Sunday, February 28, 2016

Discover APR Increased

I checked all my Annual Percentage Rates today on all my Credit Cards just for myself and have it known.
I jot down how much I can have for Bank Cash Advances (which is really helpful even if I never tried it before), Fees for those Bank Cash Advances and Annual Percentage Rates. I have little knowledge about Credit Cards. That's why as much as possible, I'd like to share it to as many people as possible. There's no such thing as too much reading. And lately, that is what I've been doing.
So after writing whatever I can for my list, I found out that my APR for Discover has Increased! Not only that for also as the fees for the Bank Cash Advances. 
I have no idea that APR can go up and down! Check the links below for my experience before hand and some articles about APR being increased or how to lower them.

Discover Credit Limit Increased after four months story
Money Under 30
Small Business

Last Statement 2015 APR: 22.99%     Cash Advance Fee Before: 24.99%
First Statement 2016 APR: 23.24%     Cash Advance Fee Now: 25.24%

I was planning to call Discover as soon as possible but wonder if I should research about this first.
So I did researched and it says "Variable" Rate, meaning it can go down and up based on the "Prime Rate". I can't really explained what is the Prime Rate since it's the first time I heard/read about this but still, a little notice would be nice.
Or, maybe they sent out a notice about my APR getting high and I didn't read through it, which is improbable. We check our mails everyday and if I got anything from Discover, and even if it's online, I never saw a NOTICE about an APR, etc. So, I doubt they Discover sent me one about this.

With my other Credit Cards, that I've had way before this one, they never increased my APR or Cash Advance Fee. So with this one not being with me even a year and increased without notice, really disappointing.
Oh, main point of this article, I NEVER missed a payment and always paid in FULL. Discover never charged me an interest because I never let it have a balance. This is why I'm confused why they increased the APR without notifying me or writing an explanation. Anyway, I'm not going to call them asking to lower my APR since I don't really care as of this time, Maybe in the future if I need it but for now, let them have fun with doing this kind of stuff since I will not let it affect me.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

B of A Network Confusion 3

Update below when I got the card!
I got an email today. I haven't got my card yet. And I got another email below. When I looked on the web, it says 'Visa' only. What might have happened to the 'Visa Signature'? Hmm, fishy. Lol.
It seems that I got another offer card when I opened the link. The 'Better Balance' rewards Credit Card. I don't even care as of now, I just want to see what are the offers and again, No 'Visa Signature'.
I have a feeling (or I'm hoping too) that they listened to my suggestion to change the photo where it originally says "Visa Signature" since it might be deceitful to people like me who is really into details knowing what I'm going into.
Good job for changing as soon as possible! Thumbs up for that.
Check the links below for the original posts and continuation before this one:
UPDATE @ 1415 I got my Card!

NOPE. I apologize for being so confused writing these articles. I just looked up at their website 1735 and it still shows "Visa Signature". Public is looking at the website. When I got my email this morning, and it shows the link when I clicked it, that is especially, for me, I guess.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Zenatane - After 4 months

Zenatane - First 2 months
I still have a week left after 4 months is completely finished.
The dryness in my hands were gone. Lips are still always chapped. 
Dosage is 60 mg per day. 20 mg are the capsules, two in the morning and one at night.
First photo taken March 07, 4th month is finally done.
My back acne is really bad. It was like that before I started. We thought it'll be a bit better like my face at first. It didn't until a bit now. It hurts and some bags that I use tend to be in the perfect spot for those big pimples that'll make me uncomfortable.
It's started hurting like everything is wanting to get out similar to my face at the first couple of months. I hope it'll be way better after the program of six months.

