Thursday, March 31, 2016

CITI - Another disappointing situation

This will be a small story. I have the Citi Dividend Card. This card has a 'bonus' cashback that has more than the usual percentage from 1-5%. It is divided into quarter each year. Oh, and you also have to activate it. Since I do get emails and stuff from Citi, I do activate it most of the time. Even if I don't use it.
There promotion from April-June includes fitness clubs. I enrolled my mom yesterday to one. The amount was $460. When we got home, I remember that Citi has this promo. It's only 2 days apart. Being practical and all, I felt I should've got that extra percentage of cash back.

So today I called Citi, hoping they can move it or override the cashback. I talked to 'Rosalyn or Ronalyn' and of course... Nothing happened. Blah blah blah, rules and etc. 'We can't.' As always. It's only 2 days in between and I called personally to see ifnthey can do something. I'm just really bummed of how they are treating me not only with this cashback scenario but with other things.
Don't get me wrong, I know I'm being greedy with asking for them to override or change the date so I can get the exta cash back. But with all the other disappointed situoin the past with them, I thought they would want to make it better. Oh well, sucks to be a customer of Citi.

Again, I'll keep using it. I've never did a late payment and was using it wisely. But damn, service went deep low. No perks anymore. I got this card for almost 2 years now. Thanks for being my least favorite or even want to use for the sake of not being closed, of all of my cards.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thoughts on Being Alone / Happy Easter!

I'm an only child. Growing up, I played with my cousins every now and then when I come over and with my neighbors after school or on weekends. Most people would think I'm spoiled. But that's not why I wanted to write this. It's about me telling everyone it's okay to be alone. I don't live by myself. I'm still with my parents. As an only child, privacy is a big thing. Well for every one of course. Thing is, when you have a sibling, attention is divided not like alone for all of your life. Don't get me started about pressure that I keep writing here. Being alone has it's perks and disadvantages.

I get to go to concerts alone. Yes it seems sad. I don't have a choice since I don't have any friends to go with. Yet, it makes me more appreciative of the music I'm listening to. To see how they play and really understand their lyrics live. I get to dance without being so embarrassed since it's just me. For people that are embarrassed to be alone, GET our of your Comfort Zone! It's worth it and makes your self esteem boost. Even a little. Believe me. 
I get to spend more for myself. Financially. Hey, I earned my money so don't make me feel bad. It's just that, sometimes, it's really good to reminisce memories alone while eating or walking the park or waste time seating somewhere and just look at the place you're in. You get to see your food pieces by pieces. You tend to really say Thanks to your server and have a date with yourself. If you think I'm pathetic, I feel bad for you not being confident by yourself alone. Not all the time somebody's going to be there for you so you better learn.

I don't need to be a little more careful when driving. I started driving when I was 14 turning 15. Either automatic transmission or manual. I've been the driver of my friends, parents and myself. I know most of us drivers know that it's different driving alone and with someone. Driving alone, is hell of sad or hell of fun. I can sing as much as I can or on the top of my lungs as they say. I can dance like a freak while sitting which is crazier than usual dancing. I can think deep thoughts and be serious for hours without anyone interrupting me. I don't need to be slower than my usual speed just because the limit says so (I hope I don'y get a speeding ticket after this). It's different driving alone. Calm and relaxing. Yet you can say bad words as much as you can since nobody will hear you. I'm not teaching you to have a road rage but it helps once in a while. Don't be so self righteous all the time, or else you'll blow up. If you can talk to yourself, go ahead. If you need someone to get someone. Usually I talk to myself  (and pray to say Thanks) while driving.

These are some of the things I get to do/think when I'm alone. Being alone does not mean being lonely.  It does get to that when it's longer though, so don't be afraid to ask someone for company. Yet, reflecting in yourself alone is helpful in my opinion. Know yourself so you can understand the world a little bit better.

I'm currently at work right now, started at 0800 in a Sunday Morning. Last week, I did not get a chance to go to church since I got to work and the time where we usually go is not possible. the other day, I just thought of the fact that there are other timers aside from the one we are going to. I feel so bad not knowing that before last week. I feel bad for missing one mass, especially because I want to say Thanks and it was Palm Sunday.
I know I'm sounding too religious here, I'm not. I don;t every single night and I don't remember a lot of prayers to recite. It's just that, whatever is happening to my life, I want to say Thank you to someone out there. So this morning before heading to work, I went to church at 0630. By myself. My dad is going to come with my mom and my mom is night shift so they're going at 0815. It feels good for me to find a way even though I'm busy, to go to church. To Say Thank you.

