Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 1&2 Singapore

1st day, arrived with jetlag. Stayed home all afternoon and went out for dinner. It was raining so we can't really see the surroundings and walk to explore. We ended up at Bukit Batok place thru a bus. Dinner was at something called Chai Grill and we ate fried rice with egg and half chicken and got left overs for breakfast. Afterwards, rest again.

2nd day, (ootd) Universal Studios is the start. I don't know if you'd agree based on pictures below, but it's amazing. We use SMRT for the rest of our vacation. Easy peasy especially I was here in Singapore about 9-10 years ago so I know how it works.
We rode the Puss in Boots' Giant Journey in Far Far Away, Canopy Flyer in Lost World and Battlestar Galactica, Cylon in Sci-Fi City (which is one of the best roller coasters I've ridden).
Puss in Boots is for kids who likes roller coasters and Canopy Flyer is kind of a medium one adventure.
Cylon is the blue one and they say it has more loops, more exciting for people like use for short. When you sit down and the ride starts, it's fast compared to others who is slow at the beginning. There are many loops for sure and it has a STEAM that will surprise you which is a big deal for me. I've been riding roller coasters since I was in 2nd grade and this is one of the best.

Next Stop: VIVO CITY. Good mall. Lots of shops from basic to high end. Kind of crowded but that;s normal for a mall. We were here three times our whole vacation in Singapore.
Then since it's connected to HarbourFront Centre so we went there just to roam around for lunch!
HarbourFront looks okay. But honestly, I'd rather go to Vivo City. Still if you're on a budget, go here. Decent place.
We found this restaurant called Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe and ordered two main and maybe two appetizers and we finished it all. Mostly because we're tired from Universal Studios and also hungry for lunch. Amazing food and service.
After lunch, we just went back to Vivo City to explore and when night came in, we went home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Too weak when it comes to my Parents

I'm an only child. All the pressures on me. My parents are the best. Still, there are times that they are not perfect. Just like me, I'm actually worse. I'm stubborn and do crazy stuff but never spoiled.
I'm curently in LAX. Going out of the country for a week. This was planned not even three weeks ago. For rich people, this might not be a big deal but for a 21 year old who works as a part time that still live with her parents, it is. 
I don't tell my parents everything. They're not my best friends but my parents. We tell each other stories of everyday lives but I never get personal with them. 
I got so many days to tell them face to face about this trip, but I didn't really plan on it because I don't want to see their faces being so disappointed or embarrassed by me. Weeks go by and I just told myself I'll text them before I drive to the airport. Thats what I did today. Mama said why didn't I tell her last night when I got home and I said I was shy. My father called me thrice, and I didn't answer because I don't know what to tell him. I don't want to hear his voice where he might say what the hell am I doing. My mom would say why am I wasting money.

Thing is, I'm the one being so paranoid of what they might think. I cant force myself to tell them directly or else I'll run to avoid the conversation. Those scenarios can be true but I don't like the fact that I don't have the guts to this to them. I'm the one who doesn't trust them to trust me. And I'm embarrassed. Embarrassed about me being so weak when it comes to them. I love them forever and they're my mama and papa. 
I keep telling myself that I'm brave and courageous but when it comes to my parents, I'm such a baby. Well, I'm there baby, lol. Still, I don't know if I should change this about myself. Perks of being an only child. Good Luck to me when I get home. Especially the look on the face of my father.

All my medical checkups have been rescheduled by me and work is all good. It's just a week anyway and I fixed everything first before I jump into this madness. I paid for everything and they didn't even have to worry about me since I got everything under control. Well, they will worry because I'm their daughter. I hope they'll think of this time as their vacation from me. 
I'm sorry mama and papa for this sudden trip and the part where I told this to you guys on the day of my departure. I know you'll understand and I love you. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Disappointing Citi Credit Line Increase

I've been with CITI since 2014. I've been paying almost every time the full amount and never miss a due date. I don't remember the last time they give me an increase so I figure since I almost max out my limit and paid a huge amount, why not ask again. I did today but before hand I asked in a live chat, see the conversation below, how to and if it will do a hard pull on my credit.

I did the steps and asked her while doing it but at the end she Marina stopped answering. Customer service is a big deal for me and if you are going to ignore me while I ask questions, we're going to have a problem.
I'm posting this to alert everyone that no matter how great you are with your credit cards payments and you pay a huge amount everytime or one time, it's not going to help you get an increase.
"We regret that we cannot approve your request for a credit limit increase at this time.

A written explanation will be sent within 10 days. If you are enrolled in Paperless Letters, an email will be sent when this letter is available in Document Center."