My mom said before hand that the skin below my neck has cleared up. Also, nose bleeding is not as bad as before. Except for times where it's really dry then you get to pick it. No effects on appetite whatsoever.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bank of America Network Confusion 2

After the whole conversation with Jamika, I can't be comfortable knowing I can feel that 'Platinum Visa' and 'Visa Signature' is not the same even if she says it is. 48 minutes later, I called a different number from the website.
Went straight to someone then transferred to Card Services - Terry after 7 minutes and 35 seconds (honestly I don't remember if I talked to a machine before hand since that answering bot is annoying). And of course, it seems that he doesn't know what I was talking about as well. Then he said I'll transfer you to a specialist and gave me a number in case it didn't get through at 13 minutes and 35 seconds. It did NOT and call was ended.
That's the number he gave me.
I dialed the number as soon as possible so that I can get this over with, John answered. Of course, it was around 4 minutes after being annoyed at that asnwering machine. I explained everything again and he asked me about what points do I need or lookig for in the Vusa Signature card. I said, I'm not sure honestly, all I read and understand is that it's not the same thing and has better incentives like extended waararnties and 24/7 concierge. He said okay and continue to find someone who he can transfer me to and he also researching about it. At 11 minutes and 45 seconds, he told me he will put a request about this.
He mentioned first that it was Platinum Visa because people prefer it rather than the other one. 

Then he explained some rules like points at the previous type of card will be forfeited which for me does not count since I don't even have my card yet. Also 2-4 weeks for the new card to arrive and destroy the old ones. Account information has also changed and old one can't be the same as the current one. At 16 minutes and 34 seconds, he asked one last time if I want to proceed, I said Yes please. 
1 minutes or less has passed, he said in order to have or be upgraded to the 'Visa Signature' category, you need to have a limitof at least $5000. Which I don't have. 

At least now that he explained, I know for a fact that it's not the same and questions left unanswered. He mentioned if I want to be transferred to department where I can ask to request to have that limit ot why I didn't. I said No. I don't need to, all I want it some answers and you answered them for me so Thank You. Not only for explaining but especially for researching what I was saying not like others who don't really know anything.
Biggest Suggestion to Bank of America regaeding this:
1. MAKE IT CLEAR ON YOUR OFFER AND SITES. Visa Signature needs to have at least $5k Credit Limit so people like me don't get confused about what you're offering and what I'm not getting.
2. Teach your representative to know things and tell them it's okay for them to say they don't know rather than saying they do. It's embarassing that the customer has more information that the agents have no idea.
So glad it's all clear now. All I have to do is wait for my new Credit Card and enjoy it without thinking about this Visa Signature thing (as of now).
Got this hit today, February 25, 2016. It includes Experian Credit Score and some statements about what they're doing about the Credits, etc. I shredded it all after reading.

Bank of America Network Confusion

Platinum Plus VS Visa Signature
Are they different of the same? (Offer to me)
Good Morning! I just spoke to someone in Bank of America named Jamika. First it was Patricia but I guess she's in Operator/Pbx who just transferred me to Credit Services. I explained that when I applied for the credit card, I thought it was going to be a 'Visa Signature'. But after reading and researching about all this, some articles keep saying 'if you got approved'.
When I log in to my mobile app today, the credit card account was already there! Even if I havent got the card yet. But, there was a thing I'm not kind of comfortable about.
At the bottom where it usually says the payment network (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex) I thought the new Credit Card would be Visa Signature. It says 'Platinum Plus' Visa. 

So, I keep retelling JAMIKA about how I read that these two titles are not the same. I would accept her answer saying it was at first, but the things is, it feels like she doesn't even know the Visa Signature or at least the difference between the two of it. 
I MIGHT BE WRONG ONCE I GOT THE CARD THOUGH. Let's see next week and I'll update.
Still, she asked me if I have access to a desktop rather than a mobile. Thinking it was for me to see MY ACCOUNT on the complete site, she only asked me to be on a desktop to LOOK AT THE FREAKING DETAILS credit card I've applied to. Which I told her at least thrice, I've read and looked at that thing a million times (just to make my point clear because I did read again and again). 
There was even a time she mentioned something like, all Visa need to show Visa Signature even if it's not. When I asked about that she explained a different topic. So for me, to fully understand something, when A customer or anyone for that matter that asked a question, you answer that one clearly as possibly as you can.
At one point she even mentioned that you're asking about this kind of credit card right? And that means you're going to get this. And tried to tell me look at the website. Honestly, I feel like she can't tell that with some banks or credit cards, there are choices of payment networks. 
READ THIS and find the part where it says DOWNGRADE:

When I felt that we're just both wasting our time (me asking her things that I feel like she doesn't really know but keeps on doing so just to get rid of me and her trying to explain things that just to say something but not really understanding what she's explaining). 
I tried really hard retelling her again and again I know and read your website about the credit card. She keeps saying 'Yes it's the same thing'.
After that feeling of wow this representative is wasting my time, I just said okay, you confirmed that it's a Visa Signature. Lets wait for my Credit Card and Thank You for your time.
Bank of America Network Confusion 2

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 6,7&8 Singapore

6th day. (ootd) We went to Bugis and Vivo City first (only to redeem the GST Refund). Biggest thing, we BOTH forgot our PHONES. Hahaha. Yes, it was funny. I found out when we are already in the Vivo City and I looked at him saying, we don't have or phones. We didn't panic or anything. It was just really funny and sweet for me, that our phones is not our priority since we're together anyway. The only purpose that we carry our phones is to take pictures. And for this 6th day, we don't have any photos :D
Except below in the morning! 
First one was in The Rail Mall that we kept looking since we first got here and we found it finally. The Rail mall is a nice, small and convenient place for people in local. It has the Cold Storage grocery store and some shoppes that we did not get to see since we got here for groceries.
Next photo is after buying at The Rail Mall Area, my man is trying his new Oakley Shades. 

We ate lunch at Earl Swensen's at Vivo City and it was delicious. I got Chicken Baked with Rice and My man had Catfish and our appetizers was Tuna Quesadilla. Small problem, when I got my order first time, My man saw a small bug. Thanks to him, we returned it right away. Of course I had to wait another cooking time but then, it was worth it since it really is good.
Afterwards we went straight to Bugis Street to buy souvenirs. Bugis Junction is where you arrive when taking SMRT. It's an okay place but we did not really spend time to explore. Not to offend anyone but there's nothing too interesting for us to really roam around.
I know already that Bugis is a busy place. When we were there, I had to go back and eat the crispy pancake I got before. It's still there and I still love it. Too bad We don't have phones to capture my face of eating it like a kid. Then shopping souvenirs is pretty easy. We spent $69 SGD for 2 plastic figurines, 3 shirts and I forgot what else. But compared to places we've been in, it's way cheaper here at Bugis Street. I know because I've been in Singapore before and Najee keeps telling me I'm great for persuading him about Bugis Street.
Bugis + is an interesting place, a little smaller than Bugis Junction yet a fancier looking. We bought shoes in Timberland and service was amazing. We also bought our dinner in the Bon Chon at the ford court.

7th day. Rest day. We ate lunch at home and dinner outside. Of course, we started packing and fixing luggage as much as we can. 
We finally found the Bukit Panjang Plaza! It was a small-medium mall We did not really go through it so w have no idea what's inside. We only got to the food court. Dinner at Siam Kitchen

8th (last) day. 
Last picture at SMRT and first in Airport while waiting for boarding.
Last photos. We'll forever treasure this trip. Until now, we still can't believe we pull this off with our own hard earned money. Thank You God for these moments. Thank You Najee and Thank You for my boss, timing, credit cards, money chagers and Singapore.. etc. 
Thank You! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bank of America Credit Card Offers

I got an email today @ 0732 with offers for credit cards (first photo below). I woke up around 0900 and glanced thru my phone. Recently, I was looking, reading and researching for Credit Cards not for right now but for future. I don't know what came up to me this morning, but I read the email (which I usually don't about these offers for Credit Cards) and thought why not apply now. I know that I will get denied anyway. Might as well try.

So I applied for the top one with Travel Rewards, because of the reason of No Foreign Transaction Fee. It was in my Ipad's reading list as one of the credit cards choices I was reading about for future references. Oh, and both of these two have No Annual Fee (which is necessary for every Credit Card in my opinion if you're practical like me).
Little did I know, after I put all my information and checked more than three times that this Credit Card has No Annual and No Transaction Fee, I clicked the last step which will say if I was approved or not... I am !
It took like more than a minute for it to process and of course you have to wait for it to finish to know what's up. It's killing me or anyone I think to wait for this kind of stuff and feeling that it's longest seconds/minutes of your life.
Last two months, my love life hit a bump. Of course I had to make myself busy to not be miserable all the time. Last month we went on a quick one week vacation in Singapore (this is why No Foreign Transaction Fee is important) and we made up. This vacation is from our own money. Our parents didn't spend a thing.