No matter what your religion preference is, don't be rude when somebody says Happy Easter. We are trying to spread happy vibes and your rudeness is not necessary. Just say Same to You or Thanks. It's not that hard. Think about the kids. They don't even understand why people are celebrating yet they are looking forward for the Easter Egg Hunt. Just don't be a buzz kill. Not only for Easter but for every holiday there is. If everyone is happy, why would you stop it.
Do what you do that makes you as long as you're no hurting anyone, we'll be okay as what I say in my profile here. Do the same in every holiday. Or every situation for that matter. Spread Positive Vibes.
Happy Easter.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fall Out Boy @ Irvine Meadows Amphitheater

Starts at 1900. Ootd. Currently in line to enter at 1637. Their crew for parking is pretty straight forward. Yet, arriving early will make you park at the very end. It's a risk if you prefer arriving a little later just so you can be closer to exit. It will be chaotic to go out anyway, I'd rather be safe after I enjoyed the concert.
General admission parking is free. This is the one I did since I'm practical (yes, cheap lol). Preferred parking is $20.00 and some others can come up to $50.00.
Fall Out Boy is one of my favorite bands of all time. I first met them (meaning their sound) at 2007. This will be the first time I'll see them upfront. Well, I'm not goinng to be on front you know, still a dream come true. Since this concert is an alternative, punk, rock bands, most women wear sneakers. Some boots but heels are seldom. Make sense.

A band called '3pm' is walking around giving free Wristlet and making people listen to their song. And asked if people have twitter, to make people follow them. That last part was a bit too confident. Who knows maybe they'll be rockstars in future. Good Luck! Sorry I can't follow since I don't have twitter.
Also, there are men trying to sell t-shirts. Creepy part is, I think they're trying to hide it. Not sure but that how they act.
By 1700, people are starting to come in parking.
1758, we are closer to the gate by they haventy opent it yet. 

1827 sitted with my Churro $5.00 and bottled water $5.00. Went to bathroom since I don't wanna miss a thing.
Feels good to be in a concert/event where you have the same passion, style and taste. Most people here wear sneakers and has some color in their hair. My kind of people. Lets rock!
Started on the dot at 7pm with PVris. Lasted 30 minutes.
1950 AwolNation began playing. Ended at 2035.

Fall Out Boy started 2107. Damn I was crazy dancing. I was sitting most of the time with other two bands and with this one, I felt like an animal and my leash was released. I didn't even notice an hour has passed due to having a lot of fun. Singing and screaming and dancing like I was a rock star with my favorite band. At 2130, they left without saying good bye just said Thank you.
Some people thought like me it was over, and people behind my back saying only true fans stay and that they think it's over. So I did not leave. After a few minutes, they came back with two songs and said their Good night ad Drive Safely. I knew that was really The End since the projector says so. I left and drove home.

Parking was chaotic as many say. I stayed there for about 20 minutes. And I was one of the people who walked fast just so I can get out as soon as possible.
Other than crazy parking fiasco with rude drivers trying  to cut in, this is one of fun nights I've had because I finally saw my favorite band. Proud.

Friday, March 25, 2016

LA Fitness

I've been a member of this gym in Moreno Valley, for more than two months now. I'd say it's okay. A little pricey than the other gyms as other people would say, I chose this one because of plenty classes and closest to where I live. It's a wide gym in my opinion. Probably small for some that lives in a gym everyday. I'm not like that. I only work out to help myself and be healthy as much as possible. Well, practically to balance my bad habits by exercising at least twice a week.
I believe there are three options when it comes to membership. It depends on how much you pay upfront.

