Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sucks to be us - UPDATED >:(

Well, I hate to be so moody in New Year's Eve Day, but here it goes..
It's been 24 days since our break up. I'm doing okay and I know he's doing great as well. We haven't talked one bit and I miss him. Not only the 'boyfriend' part of it but mostly the friendship. I know he feels the same way. Ever since then, there's only five people I told about us.. Tanglao, Gomz, Mama, Papa and Lhendog. Other than that, my coworker Angie asked me and of course I had to say we're not together anymore and my cousin Ate Gigi.
Holidays has passed, Christmas and New Year (it's already 1st of 2016 in the Philippines), and we haven't greeted each other. Why? We're broken up anyway but that's not the point.
When we broke up, it's not only us that will have to stop talking to each other. Including our relatives, parents and other friends that was only connected because of each other.

I feel awkward sometimes to even like his cousins' Instagram posts or Facebook but I think to myself, it shouldn't be that way. He still hasn't deleted our pictures in Facebook as well in Instagram. I feel, maybe mixed. We still love each other, Damn it.
It sucks for me to feel betrayed because his sister hasn't been greeting me like before. I guess she feels weird too talking to me if his brother and I are not together anymore.
Today, the sister of Ate Gigi, there's four of them, asked me how I'm doing. And not in the normal way but in a teasing way about my break up. I call her Ate Cath. I'm close with my cousins so there's nothing wrong with me sharing to them or me asking them personal questions. She's like "Are you still going home back in Philippines, why are you so busy at work, is there another reason why you're being so busy?". And I'm just smiling and saying I'm okay, He's okay and that we're okay. I'm here and he's just there. I know they all know so I don't have to hide it.
Now, there's two groups of people who knows about us and it's because they asked me: My Coworkers (not sure if Angie told somebody else) and My cousins. No big deal.

For the past 6 years, I've always greeted his parents in Christmas and New Years. Sometimes it's his Mom that greets me first but we always greet each other. After our breakup, I've decided to not talk to anyone related to him. But on Christmas, Tita greeted me with a 'Take Care' at the end and heart emoticons. I was touched. That even if me and his son are over, she still remembers me. Of course I responded as quick as I can and greeted back saying 'to the whole family'. I thought that was it, Christmas greeting was also for New years.
I was wrong. She just greeted me today and I greeted back. It's so thoughtful, and I know it's just greetings, but Hey, those are his parents. No matter how many times we broke up, we've touched and met each others' relatives and lives. It's not so easy to move on if you know every single thing about your then partner and now it's all gone and done.
If you're reading this Jee, sucks to be us; right?

Beside from my emotional post right now, I want to wish everyone around the world a Happy New Year!
A little update, 2101 at the moment before it becomes 2016.. His Dad just greeted me on Facebook, publicly about New Years. How sweet right? I thought his mom's greetings was from the both of them, but No, his father posted on my wall. Thank you Tito for remembering me and of course the greeting.

After a minute of that touching greeting.. I found out that my Ex and the girl he was interested in while we're still together are friends in Facebook! OOhhhh it makes my blood boil right now. I'm freaking mad but at the same time happy since it'll help me to move on faster. I don't know what to do but get over this and make my anger last so I won't miss him anytime soon. I hope they get married after knowing each other for the shortest time so I can move on completely!

Forgive me for being so mad.. Just because I'm like this right now, doesn't mean it should rub off to you. Be Good, Be Brave, Find you Happiness.
What a story to end my 2015. Thank you!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Bohol Tour, 2010

This trip has the most activities/sightseeing that you can do in a couple of days.
Forgive me if I did not include everything because it's been more than 5 years.
Chocolate Hills
Alona Beach
Hanging Bridge
Man made Forest
Blood Compact
Oldest Church in Bohol
Loboc River Cruise
Danao Adventure - Ziplining and Bunjee Jumping (kinda)
I forgot the name of the Island but hell it's beautiful.
The Plunge-Bungee Swinging-Video

