Not all we plan go into action. And I've learned, never get ahead of yourself. I thought I can work from home today, reason being is I have to work at my other job afterwards. I didn't because I couldn't. I was planning to post a picture of my 'office home made" beside my bed in my room before hand, and good thing I didn't. That's probably because, I don't really know. When I got here at the office, my password was not working completely! It's so odd since I was just here yesterday all perfectly fine. Then I tried this morning remotely and boom, says it does it work on running computer. Somebody fixed my computer already here at work and hopefully my plan of working at home tomorrow will be successful.
My Stapler. Oh dude, it's irritating. It's new. Fresh from the box. I got some staples of course and it's not releasing correctly. Not sure why but I tried again and again and all times I had to take it out myself. The hard, dangerous pointy staple that's broken. Good thing I did not get any boo boos. It's not always what it seems huh.
Oh, most importantly, career wise, never brag unless you've been there long enough. Don't spread it out until it's official and you've started. We have an instructor in the gym and she said she'll be leaving due to another work and surprise, she still with us. Gossip is she did not get it or whatever. This is what I'm talking about. Just like my mom before bragging she never got rejected when she applies for a job and she did not get the job first hand when we plan to move to California.
I know a post pictures of me in the office but I never said what I do or where I work. It's because I'm still in training, still learning and not even 3 months. There are many times I was selected for interviews but never got accepted. So never expect and just do your best.
I apologize a bit for those pictures of me playing around. Those are the only times I can have 'fun' due to working everyday :)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

AMEX Chat help - BCE to BCP

Amex Comparison - Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred
Credit Card Forum - for personal experiences

Welcome to American Express Live Chat! The next available Customer Care Professional will be with you shortly.    
For quality assurance, this chat may be recorded and monitored. For your security, please click "END CHAT X" to close this chat window before leaving your computer unattended or when chat is complete. 
Thank you for contacting American Express. My name is Tara. How may I assist you with your new Card application today?
Tara: Thank you for choosing American Express. Who do I have the pleasure of chatting with today?
you: Good day. If I get the Blue Cash Everyday and in future wanting to convert it to Blue Cash Preferred, is that possible?
Tara: Thank you for your interest in American Express!
Tara: You are more than welcome to apply for a separate card product if you needs should change.
Marecar Lim: That's my question, I do not want another/separate card so is it possible if it can be SWITCHED/CONVERT
Marecar Lim: or Amex never do that?
Tara: You would need to submit a separate application if you wanted to switch your card product.
Marecar Lim: Separate application- is that only for the conversion or another hard pull on credit?
Tara: We may pull your credit. The process is very internal.
Marecar Lim: So when converting, credit might be pulled again
Tara: There is no guarantee.
Marecar Lim: Will I keep same credit history
Tara: Your existing credit history within American Express would reflect your separate application.
Marecar Lim: I'm sorry, I do not understand your answers. If for example, I had the BCE for a year and wanted to convert to BCP instantly, will my credit history with AMEX still a year?
Tara: Your member since date would reflect your first card. If your needs should change, I would recommend applying for the separate card product before closing the first card out. That way, your American Express member since date would stay in effect and your existing credit history established within American Express would reflect your separate card application.
Marecar Lim: I'm sorry, you keep saying applying for a new separate card when I don't want to keep the old one, does that mean conversion?
Tara: We would not want you to be without an American Express card. I would recommend keeping your Blue Cash Everyday Card until a final decision was made with the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express.
Marecar Lim: I got it. Perfectly explained. Thank you Tara!
Tara: You are most welcome!
Marecar Lim: Have a great day and thank you for your patience with me :) I'm an aspiring AMEX cc holder

As you can read, there are times when I get confused with her answers. She never said the word convert or switch which bugged me but she did say it will stay on the first card regarding credit history. Also, she says they might pull a credit for the conversion which most people says not true and my experience from other credit card companies. Reason being is as of now I don't want to pay for the Annual fee for BCP but in future, I might want to get that once I start a family.
Not sorry for asking those questions. I even had another chat before this. I asked about if they AMEX give FICO Score, the CSR said NO. Which is really bumming since I read that it Amex does for free. Gat it together Amex CSR. Know your facts or simply says I do not know which is also a bit disappointing form you 'high class' status. Being curious will not hurt you as long as you know your limit.
Retail Categories - Amex
Credit Donkey - Comparison
Nerd Wallet - Comparison
Next Advisor and Ask Mr Credit Card - More Retail Categories