Calculations above is how the manager of the gym explained and compared the different scenarios with paying.
I was into running last year. I got bored. Even though I use elliptical every once in a while so I won't be bored running, I really got tired of it. I still love it though, just not into it like before. 
That's my personality, once I know that it'll be a routine, I get bored and try another one. Then once I know what or how it's like, I'll move on to the next one.
Every time you come in without having a membership, it costs $15.00 for a day. That's freaking expensive every time you want to join a class. As a practical human being, I won't pay 15 bucks every time I want to Zumba. Yes, I do that. I'm not ashamed. Why would I be? I got out of my comfort zone, that's courageous. Oh, and there's a free one session.
Some would say what I chose regarding membership is crazy. Well, maybe I am. Honestly, I prefer paying something big upfront rather than ease my way into it.
I chose the "Paid in Full". Meaning I pay a big amount and they will waived the initiation fee and have my third year for free. Well, not for free maybe discounted if you want to say that. But it is free. Now, I am a member of any LA Fitness in America for less than three years. LA Fitness Signature is for some celebrity, or so they say. I just have to pay $5.00 to enter. After that, I can renew my membership with only $219 for a year.
Believe me, I've thought this through. I'm interested in learning new things. Joining a gym that has classes will help me not only sweat but to relax while doing that. When I'm in a class, if I'm too weak or having mistakes, they do not care. Nobody looks at you like you are too stupid or too fragile to be here. I'm not into weights or any strengthening because I have no idea about those things. I don't want to pay extra just for those so no thank you I'll just join classes.
  1. The agent who helped me finish my account put my Middle Name, not my Last Name. I tried and tried and tried at least five times either through phone or going in. What sucks is, some of the receptionist say I'll change it for you. Some say come in and present an ID and if I do, they'll be like we don't need your ID we can change it now. Until now, it's still wrong. Even the manager himself knows that it needs to be corrected, nothing's changed. I gave up that they will fix it. It's irritating.
  2. There are no classes around noon time. Last class before noon is 0945 and earliest at the afternoon is at 1730. What about the others that prefer middle of those? In other LA Fitness branch, they do. Just not the on I'm going in. Just saying.
  3. I wanted to add my mom into my account, I was just informed that I can't because I was paid in full. Like what the hell? I did not know that. Yey. Now, me being a member does not have any perks for my mom's membership if she decides to join. But with other type of memberships, I think you can. With Paid in Full, Nope. Probably because they don't earn much as others, so no discounts allowed.
  4. Phone or key tag fiasco. This one is simple. You can only use one, either your phone or key tag to enter. My question is, why not both? Some people prefer to have it both just to be sure. If you activate your mobile, your tag will not work anymore. Great right? This little things are not so important yet makes it a Con.
  5. Email Work Out Reminders. Damn it's annoying. I turned it off many times on the tools online and it still gives me an email every time I try to add a work out on my calendar. Keep it together.
Update March 30. They updated my name! FINALLY. And my mom joined  for a year that I paid. Yey!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Getting annoyed at Citi

Got this morning on my email. I checked about my Fico Score being updated. And surprise, then nothing's changed. I'm getting too upset about Citi haven't I? Well, nothing's happening so why would I be happy and make myself satisfied even if I'm not.
Another misleading 'great' service. Stop sending people emails like me trying to make us feel we owe you something because we don't. Unless you have a huge lump of debt of course, then Good luck. Other than done, I have no faith at all with this business about taking care of customers. Sorry Citi, but you've made me think before you trust me. Now that you don't, I don't trust you back. My bad.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Why are we even together?" (LDR Problems)

In relationships, there will be many times that you will fight. Small things are easy to fix, but as long as you haven't talked/fought about it before, it will become a discussion, or most of the time, fight.
It's different of how people can be courted when in a fight or persuaded and woo to end the argument. Some prefer just talking honestly, material things like peace offering (which is not going to help in my opinion rather than come to a compromise) and other that just really ignore and brush it off under the rug (which is the worst).
My man and I are thousand miles away. I'm in America, he's in the Philippines. Not only the distance sucks but as well as time difference. We are making in work. We broke like I said before but here we are, still fighting. There are so many times that we fight, because of the smallest thing, but it turns big (most of the time because of me) only for the reason that we miss each other. It's so unfair that for others they are taking advantage of the opportunity to be together yet they stay home and be alone rather than with their partner. Well, it's my fault or the universe I guess for me to experience this madness plus for him since he can't stop loving me even though I'm far away.