I got a little debt on two of my Credit Cards. I didn't reached the limit on either of those two but I was close. I paid these two credit cards fully and didn't even have to pay for any interest. I treat my accounts like cash. Don't spend if you can't pay.
Anyway, because if these two spendings, my Credit Score went down. And by down I mean about 10 in TransUnion and 17 in Fico Score. And this 'reports' of credit score are in statements of February. That's why I mentioned above that I know I'll be denied. 
I don't have any tips for anyone to be approved since I'm still learning how to build my credit since I don't have enough credit history. I guess I want to share this story because it was unexpected. It took guts for me to apply and was risky because aside from getting denied, it'll hurt the credit score more. 

So for those of you who is debating to apply or not, I'm sorry I can't tell you to go for it. Just know what type of Credit Card you want and don't jump into harsh decisions. 
What I can say is a big Good Luck!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chase Freedom or Slate?

Last week, I got a "pre-screened offer" for a Chase Freedom. I read for days researching if I should get one and apply for the offer. I asked my mom since she has two, not sure if she has more 'Chase' but yeah. She said, go get it, it's a good credit card. I thought it through... For a couple of days and decided NO. I shredded it. For multiple reasons:
  1. I already have three Credit cards and I'm wanting another credit network (Amex).
  2. I don't need another credit card as of this moment.
  3. I already have a Visa/MC and not planning on getting another one yet.
  4. I might get another Visa in the future as long as it has No Foreign Transaction Fee (because my current one has).
  5. Another credit card without the perks/names that I need is just another card that I need to worry about.
So after that Chase Freedom temptation, yesterday when I got home, I got a letter. I thought it was the Chase Freedom still but I remember that I shredded that one. I looked and read real quick. Same thing, "pre screened offer" but for Chase Slate. Of course I had to research again regarding this one.

I shredded it last night, I didn't even spend a day with the offer. Because practically, it's the same thing and same reasons why I don't want to get it. I know Chase is a good one, based on my mom and the way it looks is cool, but I don't want to have many credit cards just because I got offers with No Annual Fee. My main concern when looking and reading of credit cards is to have No annual Fee and No foreign transaction fee. Both of the offers don't have Annual Fee, BUT both has foreign Transaction Fee which is a big deal for me. Know what you need in a card before biting into the dust!

Below are comparison of the two credit cards:
Not comparison - Interesting story
While I'm on reading these two offers and researching what I need in future or planning to get,I found some really helpful articles in the net regarding these letters (both
How many CC you need

That's the story, meaning No Chase for me :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hair tricks?

Lol I have none. Maybe some? 
I'm fortunate to have straight hair. THICK, straight hair. I got straight from my father and the thickness from my mother. My mom need to straighten her hair out most of the time but because she takes care of her hair, her natural curls are more beautiful than ever. For me, I'm lazy as hell. Thank my DNA for having this kind of hair. Because I don't have time to style or even blow dry most of the time. Not that I don't have time, but because I don't want to. - Laziness
I did my curls once and the longest that I did not wash it right after is about 2 weeks, or more. I was disgusted when I was younger thinking you need to wash your hair everyday. But then as I grow up, physically not mentally :), I learned that it's bad for the hair to be washed with shampoo every single day. I'm not sure if it's chemical or the way it affects the hair but I know most people would say expert or not that washing it every day is bad.

Before, I can only do every other day and I'll be extremely disgusted by my hair. Now, I can go a week without washing it and feel fine with it. Thank you for who invented dry shampoos. Some people say oil showing is actually good because its the hair natural nutrients coming out. I don't like having oily or greasy hair. That's why I use dry shampoo if needed. Only when I have to work or go outside but if I'm at home, I don't care how my hair looks like.
With coloring, this is more tricky because washing it often will make it fade faster. I just learned at my last coloring that when you have color in your hair, wash it with cold hair and shampoo without Sulfate in it. Check the ingredients, most shampoos have those sulfate. Shampoos that doesn't have sulfate will say up front, most of it with huge font so customers can see. I wouldn't say it's more expensive than normal one though, just different purpose.