I hope this will change in the future or I'm not going to be happy completely with Citi regarding credit limit increase..

Friday, January 15, 2016

Bear Mountain - Snowboarding

Parking is not easy. Well, the way to parking that is. We arrives minutes before 0900. Lesson was about 0950-1150. We rode a shuttle to go to out first lesson. Ootd.
Above photos are when I was at the machine going and took the chance to take a picture and Karla in Rentals that helped me. It was a little chaotic since the place for rentals are a bit small for the amount of people going there so it's a little crowded. When I try to fix my boots, people were hitting my head. Returning the gears were pretty smooth, they just tell you to leave them at the counter and that;s it.
Lesson was taught by David and Carrie. I say we were about 10-12. They were okay for a lot of people like us.
I would say view is better here at Bear mountain compare to Snow Summit. But still, I was happy to see both resort here in Big Bear. 
Check my Instagram for a small snippet and YouTube for a 2nd day video.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Snow Summit - Skiing

Shuttle service was a total of about 5 minutes. Has chains at the rear and standing all the time. We left around 1210 and when we arrived, went straight to ticket office to claim are paid tickets. Lunch then looked for lockers and rentals. This is our first time being in a place like this, and we can say we chose the perfect weather. Hopefully I don't jinx it or anything. Ootd.
View from shuttle and Rental up top.
After 1 1/2 of lesson, my parents are done with it. It's just 2 hours total. Don was amazing. He makes a lot of pirate jokes and said he really owns a boat. 
1350 - 1550 Group Lesson
I'm having difficulties skiing sideways, not like straight down which is scarier yet a lot of fun.

I purchased our rental + lesson + lift both on Bear Mountain and Snow Summit websites. The lodge Bear Creek was reserved in Big Bear site. It was all prepaid.
The only bummer part about this is where they close everything by 4pm. I should've jump on that chair lift to put me up but I didn't know they'll close it at four. I guess thats for the better since night comes early as that.
My mom and I decided to climb a little and take a video while going down. Thats why my father doesn't wear his gear because his feet hurts and decided to return them asap.
All in all, it was great. I wish I could've ski more but I'll take what I can get. The three of us our tired after. 
I thought skiing is gonna be like rolling skating, it's not.
Check my IG and YouTube for the 1st day video. 

Bear Creek Resort

Today is the start of my mom's birthday celebration. In this short 2 day vacation, we're gonna stay here Bear Creek for 1 night. So far, service is good. Regular procedures when checking in, CC for incidentals, signature and rules.
Above is my mom and behind her is the office and playground. Below that is our outside patio.
We checked in at 1100 which isnpretty great since guaranteed was at 1500 anc I didn't call for an early request check in. Check out the next day is at 1100.
No exhaust at the bathroom, outlet at the side of the chair below the television is really lose and cable Direct Tv sucks. No chanels that we can watch (maybe two) but thats pity watching since there is really nothing.
BUT! There's popcorn, coffee, chocolate, sugar and stuff in the kitchen though. Enough towels and extra pillows in the room. Not enough blanket for the futon in the living room. Good thing we brought our own. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Panera Bread - Moreno Valley

We first ate here December 10th. We were pleased all the time. The ambiance, fast service and the food, Food is delicious. We used the fast lane where you order your food thru a touch screen and not wait in line for your turn.
I think it's better to use the fast lane especially for people like us who ate for the first time. I ordered flat bread and cheese pastry which is both amazing. I love flat breads because it makes me think I'm not eating a bunch and cheese pastry because cheese duh. The pastry tastes like cheese danish of Starbucks except for the cinnamon. Both good and my favorite snacks.

Today, my mom and I decided to have a take out as our dinner. When we arrived line was long so we used the touch screen again. After we were done, the line was short which means service was fast. We didn't get a receipt and our order will not be delivered since it waa check out. It's going to be placed in a shelf if you ordered online or by phone but since we were there, name will be called. 
After waiting a reasonable amount of time, I stoop up and got our order. I didn't bother to check because I trust them that much. I was wrong to do that. I thought since our first time elwas flawless, it'll be the same. 
When we got home, my mom found out that my sandwich was not there. I tried calling the store at 1835, manager didn't answer due to being busy. Thumbs po to their automated machine for being quick and nice to listen to, not like a robot. It also says there that if you call from 1130-1300 and 1800-1900 that's the busiest time. And I figured ok I'll just continue. 
Also, the spring water in the photo tastes nasty. I didn't try it because I don't want to, but my parents did. They didn't even drink half of it. My mom took it home to wash her hands with it, not to drink. They keep laughing about that's a waste of money and the name 'peligro' that means dangerous is really is dangerous.

