Sunday, November 29, 2015

Image of Beauty and Sexy

In today's society, it's freaking hard not to be conscious of how you look especially if you're in public. Our minds have been changed of what looks good and what's not. Perspective of people can be changed based on what the majority says so. It's hard to feel confident and secure with your own body when surroundings are not even sure and genuine of what they are.
Celebrities are being praised and treated like monarchies because of what product they used and how they live their life. Yes, it may be helpful for humans  that look up to them regarding a healthy lifestyle or tips and advice here and there. But what's the limit of following these so called models? When do we stop and wonder, is it worth it to be vulnerable just to look exactly like the others?
Stop asking people what happen to their face if they have pimples, black head, etc that is not appealing to you. It's INSULTING. Not only you degraded that person's self confidence but you also made yourself look bad for that person. It does not matter if you are the freaking mother or the closest cousin, Do NOT ask. We, people with not the smoothest face, are trying are best and doing whatever we can to make our face flawless. Just stop talking if you're gonna ask about somebody's face.

Stop body shaming. Just because others are not the same color or size that you are, that doesn't mean they're not perfect. Most importantly that doesn't mean you're not perfect. Working out is helpful, but it's not a chore in life. Walking to the Parking lot is a big thing already, just don't be a potato couch.
Eat healthy:
1. Drink lots of water.
2. Avoid Sodas.
3. Eat Green - if you don't like anything green, buy some kale or spinach, mix with milk, orange juice and banana. Shake it and drink. You'll taste the banana not the 'vegetable' that you just put.
4. Dessert yourself - once in a while
5. Balance it out. Know your limit and your rewards.

Don't join the hype when you're not really into it. Stop forcing yourself and truly express.
An example of people judging you and being confident about it:
The picture above was my pants today. My father keeps saying it looks like a pajama. At my first break here at work, the Security Guard did not see my badge and made sure I'm an employee. When he saw my badge, he said something about my pants looking like pajamas. I asked my boyfriend if it does look like on and he said yes. Honestly, I don't care. I love these Tommy Hilfiger pants. What I want to say is that, that 'guard' didn't need to say his comment. He should've just asked for my badge (which I'm wearing like a necklace) and kept his thoughts about my pants. As an employee in a professional, I learned at an early age that no matter how age you are or what Degrees you earned, if you don't know how to give respect to others, you're no professional.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Practical or Cheap?

I'm Asian. To my fellows out there, please don't be offended. This is my experience and my point of view.
Growing up, I got everything I need. Food, shelter, friends, relatives, support and love from everyone around me and my most precious Parents.
In the Philippines, family is the most important thing and we are inseparable. Money is an everyday problem, but doesn't stop us from smiling and living another day.

I would say we are in the middle class status. But that doesn't mean I didn't see my Papa sacrifices doing overtime in work with his hard earned money to buy me little things and my Mama work abroad for so many years alone by herself to make our financial status better.
I saw what's it like in the streets being homeless and looking through garbage to find something to eat. That's why for everyday of my life, I'm forever grateful.

We moved to a first world country when I was 18. Damn the difference because there's a lot of it. Not only the people and culture but the 'status' of the said first world. I met people who does not take their left overs which I find a waste because I do take it home especially if it still can be a meal. When I do take home the stuff I paid because I did not finish it, I'm not ashamed, not even a little bit. I know that I did waste a lot before and will waste more but I learned and try to save if I can. That's just who I am.
Today is Thanksgiving and I'm working. Employees get a free meal on this kind of holiday which is amazing since usually the meal is $2 or $3. Good deal for fresh cooked meal but I'd rather and do carry a packed lunch. 

So we ate our lunch and I asked for the turkey. I didn't know that the lady would give so much and of course I can't finish it. Thinking how I can take it home because I don't wanna waste it, I got 2 cups and put the turkey after I sliced it into smaller pieces. And my coworker looked at me. I'm not sure if this is only me or she thinks that I'm so cheap. That it's already free and I'm still taking it home.
This coworker I went out with last week and there were three of us who split the bill. Because there were still left overs and they said they don't want it anymore, I took it home and my mom loved it. 
Now that we just ate together and she saw me packing the left over turkey, I feel like she sees me as a cheap lady.

I like this coworker and I hope she doesn't think that way. But if she does, it insults me. It is insulting for people to think that way when people are not doing anything bad but being judged. I'm trying to save the things that I can. And it's hard for people to understand that don't take things for granted especially if they never experienced being broke and can't find a way to have a food on their table.
Please don't be sad because of this post. I just need to let this out and hopefully make someone wonder about being too judgy if you don't know the whole story. Now I feel bad for thinking she thinks that way, lol. What goes around comes around. So spread positivity and be grateful for everything you're having! 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Discover Card

I got mine July 2015. In the mail, it says I was pre approved blah blah. At that time, I enrolled with the one they sent but afterwards 'I was not qualified'. Disappointed at first, I kept going since it offered me another one. Not expecting anything, I was granted for *** amount.
Used it all August, paid in full before due date and may I say, there's only ** amount left.
Before I pay that due date, I also called regarding a dispute since the hotel we stayed at charged me (only a pending) twice. Explaining them what happened and knowing how the hotel payment works, they completely dispute BOTH pending. I was only expecting for one since I should be charged. But then, Discover didnt so Thank You! 