When it is a big fight, I ask myself "Why are we even together"? When mad, it's really hard to find an answer since we can't be together, physically to just hug each other  and walk the fight together.
Last night, we facetimed. Of course I had to tell him what I want, and same thing from him to me. Just so you know, we are also both really. He has his training on Weekday and cooks and prepares and do laundry at their home. I currently have two jobs and no off day anymore. Most of the time, we are both exhausted to just send messages and tell the other about our day. But, even if this is the case, we know deeply we miss each other and we just understand that whatever we are doing as of now, is going to make a difference in our future. It's for us, sacrifice as you may say. But damn, this situation of not being together is hella hard. I know I say this a lot of time here in my Blog, but just reminding you that don't have any idea about long distance relationship, do not be in one if you don't think it's worth it or you're not happy completely. It's hard. Even for a human being with a huge emotional endurance (like Ted in How I met your mother, said by Lily). :)

We fought after the video chat. I told him you'd rather watch Game of Thrones than talk to me, and when I said I'm going to sleep, you suddenly wanted to talk to me. After a while, when I stating to answer him back, he started watching again. At the end, I'm like what the hell is this. Do you wanna talk to me or not. I texted him and he called, I did not answer. He messaged me that I was confusing him and I called him because I was really getting mad. He did not answer and he texted he's pissed off now. He messaged me a long one, saying what he's thinking, he's tired of training and no rest at home as well and how he miss me. How he needs to work to have some money for us to be together. Damn. My man loves me yet he does not want to get my hopes up about him getting here. Before the argument, I jokingly say (well, kind of not a joke because it's true) for him to come here in America for a vacation. He said yeah sure. Little did I know, that's one of the things giving him pressure.
He told me after the long text, he just needs his quiet time. I did not reply and went to sleep. When I wake up, he did not send me any good morning texts. I didn't text thinking he was already asleep (Of course also the fact that I did not receive anything so why would I send one for him).

Surprisingly,  he texted normally with an apology of how he reacted. I accepted it because I do understand his situation. Or at least I'm trying to, as any relationship need to do.
I told him, just tell me if you want to have a quiet time. Even though I don't understand why, I will try to. We need to talk about the things he wants to (he said he was afraid it was just going to be a fight) and I said, We need to talk about those things even if it will be a fight. We need to overcome it or else it will come back in the future. Face it now so we'll learn NOW not later.
Answer to my question up top? We're together because we want to be together. Even though again, there are so many times it's just easier for the both of us to give up and live our separate ways, we chose this path. I know he's sad (and it might/will happen again that breaking up is the idea, sometimes me as well but I can't break up with him), but we are fighting for this relationship.
As he said, we already had a glimpse of our future in Singapore. I know I make him happy. It's just really difficult when I'm not with him as any relationship would be. I am happy with him. I love him and he truly loves me. No man is going to waste his bachelor years with money for a woman thousand of miles away if he does not love him. We just need to earn more for our future.
We'll make this through.

Bottom line in every fight/sin/fault from/within a partner:
Understand their reasons but Never Justify their actions.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Citi CC CLI Update

Exactly two months ago, I tried requesting for a Credit Limit Increase on my Citi Credit Card. It was declined. I did it in the computer where it tells you right away. On January 30th, I sent a message on the account saying I was disappointed and surprised. Later on the day, it was answered and told me to call a certain number.
So today, I just called the number they gave me and the first woman who answered says she only deals with Credit Line Decrease. Why would someone give me a number that does not qualify for what I was looking for? She was great and all but I hope next 'suggestion' a Citi agent gives to me will be more correct. 
After the nice woman who can't help me said why would they gave this number to me and is shocked about that, she then transferred me to Customer Service.  A man answered (forgive me for not knowing their names, I just woke up) and asked for verifications.
Then I ask who can help me answer why I was declined. He just told me, I can ask for another one but we can only request it for you not approve. Then he keeps on giving me the number to a specialist that is not on Citi but in Credit Bureau.
I asked, okay, who do I talked to about approval.
He said 'Us. But regarding why it was declined before or in future that can be answered by the Credit Bureau'.
I asked again, 'But you are the one approving the increase, right?'
He answered, 'Yes. But we take the report from the Credit Bureau about it.'