I am forever in love with Head and Shoulders. Some people say it's too much mint or too strong for their hair but for me, it was perfect. I didn't have any dandruff at all not like with Dove, Pantene and others that I tried and used for a bit but did not stay due to having flakes. Just to remind everybody, I'm not bashing anything or any shampoos, it's just my personal experience and how is my hair comfortable with these products.
With oil or something to put afterwards, I don't know anything about that so I apologize. I'm already lazy to style, I don;t want to put any oil for shining purposes and frizzy or wavy or whatever.
Tools like flat iron or curling wand, I don't have any suggestions as well but as long as it works, I don't see why you should buy expensive ones. I have a blow dry, Revlon that my mom bought at Walmart for about $14.00. Works good. My hair can be dry 3-5 minutes. Of course it matters how long it is.

The main reason I wanted to write this is because how I'm okay now with not washing it every now and then. Even if I did not curl my hair, I was okay with not washing it because I have color. It's been THREE WEEKS that I did not wash it and that's the longest I waited. If you haven't got any tricks from this, my bad but hey, don;t wash your hair everyday :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

GMax Reverse Bungee / GX5 Extreme Swing @ Singapore

We did GMax first (on our 5th day) and it was amazing. I purchased the Combo meaning including both Gmax Reverse Bungee and GX5 Extreme Swing for $69 SGD. I paid $163 SGD in total because we got the video for both which is $25 SGD and it comes in a USB.
GMax Reverse Bungee is pretty amazing. Watching the others go through it before me, I thought it's fast so there's no reason to be worried. Unless you're scared of heights or not used to this kind of feeling which I kind of am already with all the activities I did in the past. The way up is not even a minute and the rotating part is the most fun aside from the reverse bungee itself. Enjoy the view while swinging down.
For GX5 Extreme Swing: After doing GMax Reverse Bungee, the crew asked us if we want to take 5 (break 5 minutes to breathe I guess) or go straight. Of course, I answered right away, STRAIGHT!
May I say, GMax Reverse Bungee is easier compared to the GX5 Extreme Swing. I keep telling on the video that because of the reason that in GX5 Extreme Swing, you can see how high you'll be swinging and I was the PILOT. Before we went up, they asked us who will be the pilot who will push the lever in order for us to start swinging. I answered "Me!" since I love doing whatever I can to make it scarier for myself. After the whole Big Swing, there's nothing to be scared of and just enjoy the wind and people looking at you from the bottom.
The only downside of this is the video part. The explained to us that they use Original Hero 720 so it won;t bluff and for it to capture the whole ride. Thing is, the video, especially the Extreme Swing has a lot of pixels. Still, you can see our faces (maybe) and body. Other than that, I have nothing to complain. Service was fast and experience was priceless.

Description and prices that I got on their website:


G-MAX Reverse Bungee:
$45 SGD/person, Student Rate: $35 SGD/person
GX-5 Extreme Swing:
$45 SGD/person, Student Rate: $35 SGD/person
MAX-Combo (Both Rides): $69 SGD/person,
Student Rate: $50 SGD/person
Opening Hours: 2pm until late, every day
Merchandise: 2GB USB-drive Wristband; $20. Both Videos (on USB); $25