4 days ago, I got my statement stating normal info that I already know. Today, I was surprised when I saw the 'credit available' too high more than usual. I was using mobile so I can't see the whole thing. When I switch to the full site in web browser, I found out they increased my limit to **** ! 
I did NOT use this card from Sept-October (I rotate my cards so they take turns and not feel sad when I don't use them).
Another awesome feature is their 5% Cash Back like this. Lots of great boutiques! 
So, in about 4 months, Discover increased my limit. I feel so special, lol.
Proud customer and owner. Thank You! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

New Angle & No Lights. 11 - Cover girl Clean Foundation

Cover girl Clean Oil Control Foundation
To be fair I did not use a sponge and 'dabbing' technique. But I guess it turned out okay?
Thanks to my NOT oily face.
I applied it almost 0800.
1000 @ Walmart (left). Almost 1500 before work (right).
Not going to Repurchase. bad for oily and acne prone skin.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fraud Experience - VS

Nov 10:
0951 here at Police Station, waiting for an officer to tell my story.
He told me this is not my fault. That this is VICTORIA's SECRET JOB to see why they let other people who use THEIR CARD but put it under my name.

Last night, Nov 09 I received a letter saying I owe this much for 2 order packages that I received in Arkansas.

It says it was ordered Aug 7, Friday and received Aug 10, Monday. 

1009 Talking to another VS representative, Andulay, he's like the seventh or sixth one today.
Others were Tara, Angela, Mindy, Tameka, Derek.
My theory: Back in Arkansas, the neighbors know our routine. That I leave on Weekdays and my father works all day, as early as 6am for 12 hours. 

They saw one of the magazines under my name and used my address as well but put THEIR VISA CARD to complete the orders. And they said it was received and shipped thru Fed Ex. 
I'm disappointed at VS for not handling this and making it seem that I'm the one who needs to take action when it's them that let that human use his card personally but shipped under my information.

1026 Back to Angela in Verification. Now I'm being transferred again yey! 
1033 Back to Tara. I explained that police won't file report because it's not my fault and if possible if VS can fax a document regarding the situation. She just said No, you might need to talk to another police officer.

So back to Officer Aquino, which is understanding and keeps saying this is ridiculous and not my fault. He didn't make a report but just a notification saying my situation and a file number. 
He also said if they really insist a report, it'll take 7-10 days.

1115 I got home and trying to talk to VS Direct to ask if the packaged was signed or Fed Ex just left it at the door.
I'll update what happens next. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Dry skin w/ make up - Forever

I'm not a makeup or skin expert.
I know so little about these things since I'm lazy and don't do anything about it unless I have to.
I started a program for my acne, Isotretonin is the medication I'm taking for about 17 days now. My lips are hella dry and my face as well.

Quick realization:
DRY SKIN with make up will last ALL DAY. 
More than a day actually since even when I wake up I can still see it, when I don't wash my face the night before. 
I got ready around 0930 then went to work.
Yep here's proof,
At 1327, break at work:
1955 after dinner when I get home (right).
Clearly, you can still see my blush on and I NEVER NEED to put any powder.
Not like before where every hour I'm shining shimmering splendid human, lol.
Just saying, what a relief to not bring powder and not worry about being oily.
Update Nov 13,
All zits have been drying and peeling.
These photos are taken about 11 hours after work:

San Francisco Weekend

Cable Car at Downtown SF - Dinner at Fisherman's Wharf
My high school friend and I shared the 'Shark Bite' and it was amazing.
Lombard Street - Crooked!
2 clips on my IG, kindly follow me!
Mandatory Golden Gate Bridge Photo and Alcatraz Island way at the back
St. Patrick's Church and SF Art Institute

New Angle & No Lights. 9&10

Estee Lauder Stay in Place Light / Mac Face and Body
Estee Lauder - Intensity 3.0   $38
Mac - N5   $27


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

Celebrated at Morongo Casino Resort and Spa at Cabazon, California.
Theme was Day of the Dead party at the club inside the resrt called 'Vibe'.
You get in free if you wear the costume and if not pay $10.00.
Last shot was taken at 9pm where it opened so nobody was there yet.
Yes, people showed up and it was fun!
For more pics and vids, kindly follow me on IG.
Below is taken by my Htc Re.

From Iphone 6:

New Angle & No Lights. 8

I'm NOT a beauty anything.
Main problem: Oiliness
So Far, SO good.
Mac Pro Long Wear NC44
The lady who helped me in Moreno Valley Mall in Town Center was amazing and fast.
This is taken on another day:

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Time difference sucks.

For all the people that's in a LDR, Yey for us. Especially for those like me and my boyfriend that has 16 hours difference now because DST was removed today.
This was his text the other day. He was out and I read it when I woke up.
 It's 1045 here in Ca and 0245 in Philippines. Yey. #aldub 
Before, when we first got here, it was only 13 hours since it was in Arkansas with DST. Then we learned about the DST being removed and yey it turned into 14 hours.

Now that we move here in California, it was 15 hours with DST. And surprise surprise, DST is out again and we're up to 16 hours.
It's freaking hard to be in a LDR but having this much time difference made it worse. I know my love and I fought a lot even from the little things but it mostly because we miss each other and can't do anything about it.
So, I'm writing this not to rant about how much LDR and time difference sucks but because I want to thank my boyfriend.
Thank You Najee, for being with me. Not only physically but also emotionally. I know how difficult our situation is, and you're still fighting for us.
I don't know when we'll meet again, but everyday I'm grateful that we're trying and not giving up.

I'll see you soon my love. Thank you for everything.
Spread the love! No matter how far and how much time difference it has.