I said, 'No I don't want another request in my CLI, just transfer me.'
He answered, 'I can't transfer you without making a request'.
I don't want another request. I need answers. It seems like Citi wants me to try again and talk to the Credit Bureau why (if it's declined again) and ask them directly where they are the one who knows my spending pattern and how good of a client I am. 
I don't understand this. They rather get a freaking number from somewhere and based their decision on that than looking at the history of the customer and analyze how bad or good they are with them.

There was even a time where he told me that requesting a CLI is not going to hurt my Credit Score. I didn't even go further talking to him about that because I know it will, even a small one counts. And just like other Customer service agents, he's just trying to help me even if the information is not certain.
After I know that even he can't help me, after he said at least thrice just 'request for another one' and keeps on trying ti give me the number of the Credit Bureau, I had to end the call. I'm not going to call the Credit Bureau and asked why, thats too far for my effort. I'm now more disappointed with Citi about CLI. All I want is to be answered and not be transferred. For Citi to not see good clients in their business is just meh. 

Update: 1922. I just tried a request again online and was declined even though I owe less than $5.00.

I will never ask or expect anything from CITI again. I'll keep using it of course but you are the least that I like on all accounts I have. Thank you for ignoring such good clients :) 
Doctorofcredit - Citi CLI
mymoneyblog - Says a Reject does no harm (which I doubt but hopefully true since I ask twice in a span of two months.)

More frustration. Update March 20. I got the letter as always as the document on my account about the denial. I called the number that says Equifax blah blah. Called it and it's automated. I didn't know it's all automated no human etc. yep, stupid me. I know where I'm wrong at, so ignorant.
I called Citi and same explanation. They can't tell me what it says on my report yet they are the one approving it. I ranted about how you don't look at the customers' profile and just get a report from somewhere. Which is really odd since Capital One has been nothing but amazing about CLI and Citi is.. Well here's the story that you're reading. 
The agent at Citi told me to call a number at Equifax and explained to me it's automated. When I listened and tried to proceed, it costs me to have the report. Except when I mail the letter I got from Citi.
Well Hell No. You want me to mail your freaking document when you can just tell me whats wrong since you're the only one saying I have problems (I got increased somewhere else for 3K without me asking and have new account/s). Effort and some cents that I'm not willing to do, because it should've been your job to explain why I keep getting declined when I was good with your account all the time.
Good job Citi.

Monday, March 14, 2016

New Office, New Equipments & Bag

I have a nice face right? Wrong! Lol. Shopping this here.
Another first day for me. I figured get something new to have it with me. If you think I'm trying to brag, I'm not. Feel free to stop reading and go somewhere or eat a churro. Anyway, I'm fortunate enough to have an opportunity that I wanted a long time ago. Hopefully, I can make it with the introductory period as always so I can stay. Amazingly all my equipment that needed to use is new! Damn the feeling of fresh new scent of just unboxed monitors and system unit plus mouse. Thank You! 
Some part maybe it's luck, but I was actively looking for this. I put an effort so don't tell me that I'm a spoiled little only child that gets what she wants because I work hard for what I want/need.
"Mint Multi Satchel"
Maybe I have too many bags. But the truth is, if all of it has a purpose I don't see why not investing in some of it. Growing up, my mom told me quality is always better than quantity when it comes to clothing and bags. I believe her and now I'm the same. It's true that if you can earn for something you really want, wait for it rather than buying a cheap knock off that will probably break in a couple of months.
Got this at Cabazon Outlets originally $98. I bought for $51.80 with taxes.
Top - Calvin Klein

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kohl's Credit Card

Before we move here to California, I've gone to Kohl's maybe once or twice somewhere in Tennessee or Mississippi. I wasn't really a fan of it, or anything related (maybe a bit of Marshalls because of branded items for less). Since we got here, my parents found a near one and they both loved it. At first, it was only my mom who keeps saying let's go to Kohl's but after a while, my father started saying the same. I wonder why, it's just another store with pretty much anything you need clothing wise. Maybe because of discounts and stuff but I don't see myself going in there every now and then by myself except if my parents want to.
Months passed and I really notice how they want to go there if we have time. Yeah sure I love to shop, but only if I need something not because I want to shop period. 
Don't get me wrong, Kohl's is cool and I'm starting to love it. I'm just not the type of person to spend my time shopping.