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 5 Singapore

Amazing day. (ootd) I pushed my man on doing something extreme and he's acting all good but he was terrified. First stop is Fullerton Road where landmarks of Singapore are located. Pretty historic road, nice to walk on and take pictures from.
Behind us is the Marina Bay Sands which we were the other days. Look at our beautiful faces.
Merlion Park/Esplanade Bridge - Beautiful scenery with tourist taking pictures beside you as well will make it more comfortable.
Not many tourist on that day, but still enough to photobomb your precious images. No judgments since we also ruin theirs.
Lunch at No Signboard Seafood, delicious!
Afterwards long walk to Clark Quay. City like place yet a little important road to look at based on buildings and stuff. The underway in the bridge is a bit dirty but not in the sense that you're gonna be scared. Cute drawings on it and street signs are pretty clear. More like not too long for a walk but feeling lost due to no Data for GPS. But we didn't get lost! Best feeling to just roam around and find what you're looking for (which is Gmax/Gx5).
It's his first time eating this type of ice cream in a wafer sandwich! I got sweetcorn as always and he got blueberry. He said after, why you only told me this now? That means he really likes it.
Waiting at Starbucks about an hour before our Gmax/GX5 adventure.
After being drained from that extreme activities, we went to Orchard Road again for the remaining GST that we did not know about before and needed to have for those refund.
Takashimaya is a good smelling mall. My man was walking more than usual just because of the smell. Surroundings is good and luxurious. We were here just because he got me my perfume, Chanel.
We ate dinner at Noodle Place Restaurant and it was good! I got Wonton Soup and he got something with beef. It was fast and tasty. Perfect for our tiring day with just the right amount of carbs.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pharyngitis / Strepthroat

I was sick last week it was not tolerable at all. I felt a little weird starting February 2nd, Monday, thinking I was tired from 2 day work without rest from flying across the world before that. By Tuesday, there it is. Full blown sick. Can't swallow without feeling like it's killing me.
I figured where I got it about few days later. From my Coworker Angie. She was coughing and sneezing all night Saturday and was really sick Sunday. We were side by side for those 2 nights and when I was back at work, I found out she had Laryngitis.
I can't eat those times I was sick. I had to call off twice at work, Wednesday and Friday. I felt so bad but I had no choice since I can't eat and talk normal. By Friday, my mom decided we need to go to for antibiotics and we went to Moreno Beach Dr. Urgent Care. I don't see any complains that I can say and service was fast. A lot of people thought at the opening time of 0900 and I wish that can be moved to earlier. Will go back if needed which I hope not. They gave me Ibuprofen 600 mg 3 times a day and Penicillin VK 2 times a day.

By Sunday, I said to myself I can't call off again even if my man and my parents said to. I finished the shift and got to rest Monday and Tuesday. May I say, my medicines worked well. Now I'm all better and don't want to get that bacteria ever again.
I never experienced hurt in my throat until this illness. I'm telling you, prevent having this as much as you can. Craving to eat but you cant is hard enough plus the fact that EVERY TIME you swallow, it freaking hurts. 
Sorry to post this on a valentine's eve but hey, reality is always here. I'm kidding. 
Spread the love, not illness! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 4 Singapore

Rest and tiring day. Rest in the morning, plus swimming, and a lot of walking in the evening. (ootd)
I'm not sponsored by Corona. I just thought it would be funny to have this kind of swim suit.
We swam for about an hour. Water was amazing especially for a tropical country.
After swimming, we stayed for a couple of hours since the day before was a full on walking for us.
Orchard Road - Amazing street for shoppers and tourist. Not outlets though so don't expect cheaper than normal. Wear flats and comfortable shoes if you're planning to spend a day or half here.
ION Orchard is one of the fancy malls around this street. We didn't really go through each boutique inside but we can tell not a lot of people go here since it's pricey due to brand.
Walking, and walking, and walking :)
313@Somerset is a pretty place to hangout and shop. We didn't really realize that we are already in Somerset until we were here. Even though we were tired from walking, we don't regret it one bit since as you walk further, shops are just never ending. We were here for twice (not sure if even thrice) our whole vacation in Singapore.
Orchard Gateway- This is where we bought his Under Armour Shoes. Mall has good size for shopping and Mid Range boutiques for people in budget and those who want luxury. We were here twice because we had to go back to get the GST Refund ticket :)
Even though we were extremely tired at the end of this day, we are just really happy.
Singapore has been amazing to us, yet being with someone you love just puts cherry on top.
There are so many times when we ask each other, what the hell are we doing. I keep answering sometimes, being stupid. All that matter is, we were happy and loving each other.