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sand Boarding - Ilocos Tour

Awesome 4X4 ride and the three of us were at the back the whole time.
After the ride, my Dad and I did Sand Boarding while my Mom took pictures at the bottom and I failed standing. Wind mills are one of the main attractions at this tour and those falls at the bottom are cold. We had to walked, I do not remember how long but it wasn't that bad to do to reach the falls.
Former President of the Philippines Marcos' body in wax is at his place which we went as well, part of the whole tour and I did Pottery Making at the bottom. I did bad. But, at least I tried and got dirty ;)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Animals I've Cuddled with until 2015

List and pics of all the animals I've hugged, touched, took a picture with while in their cages, tried to kiss if possible. Aside from dogs, cats, horses and normal pets of course.
  1. Penguin
  2. Koala- Bohol, April 2010
  3. Butterfly
  4. Snake
  5. Baby Alligator
  6. Tiger / White Tiger
Butterflies and their babies (Yes, I know they're called caterpillars). Butterfly Sanctuary in Bohol, April 2010
Huge Snake called Prony in Bohol, April 2010
Picnic GroveTagaytay, July 2015
 Baby Alligator - Palawan, June 2011
Baby Tiger - Tagaytay
Full grown Tiger - Ilocos
White Tiger - Zoobic, June 2014

Spelunking - Palawan, Philippines. June 2011

Spelunking - more commonly known as Caving. This involves hiking but with more rocks, lol. I don't recommend this for those who are scared of the dark, heights, being scarred or sweating at all.
It's been years since my parents and I did this so forgive me if I don't recall what exactly we did. I put some links below that I found on the web that has told their own stories regarding this adventure.
There was 4 of us who did including a guide. The helmet and gloves was included in the fee we paid. We went through small water falls inside the cave and had to use ropes to climb up and stuff. Gloves are necessary. You will touch spike rocks that will damage your hands and if you're not careful, you're skin. There are techniques and the guides will teach you how to twist and turn your body so you can go through these rocks. My mom got dizzy right around before the end, well a few more climbs, so we left her for a bit and continue to finish the adventure.
The view up top after was relaxing. You can zip-line as a shortcut or reward yourself I guess if you want to. But I don't need to since, you know, I prefer sweating than relaxing.
Horizon of farm lands and fresh air, green platonic lands that'll make you appreciate the nature's scenic view. If you haven't tried Spelunking, you should. It's worth it and a great work out.

That's Why

Written on December 23rd of 2015.
(December 21st was just a draft which has nothing)

16th day in the process of moving on. The other day, our group in high school had a Christmas party. They exchanged gifts and ate dinner, etc. I know about it because he told me their plans before we broke up. And when we did, I did not tell a lot of people, only 4 at the time. This past 2 weeks, 2 groups had known that we broke up and it's because they asked me how are we doing. It was my cousin and workmate. If they spread the news about us, that's when it becomes a group.
I was afraid. Afraid to let my friends pity me. Especially if it's for the same reason again and again. I know I'm sensitive deep down my aggressive personality but usually I don't want anybody to pity me. Knowing the group met for the party, I was lost of who to talk to or what to say once they ask questions or start messaging me asking if I'm alright. Nobody did. So I asked one member of our group if he said something about us. Hi Lhen! If you're reading this, Thank You for last night. The 5th person that I told about this break up, and hoping the last because I don't wanna make a big deal out of this with everyone I know. Lhen and I talked how stupid men is. Sorry, not sorry. If you're guilty, then stupid, you must be. We talked how men, no matter what women do, will never be contented and will never stop looking at others. 

Let's go back a few months before.
1. I was having dreams. Bad ones. You know what's it about? Me and him. Breaking up. Him leaving me. This did not happen once or twice, many times. More than I can count. And every time I woke up, I felt my world just crashed down. Even if we broke up 3 times before this recent one, it's still feels the worst. When I messaged him Good Morning, because we did that every day and I mentioned my dream, he'll just say it's just a dream. I always ask afterwards, you're gonna be with me right? He answers yes, I'm not going anywhere. I felt bad of having those dreams because it might mean that I didn't have enough faith in him that's why my mind is making those scenarios in my dreams. I guess dreams really do come true.