Credit Card. Here I am again talking about one. Last night at work, my co workers and I were talking about Credut Cards like how many they have and limits, etc. I was surprised to hear that they don't want to be increased for the same reason they don't want to be tempted buying more which is understandable. But for me, higher limit means more for emergencies and if you're not a high spender like me, credit utilization score would be amazing. 
Ok, I guess I'm losing my point here regarding Kohl's Credit Card. When we were there earlier, my father was about to buy shoes. While him and my mom choose, I went somewhere that they didn't know and thought of applying for the Credit Card of Kohl's since my parents love it that much. Before I talked to one of the Cashier agents, I went ahead research first how it was. Yada yada yada, some say great others don't. Point for me is, if it'll help my parents shopping without annual fee or anything then great.

The line at the Customer Service was long. Well maybe medium I'm don't have the time to fall in line because this thought of mine just came at that point. Thought is, to get a Credit Card at Kohl's only for my parents but under my name. Reason is my mom already got denied and plus, I want them to spend whatever I can provide them. So after fee minutes of reading and researching while standing up near the Cashiers, I went straight to one and ask if she can help me. They were not busy so I didn't feel bad asking for help. She did with no worries at all, asked for my Driver's License and I put my info on those little machines when you're paying. After a while she called someone to verify and she gave me a thumbs up meaning I got approved! Believe me, those minutes of waiting are the longest. I know people applied for Credit cards felt the same way unless you're the perfect rich human that does not care about this. She told me I'll have 25% discount that I can use asap (which I did with my dad's two shoes, we saved $89.00 total) and my card will arrive in about 2 weeks. I have a limit of $***. Not bad since I wasn't expecting an instant approval and I know we won't shop at Kohl's for that amount or even close to it.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

B of A - Amazing Security

I hate to post about Credit Cards again, but I know it might help someone. Or maybe I just want to remind myself in the future about these things because it's good. Three notes in this post:
  1. Security Measures - Amazing or maybe a bit Disturbing
  2. Another offer - Cash Rewards
  3. Bank Verification Letter fee - Waived
When I got my Card, first purchase went through but the second one which is suppose to be Western Union didn't. A little later, somebody called me from Bank of America. I forgot her name, sorry. But she was asking if it was really me and just making sure because Card was new and they don't know my spending patterns yet. Especially the part if sending money for a new card. I did understand that. Thumbs up for security.
Next one is tonight. I tried to use it in a Gas Station and it was declined. I swiped it again for the second time, still declined. I was upset. I needed to use it and had to use my other card instead. When we went home, I called after and asked why was it declined. I talked to Sergio and he verified a lot of information and said he'll call back the number I told him for more verification. I answered and he explained that it was declined because of their Security Measures. In a span of 14 minutes, I was in 2 Gas Stations. The reason is that I put gas on the first one, and bought a gum on the second one because the first one doesn't have those convenient stores and the second one is sky high expensive compared to the first one regarding gas prices.
One might think (like my mom and some part of me) that this is amazing (which it is at most part), and others (other part of me) that it's an inconvenience. You decide on what kind of user you are.
On another note:
The other day, I received an offer from Bank of America for the Cash Rewards Credit Card. The color red with plenty of cash back like 3% on gas (which will really benefit me), 2% on groceries and 1% on all other things. It's really tempting. Especially with no annual fee and those rewards. My mom even said, get it and just keep it somewhere if you don't want to use it. Well, I don't think like that. I don't want to have plenty of cards and don't care after a while after the sign up bonus or low APR expires. My bad Mom but that's not me.
So tonight, I'm about to shred that offer.
One last note:
When I requested for a Bank Verification Letter, I read and searched that it'll be $10.00. When I talked to an agent, he said it was $20.00. Having no choice, I said go ahead. This was way back in November 2015. When I got the letter, I was hoping for the charge any time soon. Until now, there was no charge for this Bank Verification Letter that I got. So, a big Thank you Bank of America for waiving the $20.00 :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Perseverance is a must