Back to my story, I called 1920 and 'Jordan' answered saying they'll list my name and number so I can pick my missing order at any day or with an equal value. Surprised at how easy that was, I gave her my name and number like ni big deal and she said she'll give it to the manager asap. Before our conversation was over she mentioned "We'll also add a pastry for you" and I'm like Thank You! Because duh, I'd love that. 
The only thing I was worried is I don't want my mom's money to go to waste. I'm practical like that, or cheap. Whatever you call it, I don't care.
So as of now, we love Panera Bread for all criteria possible and I'll update about my missing order 'on the house' when I get to go back to the store.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Don't force anything

Yesterday, I was driving with my mom. She was about to get a second job. Hopefully I don't jinx it by saying here. Anyway, she mentioned that now she will have more income, I can start finding schools to finish my Bachelors. I DON'T WANT TO FINISH IT! I'm not sure if my mind will change in the future. But as of now, I don't want to go back to school. Can everybody please accept that? This is the problem with Filipino culture. As long as you don't have your bachelors degree, they think you're a loser and will not go anywhere.
In their defense, I never really sat down with them and tell straight up I don't want to go back. But, they should've felt it or something. Or at least don't keep asking me about it if you can tell I'm irritated or trying to change the subject right away. Still, it's unfair.
So back to my mom and I's conversation, after she said I should start looking again I answered, No. She continued "you don't want to go back to school? How can you demand more money." I said "Mom, that's not my plan. I don't need that." What I meant is, I'm not the kind of person who studies because I want more money. I'm not like you, who makes a big deal about how much she makes in life and think of other people jobs' as nothing. After she tried to absorb it for a minute, I didn't answer anymore because I'm tired of that conversation.
I'm the type of person who likes to enjoy the spur of the moment. If you tell me to go somewhere or do crazy things, you'll know I'm good to go because you'll see I'm psyched for it. As long as I dont have plans prior and jobs to go to, I'm always ready.
Perseverance of another can come from everything. It can come from friends, family, strangers, cultures, etc.
I'm biased, so forgive me for not having a point, or having several ones that I keep saying or believing.
I hate that I'm gonna disappoint my parents, but I have a job and plans and if they want me to be by myself, I will. I just know for a fact, that if I dont want something, I will not do it. Just like food, most people would say try this and that, and if I dont want to, I wont. 

Support is another word with some similarities. Sometimes support comes from people who loves you or some that only does it because it can be beneficial for them. Support is being happy for someone and loving them anyways no matter what they wanna do. Helping them be on track and be better is such a big gesture, yet forcing them to be on the 'right' track just because society is used to that 'track' is not always the right thing. How can a person grow for themselves if you always help of push them to something they dont want? I'm losing 'track' of my point, lol. But still, I'm in the struggle of ignoring what my parents want me to do and what I dont want to do. Did I mention I'm an only child so they dont have another one to make them proud? I'm the black sheep of myself. What a crazy thing to say, well I am crazy.
Dont be such baby. You can be, but dont be.

Dont force anything in life. If you know you are not happy with the same old routine, try another one. Dont be so caught with what others is doing and make yourself just like them. Dont compare and dont be afraid of opinions. Know what you fell happy about and for and plan for yourself, not for everybody else's expectations. You know if you're happy with something, do it or at least earn something for you to do it. If you have a choice, never force yourself for anything you extremely don't want.

Friday, January 8, 2016

My Ex and I are Stupid

After midnight in January 3rd, he messaged me in Skype. I only blocked him in Imessage and nowhere else. His second message was, how much we'll be spending if we both go to Singapore. I'm like what?? Why me, are you drunk or something. Find someone in there, why drag someone from America, etc. He said he wants to have fun, be wild and carefree. Me, at that time when he first texted was lying in bed, about to go to sleep. Not thinking it through, I replied that's why we get to talk. About how much he wants to forget Philippines, and just have en escape with me. Of course I said no for a couple of times because it'll be crazy. But then, I got to thinking and was excited at it.
Because most of everybody do not know me, I love crazy adventures. I love planning and organizing. I'm extremely excited about where to go, how to go there and be lost. When he asked, after me being mad about us back then, I went to my organizer and think when would be the dates I'll be able to go so I won't lose my job.