2. I have a female friend. Who's in America like me. We both have a common close friend in the Philippines that has a girlfriend. This female friend of mine is flirt, not slutty, just friendly flirty. When she got a boyfriend, (maybe I don't know her other male friends) she changed for the better of not wanting attention from other guys like before. I do hope she really stopped wanting attention from others like before. We met recently after 5 years, and she told me that our common friend has been messaging her once in a while. Not hi how are you kinda stuff but a little inappropriate too. And, he's the one messaging he first. Red flag is, they had a little thing before. And his girlfriend doesn't want him talking to her. If it's a friendly gesture, don't say that you have a 'morning wood'. My female friend tells everything to her boyfriend so I'm proud of her about that, meaning she's not guilty of anything.
Men, don't be stupid. If your woman says No, that means No. Not maybe or little. Straight up No. Especially if it involves another lady. Our instincts tells us the right things. Been there done that. 

After my meet up with female friend, I told my then boyfriend her story about our common friend. My Ex is one of the closest friend of that common friend. We all went to highschool together. So my Ex about asked him if he was talking to female friend, he says yeah occasionally. Ex asked again are you sure there's nothing more? He madly said yes I'm sure, don't threaten me with anything about this. 
Just by the way he answered is already a Red Flag. Oh and I forgot to mention that he always deletes their conversation after pwards so his girlfriend wouldn't see it. How freaking moron he is. Dont tell me that a little flirting wouldn't hurt. Because we as women, knows whats up even if you hide it. 
I told my Ex, that our friend is a little bit cheating. Once you started deleting conversations because you don't want your significant other to know that you talked someone at all, Good Luck!

After some time, Ex was asking me jokingly what would I do if he cheated on me. Would I make him explain or not then leave asap. I told him I'll him explain and if didn't buy it, I'll leave. 
We were best friends so thise conversations are usual, we tell each other everything.
Now that I know he was interested in another one when we're still together, THAT'S WHY he's been asking those questions. Of course, there's the fact that he listened to the advices given to him by our 'friends'.

Yep, that's why dreams has meanings and questions are not only curiosity.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Zenatane - First 2 months

Zenatane is a Isotretonin Treatment that comes in a capsule.
I just finished the 2nd month of my Ipledge program. I'm currently in my regular check up and I think they're gonna start adding more mg's on the capsule. The first two months have 40 mg.
This Ipledge program thing is a 6 month program and has a huge warning to not get pregnant. Every capsule is hard to get (childproof as my mom says) and has a sign saying don't get knocked up. Thats how you know it's a pretty big deal when it'll affect you and your future baby while taking this, or any acne oral treatment as I heard.

This is for my ACNE treatment. Cystic Acne to be exact. I tried ProActiv, Xout, Neutrogena, Koji Soap, Acne facial wash/cleansers and ointments.. Whatever it is, it's either related or same ingredients anyway and nothing worked.
I take it once a day, it doesn't matter which time as long as it's with a meal. They recommend with the heaviest.  I also have hundreds, maybe thousands bumps in my back, as well as the back of my neck below my hair. 
Yesterday, my mom noticed and looked at it (back of my neck) and said it cleared up. It cleared up good.  Red bumps on face, extreme drying of lips and pimples, bleeding of nostrils (when picking your nose, it's not dripping down so don't be scared) and skin abnormalities like my hand below.
40 Mg has green capsules.
These side effects can be handled. They say it's worst on the first few months since the body is acting up to a new medication. But on third month, effects on skin will show as intended. Let's hope that's true. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mount Baldy - Josephine Canyon

Happened December 27, 2015 (researched in 22nd).
All says it's a Class 3 rating.. Some says 3AII, 3AIV and 3BII. - Ootd
I found this group/company by searching the world wide web.
There are 3 professionals: Pete, Jimmy and Cameron.
There were 9 of us and three of them.
We met at Starbucks in N Campus Ave, Upland CA - 0830
The orientation of what we are about to do did here as well.
Arrived at the base - 1130
Start gearing up  - 1140
Quick Rest - 1210
I do not remember what time we arrived at the point where we are about to rappel.