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More Credit Card Situations

I apologize of I'm posting a lot about Credit information and you don't give a damn. As I grow up and enter adulthood, I need to learn about these things.
  1. Victoria Secret Credit Limit Increase
  2. Synchrony Bank Customer Service
  3. Discover It or Chrome Card
Victoria Secret Credit Limit Request
I had my Victoria Secret since last year from April. Not sure if I already wrote this story but I wasn't planning on it. She asked me when I was paying and I just said yes to make the process of paying go faster. So it's been 1 year. Since I paid all before due date and never miss a thing, I tried to ask for a Credit Limit Increase, even thought I don't really need to. I did so my credit-debt ratio as well as overall credit limit will go up. I asked some time last month and of course I did the online and approved that they're going to pull my credit. I had to put income to do so. I got an email to wait 7-10 days but yeah -Declined is what I already expected. After 10 days I called and the CSR told me to wait for the letter. Before I talked to the human, I tried accidentally requested on the automated machine. Not knowing what it'll do, I just thought what the hell, I already applied for it anyway. So, that robot said declined. Then I accepted the fact that the letter will say that too. And it did. It says I was declined to Debt-income ratio. Which is obnoxious. I owe $0.00 on all my cards except for the one I'm using on the current month. All my debt are paid every month so not sure what that meant but I know for a fact that my debt is really small in ratio to my income.

Synchrony Bank Customer Service
BAD. I only talked to one CSR ever since I had my Sunglass Hut Credit Card from last year. Damn, Flat as a dead human being. I know she can't help me with anything and I understand that but in Customer Service "Tone is everything". Take it from me who works in that area. I asked if I can change my current card to another without being penalized and I already the answer which is no but I'd rather make sure. She said no and it will be another application and she sounds so freaking down. Good luck with that.

Discover It or Chrome Card
My Own Story regarding CLI
Since I have two other credit cards that has been converted to another one, I figure they may be another Discover with better rewards. Then I read about Chrome. It looks good, 2% in everything but does NOT have the rotating 5%. Check out the link above for a comparison between the two. At first I was like, Chrome looks good without the hassle of thinking about the rotating categories. But I searched and tried to calculate myself, the 'It' can give you more. Plus. (hopefully I don't jinx it) my Double Cash will arrive soon with 2% total rewards at anything.
Also, my first time using this to send money abroad thru Western Union, I called as soon as possible I realized that they will charge me $10.00 for a cash advance fee! Thank God for the CSR who waived it since I told her it was my first time and did not know about it. Awesome right?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Citi Dividend to Double Cash

I just hung up to a CSR named Rabi and we talked for 10 minutes. He was extremely polite and helpful so two thumbs up for him.
I'm starting to get addicted to Credit Cards. As you can read on my previous posts. I've been really patient with myself trying not to apply for another one but just to make my limit up and complete my payment network. It takes time read and think what might be the best options on hundreds of choices that has pros and cons both sides. Good thing just today, I realized people can request to change their card to the latest one if qualified. I was offered like that in January with my Capital One.
It's so amazing how these past few weeks (or months?) I was really into planning to get in future credit cards. Good thing I didn't yet so I am proud of myself for having the urge to stop myself to start an application. And I'm telling you, it just went to my mind all of sudden and started reading what it's like switching after lunch! I read VS and personal experiences from these Credit Card owners.
I was approved (or I was told I'm qualified) exactly at 1414. It will be a new account and will arrive in 10-14 days. New Terms and Conditions will arrive in about 11 days. I forgot to ask of my history with Citi will be the same but from what I read and experience from Capital One, it'll be the same credit history.
Normal changes was explained:
  1. Balance Transfer Fee will now be 5%/minimum of $10 compare to 4%/minimum of $5.
  2. Return Fee will now be $35 instead of $27 with Dividend.
  3. There will be a "Removal" of Late Fee. At least once a year if I understood it right.
  4. No Cash Advances like the Dividend which was $600. - Biggest regret yet I have other credit cards with cash advances.
I have until June 22, 2016 to let them know I want to keep the Dividend. Also by June 23, 2016, there are some criteria I have to meet to really have the Double Cash. Not sure what those are except to purchase something I guess.
DIVIDEND Dollars will be transferred! Yey! Mine was only $8-9 but still. I earned that :)

While writing this post, I logged in into my account to see how much the cash advance is (which I never used at all) and saw it's already in there! Sadly when I click the Learn more regarding  Linking two accounts it says.. "Account Alert: When you activate your new account ending in 1264, this account will close."
More information on Account Alert on Dividend:
After activation, avoid potential service interruptions and begin immediate use of your new card(s) by:
  • Informing all authorized users the account number has changed
  • Providing your new account number directly to any merchants who bill your account automatically so that services or products that you are receiving will not be interrupted
  • Providing your new account number to any bill payment services you use with this account
For your convenience, this new account has already been added to your User ID.
If you have not received your new card(s) by 5/6/2014 please contact Customer Service at 1-800-950-5114.
I've been with CITI two years now so I'm not surprised that I was qualified but still grateful that it was that easy. I was declined twice and got increase after (automatically). Citi is not on my last Credit Cards anymore haha! -Arrived