When finding a job, perseverance is a must. And I mean really put an effort. You can't be ashamed. I can't tell you how many emails I've sent, applications I completed and hopeless findings that even if I know I wouldn't get it, I'd still apply. I'm kind of immune to rejection now because of (maybe) hundreds that I applied on. But it's okay to be sad about it. Important thing is, you get up.
Pants - Old Navy
Shirt - From Indonesia from my man
Belt - Gap
Blazer - H&M
Watch - Timex
Shoes - Timberland
Shades - Ray Ban
Make up is from yesterday. Yes I did not wash my face last night and this morning. Be disgusted. All I put was blush. Like all of you watch faces before bed and after waking up :)

These past few weeks, I've been down mostly I guess I miss my man. But the truth is, I was being hopeless of looking for the job I want. More or less I need to start at the bottom and work my way up. Without going back to school. 
There are many times where my parents, cousins, friends, etc. would ask me when are you going to get back at school? I always say in the future not now. But the truth is, I might never want to go back. But that doesn't mean I'm going to throw what I learned forever. I have plans on my own and pressure from others won't help at all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't finish your school and just find a job. NO. This is just me. If you're into having your Grad School and beyond, Go for it! I'll support you all the way and be proud of you all the time. Just because I don't go to school does not mean I'm done learning though.
Do what you want that makes you feel inspired. No matter what your passion is, know where to start or at least plan to how to get there. Don't stop and loose hope. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Quality Time

When I got home, my parents are both home. This is not always, usually it's either one of them that's still at work. My father as always, ask me if I want to eat something. I said no, I don't want anything. I walked up to my mom in their bedroom, she asked me the same thing if what I wanted to eat. At first I said no, or so I thought.
Then she said something Mcdonalds Oreo Mcflurry. I said I don't want something sweet. Then after thinking, I thought about Hash-brown. I said let's go any buy. Mama said, yey! Lol. 
I told my father and he said let's go so afterwards I can go to sleep. My father usually sleeps early that's why. 
This is really a nothing post. I just want to make a memory of these times where it's not so often and we eat what we crave for. 
Spend time with your loved ones as much as you can. It's important, believe me. The phrase 'Live as if it's your last' maybe too cheesy and heard often, if it comes to spending time and making memories, think of that phrase because it's the truth. Not only you're making yourself worthwhile, but you're also making others happy and putting efforts to be with them.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Without Make Up

This is me without any make up. Big pores, large forehead (planning to get a haircut soon, mostly to trim my bangs for this very reason) and a lot of things you can tease me about. And you know what? I don't care. Most of the time. Sometimes, I do. Really do. But growing up, I get stronger on the things I wasn't before. And being confident in your own skin is one of those weaknesses. 
I'm not the type of girl that you will look back once you passed. I guess unless I was wearing something provocative which is really seldom. I prefer sneakers than flats (I honestly don't like flats but I have those for the sake of my job for requiring business casual). I wear heels like maybe once, twice a year just because it's an occasion and being a lady is a must. I love dresses not to be a girl but because it's easier to wear and I don't have to pair jeans and a top. Yes I'm that lazy. Point is whatever I'm doing, I'm confident about it or at least I force and teach myself to have enough confidence.

So, above photo is what I look like in the morning. Well, of course not the hair though. And I might have some morning something in my eyes, not to make you feel disgusted. I'm just like any other normal human being. I can't really say the phrase be confident with who or what you are since I am on treatment for my acne. But hey, I learned about my health and what vitamins I need in order to not get sick; Thanks Mom and Dad for the genes :( ... so it's not about vain.
Is taking a picture when you only 3 hours of sleep a vanity? Hair for about 2 weeks old (meaning- yes, I haven't washed my hair that long to keep the color), eyebrows done two months ago and No certain angles for me to look thinner than my usual self. Again, without make up and professional lighting to back up my awesome features? 
Well, that's just me ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Movies in LDR

He watched in the afternoon 1300, I did at 2210. We were off for about an hour and 10 minutes. Gods of Egypt is the one we watched. Funny thing is we have different opinion of the movie. He likes the effects and all, the story was okay according to him. For me, I like the story (even if there are some too common for a movie like this) but the effects not so much all through out.

Shout out to Michelle Phan for having the oil slick hair style like me! She makes it seem that it's a big deal but not really lol. Well, it's her job to promote her hairstylist, salon and everything so, good for her.
Cap - Muji
Shades - Dolce Gabbana