The rock below that I'm holding, fell down out of nowhere near Cameron. Let me tell you this, if this rock hit him, he could've died. It's freaking heavy. After we are geared up and this fell, Pete decided that we are gonna bail the rappelling and hike down where we came from.
May I tell you this.. I was nauseous when climbing up. I was not prepared for the elevation at all. I did hiking before but I guess not like this high and this cold. I was on my own pace and they let me slowed down a bit to slow up my breathing. I have an extra jacket and they told me to remove it and helped me with my back pack.
While I was resting a bit for about three times, most of them are sitting down for a quick break. When I reached them, I did not rest like they did and we proceeded with the climb. I was okay at that time and catch up.
The phrase "Go at your own Pace" really is true. That was my experience doing this. I was slow and at my own pace but caught up with the rest of the team. I felt bad for being slow but they keep telling me not to worry and just relax. It's better to rest and breathe once in a while rather that sprint up top and your energy's all gone.

Thank you Pete, Jimmy and Cameron for all your help. Hoping to reschedule this trip and continue with the rappelling part.
Check my IG for snippets (1 and 2).

Citi Price Rewind

I have the Citi Dividend Card. In October 1, 2015, I purchased my Htc Re Camera at Best Buy. I've been looking and reading about GoPros for months before that but decided to take the cheaper one because I don't have tume for the extreme adventures to do yet. I don't regret that I made the decision to buy my Htc Re rather than GoPro. Maybe in the future if I really need to.
Before I made that purchase, I've been around the web for a bit where to buy a legit and cheaper rate. Best buy got it for $50 off and they have my color which is the Navy. I looked at it twice and waited until October because of the 5% Cash back used in Best Buy. After I bought it, I started using it and loving it. Now enough about my Htc Re.

I had no idea about this Price Rewind by Citi. What I understood is that once you purchased something using your Citi Credit Card, it'll find a cheaper one in a span of 60 days and tell you a possible refund if it did find one. I got an email 1st week of December and it says that I have apossible refund of $87.00. Surprised as hell, I went as soon as possible and claim this from the email I received. I had to go home first to complete the process because it needed a picture of the receipt which I kept. December 3rd is the dag I claimed it.

I'm not expecting any refund at all, but hoping though because who wouldn't want that if you're already enjoying the product. I read it'll take more or less 15 days to process and I thought that weekends doesn't count as those days. In my organizer, you can see in the date 22nd a to do list saying try to call citi and ask if they processed the claim. Little did I know, they already did last week! 
So yesterday when I went home, looking at my mails and Ta-dah! The check was there and a separate letter saying it was approved and my refund was $75.00z. Not the $87.00 that they mentioned at first, but who cares? Thank You! 
Check is the top one which I covered of course. Citi has been wonderful since the beginning and their customer service is well done. 
Again, Thank You! Looking forward to another one in future. Kidding. Maybe not.
Thank You! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's not the Parents' fault - The Force Awakens


So, I'm not addicted to Star Wars. But I do love it. Adventure, action, a little comedy and out of this world concept. At least for the old ones. I know how the story goes but do not ask me minute details because I'm not a crazy fan. The other day, my parents and I watched it and my Mom cried. Not to spoil anything but if you're an avid fan like her, you might tear up. Well, I did but I hid it, lol.
Growing up as an only child, people tend to see me as a ripe fruit of my parents. All children are seen that way but it's more focused if you're an only one like me. With my crazy adventures like Skydiving, Plane Flying, Kinda Bunjee Jumping, and many more, their friends and even strangers ask why I am like this if my parents themselves are not daredevils.

Yeah sure parents mold you and make you the way you think, move and be but not 100% can be from them. We have are own way of thinking even if it's our maker that says what to do. It's who we are as individuals. Whatever we do in life can't be reflected as our parents' hard work or lack of responsibilities. Cultures makes us different from each other but you can't make this as a reason to tell that the child is like that because of what their family tree, race or tradition is.