It's not even my 3 months since I started at my job. Well, I'm only a part time so requesting which days to work is not a big deal. How weird for me to request my work days not my Off days like everybody. After that stupid dawn of conversation, I slept for about 4 hours. Needed to wake up because we were going to church in the morning. Before heading to the mass, I texted my boss regarding the work days I want to. She said she'll look at it the next day since we are both off. At that day, my Ex are being impatient saying he doesn't want to wait. Well, nobody does but we don't have a choice.
There was a part of me that hoped my boss will say No. So I have a reason to not go with him. At the same time, I have other job/s that I applied for and waiting for their response. At that night, I told him that we stop talking earlier so I can think. He did not stop messaging me saying don't think. Don't sleep, let's just talk. I do not know what he wants or why me or why am I even thinking of going with him if my boss says yes. I feel freaking stupid. For the both  of us but mostly I'm the bigger one.

Before going to work, that's when he usually wakes up. We talked. And when I'm at work, I was anxious. Scared to hear No and nervous to hear Yes. If she says No, I won't be with him and if she says Yes, I'll be stupidest in all exes. I keep telling him that aside from the answer of my manager, there's also others that I applied for. While he's waiting for my response about my boss' decisions, he said Singapore will not go anywhere. We can always do it next time. Don't sacrifice any jobs/opportunities so you can go.
After about an hour after I arrived at work, she asked for me to go to her office. She asked if I got another job since she knows I'm looking for another one. I said no, I'm still waiting for their responses. She said, just let me know so we can work with your schedule. She also mentions she wants me more but she'll take what she can get. After a while I asked about the request work days... She said, "Yeah, That's okay.". Damn, I had mix feelings hearing that.

Now I get to tell him the news. And we're stupid. Because yes, we bought tickets at that day. The day before, I already searched for tickets. Price, length of travel and time wise. Funny part is, the best deals I found has a stop over in the Philippines. Another stupid fact right? Last year when I went home, It's like we've been together a month. But that one month, we were never alone. His siblings, my aunt and uncle. And now he keeps telling me finally we're gonna be alone completely. He says it'll be the fastest time of my life (he's talking about our upcoming trip). Oh! Best part about our travel, we get to be sitting each other in plane from MNL to SIN and vice versa. He talked to someone in the airlines office and since I already bought mine before him, my name's already there and they just changed my seating next to him.
We also talked about where we gonna stay. I tried looking at net, but mostly we liked a lot in Airbnb. The next day, we decided which one to stay at and I reserved it. He'll worry about our food all trip and cash related things. I don't have cash with me only Credit Cards.

I don't know what will happen after our trip. Every time we try to talk about 'us', either he'll say blah blah blah or I'll say next topic. He mentioned 'labels' are not important. I believe that means he's stupid to not be in a relationship which clearly he loves me. And the fact that I'm a moron always agreeing to what he's wanting. Our first night taking, and we both started saying 'baby'.. He said "I'm Stupid" for like five times. After that he murmurs "What are we doing baby?" I did not answer any of that. Just listened to his voice. I know this feeling before. The other night he said "You should've not answered my message in the first place. You always says yes to me so I'm spoiled." And he's right. I feel no pride at that point, worthless and a tool. I'm always an idiot. At the same time, he's the one who can't let go of me and just look for another one as soon as possible in the Philippines. He keeps saying the other girl that he asked his friend if he has a chance with her is nothing.  HAHAHAHAHAH damn, we stupid for real. I just know for a fact that we can't be together when we're not physically together. The question is, do we really both want to move on from each other? Can we really let go or just hang for the future while not being committed to each other? Everybody know that when we are together, we're epic. We can do anything and have fun even in the silliest things.

We are s-t-u-p-i-d.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Qi Hair Salon - 7 panels

Doing my first 'fun' color today. It includes bleaching which I'm a virgin on. Forgive my face. Finish product at the end.
My hair is curently in the process of bleaching with heat so the colors will turn out the way it suppose to be. Beside that picture is after shampooing and drying those parts which made me realize, I will not go blonde, ever. I don't want to say never because I'm not like that, but I don't like blonde on me.
This Salon is in Moreno Valley. Sunnymead Street to be exact. My hairstylist is Sophiany. I know it's just an hour since we started since my appointment was 2pm and we started a little after that, I can tell why people give her good reviews. I chose this salon in searching google and a little bit of Yelp.
It's a small place but the inside is great. No too bright colors and relaxing. Music is great as well. My kind of place to hang out while waiting for my hair to be alive.