Back to the movie analogy. I bet Leia and Han did all their best to make Kylo Ren leave the Dark Side. Of course there will be back stories in the future for this new franchise of Star Wars but I know that Kylo Ren chose it for himself. It is who he is. Yes he can be mold to be good but look at his Grandfather Darth Vader; raised by his modest guardians and trained to be good by Ben. Yet it only helped him to be good at being bad. We can't blame the guardians especially Obi Wan for what happened to Anakin.

People need to stop looking at parents and guardians like they are the worst at everything because of what happened to their offspring. That's not math or plain logic. This is their life, our lives individually and how we live it does not dictate who made us or where we came from.
Vice Versa: Do not put all the praise to the guardians/parents when their children is doing great. Yeah sure, you can tell them good job and feel them make proud of their off spring. BUT! Tell the compliments to the child itself, or human since we grow from being a child. When you are praising our parents, we do feel okay about it but don't forget to talk to us as well about are accomplishments because it's who we are. We are the ones who work hard and not them. Whatever may the activity be or trophy, it is the off springs that did the work. It takes courage for one to face fears and failures and those can't be from help by others.

I love my parents dearly and I will be forever grateful to them of where I am today. But who and what I am is my decision. Even if I have their Dna, I can learn to know what to follow and what to ignore that's within me.
Don't get me wrong, it does make a huge impact of where and who you grew up with. But it can't be all from those memories and teachings of how you gonna live your life. It's called growing up and knowing your true self. Just like Anakin and Kylo Ren, they made their own decisions of choosing the dark side even if everybody around them, including the ones who guided them, says don't.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Capital One Quicksilver

Today, I got a mail from Capital One saying I have an exclusive offer for a Quicksilver Card. I got my Platinum one since July 2013, before I turn 19.
I already have Credit Cards and not planning to get another one anytime soon so I can build my Credit. My mom, who is obsessed with credit cards since she knows if you know how to handle it, it'll do you good. I'm good at managing my accounts so I have no problem with that. It's just that I read if you Inquire too many times in a specific range, it has an impact on your Credit Score.
So thinking about this all day if I need a new card, more like additional just to build up credit, I searched and read online while here at work. Most of what I read says that it's an upgrade which I was surprised about because it did not say that on the mail. All of the reviews I found regarding the Quicksilver is that it's straight up great and more rewards. I just needed to make sure that I don't need to lose something to have this one.
After many websites and stories about this Quicksilver Card of Capital One, I decided to talk to one of them thru chat. I spoke with 2 of their 'specialists' and responses are fast. First guy was Frank. I forgot his first title before the specialist. Before he proceed to answer any of my questions, I validate my information on the right side of the screen. Then he says basic information about the said 'new' card. After that, he said that I do qualify for an UPGRADE. I was relieved because I don't want another card, yet especially if it's gonna be the same bank. 

Start of Chat 1852 and ended at 1918.
When I said yes to the upgrade, he transferred me to Marcelo 'Applications Specialist'. He read the conversations first before talking to me again regarding the situation. More details about the said card and disclosures. As far as I'm concerned, it's the same account number, same due date, age of cc and Credit Limit. The upgrade is the Name of the card I guess and the 1.5% Cash Back. He asked to verify mailing and email address then it's done.
Important Questions:
  1. Will this affect Credit Score? - NO. They said no need to pull up credit report since this is not a new account.
  2. Annual Membership fee? - NONE. I did not have AMF with my Platinum and none for this as well.
  3. Sign up Bonus, $100 Bonus when purchased $500 within the first 3 months? - NOPE. Not for me because that bonus is for New accounts only.
Another thing for me is if it will be a Visa because most of the images I found says so. Marcelo said 'I see that currently your card is Master card. It remains the same.' I'm happy about this because I don't want repeating bank if possible and I already have a Visa with another CC. Thank you Capital One!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Festive Lights - Downtown Riverside

Productive by day, wonderful lights at night.
Full of activities for couples, friends and families. Ice Skating, Caricature, Choir singing, Carriage riding, etc.
Parking is not that hard as long as you follow the signs saying Festival Parking and we paid $5.00.
I say it's worth it to go to. Beautiful Lights, people having fun and Christmas feeling is really in the air.
OOTD - The Force Awakens, Star Wars day as well !

My own parents' analogy from the movie...