The style I'm aiming for is close to 'oil slick'. It did not reach everyone like Ombre or the old and gray color. Probably because it targeted brunettes and black haired women like me. Some people call it 'petrol hair'. I don't find it disgusting to hear because I'm not like most people but it's called that way because of the effect of the reflection of the oil makes when reflected with light.
Since I'm always into dark colors or highlights before, this style is completely new to me. Let alone like I said earlier, the bleaching part. 
Colors are blue, purple and green. Photo above is the second and last heating.
Last time I colored my hair was when my mom was about to move to California. Thats was last June. We usually use Revlon that can be brought in Walmart. Costs $2.97 + tax. Last time I cut it was in July for my birthday. Kinda short at that time and I'm actually surprised how long it got now in just 5 months and more.
Sophiany suggested that it's healthy to have a haircut 8-12 weeks. And wash the hair at least 2 days after the last one. Like everyone says, it's healthier for the scalp to release the natural oil. 

I was thinking of being here for at least 3 hours. Let's see. I'll upload the links soon with some pictures where the oil slick is shown in different styles like all around, ombre and panels only. I'm doing the last one - panels suggested by Sophiany since I'm new to colors and can always add more if I want to.

Finished before 6pm. I love it. Awesome part is what Sophiany told me about the total, thats it. No additional fees. They even took pictures of my hair afterwards.
Went straight to gym thats why the headband. I don't mean to brag, but I look cool. Because of the hair :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Income Equality is NOT a big deal

This is not about who should have more pay, men or women. I don't care about those stuff as long as both do the same work, it should be equal.
Alert! I'm Biased, with almost everything. I do believe in what I have faith in or what I see, but most of the time, I can be persuaded with the other side.
With movies, I always want the plot to be confusing. The story that will also make you feel bad for the villain and fully understand their side. It's too boring if the protagonist has all the good side and the bad one is just plain bad.

Through the years of my growing up, I saw how my parents work and how much they earn. They are both hard workers and will help as much as they can. My papa taught me how to cooperate with others, when to just listen and be quiet. My mama told me to leave every problem at work, same thing at home. Be professional, yet friendly.
When it comes to money, it's hard to remove the mentality of humans where men is the one responsible to provide while women stays home and feeds the kids, clean the house, etc. I say, it's a partnership. There's nothing wrong with that scenario of course and people should stop giving the
'look' of disappointment if it's vice versa. Or if the man earns less than his wife. It shouldn't be that way. Not only you're making the husband/man look bad for everybody and degrading their masculinity, but also shows how shallow and judgmental you are.

I do not want to use the word 'hate' but sometimes I'm disappointed at my mom.
My mother is a Nurse, a Travel Nurse. She earns a lot. My father is an employee. He was a mechanic before and a loader now in a company. He earns normal like most everybody. My father is the most hard working person I've ever met. Just this past week, he did 60 hours. Last night, he was even thinking of working today. Me and my mom even told him, No, You need to rest.
Back to my mom, sometimes she says stuff that means me and my dad's income is nothing. There was one time where my mom's telling the story of how she and my dad talked. She explained.. My father said, "I've been working too hard, maybe I can help now to pay for your Credit Card debts".. My mom replied 'okay' in a sarcastic yet normal way. When she's telling this to me, I can already tell that she's being funny of how my dad's income won't be much as hers to pay their debts. I found this offensive. Especially for my father. I straight up said to my Mom, "Mom, stop. Don't be like that. If papa earned something and wants to help you, it doesn't matter how much, he's freaking helping you and working hard everyday. Don't think or say it that way."

That conversation is insulting even for me. Just because you're earning a lot, doesn't mean other's paycheck means nothing. Sorry mom, I love you forever but some times you're wrong. I hate the fact that I'm the one saying these things to you because if Papa does, I know it's going to be a big trouble.
I also remember my conversations with my Ex, when he always say "I'm the man, I should be the one providing for our family". He wanted me to stay home once we start our family. I was okay with that but at the same time, if I can do both, be at home and work, why not? He admitted that its his pride that's why he wants to be like that and I understand.

I also remembered before, when I was working in MODOT as Design Intern, I earn a 13.36 per hour, which is more than the 7.25 minimum wage in Arkansas. In my other job at the time, I got a coworker who asked me of how much I earned in Modot. When I answered how much, he mentioned 'Wow'.
When I told my mom this conversation, she's like.. "He said 'wow'?" I already know she meant that he said wow for that amount. I answered explaining, "Mom, don't be like that. People like me, and my coworkers or others are okay with that amount." I feel so bad for people who is working their all power to provide and have a life. Actually, now, I feel bad for my mom to be caught up with how much someone is earning. Like I said, I'm biased.

Point is, don't make people feel any less than you if they don't make the same amount that you do. Money is just another thing that we "need" in this world but we'll leave when we die. It's not gonna make you a hero or a saint by being so wealthy. I'd rather be with someone who's broke and good, rather than rich who insults those normal people who works to live.