Monday, October 26, 2015

Gooby's 45k mi

My car's 8th check up. I paid $189 including tax and whatever fees.
Above part is the one did today. 
The bottom is when my vehicle reached 60k mi. 
This is a little surprise but not really since I already thought about cars being checked up fully starting at this amount of miles. 
Last friday, the tire indicator was on while I was driving to work. But I fixed it before work since I'm a little early ;)
Yes my father taught me.
The other day, when I was driving to the CBS We can survive concert, this 'malfunction indicator light' turned on. Thank God I made it to the event and back home safe.
Amazingly, yesterday, my father put gas full tank and then that indicator was gone. Now that we're here at Hyundai Riverside, I need to know what exactly made that on and off. 
He said it was 'knock sensor'. I might have misunderstood him lol. It was too much vibration and needs to be updated, so they did. 
Good customer service.
I found my new service center. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

CBS We can Survive 10/24/15

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Park and Ride Reminder:
660 Lakewood #220
25 minutes waiting after show
Down the stairs then 1st tunnel
1640 arrive at park and ride
1650 bus left
1805 arrived 
1815 seated comfortably
HUGE SURPRISE! She's not on the list below 😱
They said it'll be 45 minutes. It was not.
Oh and below is where I parked:
1840-1905... 5sos
1905-1925... Demi Lovato
1930-1955... Nick Jonas
1955-2020... Sam Smith
2025-2110... Maroon 5
2115-2145... Calvin Harris
2150-2220... The Weeknd
2225-2250... Rihanna!
Rihanna - We Found Love
Then 3 minutes BEAUTIFUL fireworks.
2306 when I reached the bus. 
I'm thirsty. And after just 2 minutes, the bus left. After 45 minutes, we reached Lakewood. 
I guess it's all batches, not sure though.

1. Come Early. Don't be a butt head when people are already having fun and you're gonna ruin their seating by trying to see your seats and fit yourselves. If you come in time, then everybody shouldnt be disturbed.
2. Do the Park & Ride. I only paid $7 for a roundtrip and Parking at lakewood was easy. Traffic in LA was nasty and parking at Hollywood Bowl is $23, thats if you find a spot.
3. Don't drink too much. It's annoying and walk straight especially when leaving after the show. People have buses to catch and doesnt have time to spare. 
4. Be aware of your personal space and your circle when waving your hands. Up and down is okay, just don't swat your hands to my face.

Other than those, sing your heart out and have fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jetpack America - San Diego

October 9, 2015. I did not plan this. Thank you San Diego for accommodating me at the last minute. I checked in the morning online if I can still book and it was indeed full. I called and went to voicemail saying if they can squeeze me in. I was surprised to actually get a call back from them asking when I want to do this. I said today. At first she said they are actually booked out but then when I said I can be back anytime soon, she put me at 3:25 pm. I need to be there an hour before to prepare.
Then after registering, waiver, watching videos, it happened.
$179 Intro Flight
$79 for this video standard package.
The only thing I was disappointed is this video package. As you can see, there is another man filming me in the jet ski. I thought there would be more of that angle but I guess not. Anyway, I still have proof.
Extra Snippets are in my IG, kindly follow me.
This is fun! :)

YOUR ARMS WILL HURT THE NEXT DAY. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Angle & No Lights. 6&7

Cover Girl Outlast Luminous & Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place
For now, here are some  pics after a few hours wearing the foundations.
Covergirl Outlast Luminous- 855 Soft Honey
This is after mass and groceries on a Sunday and about 3 hours and I don't like how it looks.
I RETURNED THIS on Cvs Pharmacy.

Just like the 'light' version of this foundation, I love it. Long lasting, build-able and flawless. I do get oily but not extravagant.
The only thing is my color in Light is not equal on their table. 'Phoebe' in Macy's at Moreno Valley Mall said my previous Light- intensity 3 was a little lighter for my skin tone. She gave me a sample so I can try it on. My mom said this spiced sand looks good. 
So far, I'm loving it.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Laguna Beach

Well. Unplanned. After eating at The Greener's Corner.
Perfect weather.
HUGE waves. 
Taken by my Htc Re. 
We just bought the swimsuits on the dot.
The most expensive was my high-waist Lspace since it's the only one that's not on clearance (others are $20). It's about $125. But I look good right? Haha.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Greeter's Corner

I'll post the the video of our food soon 😊
This is whats left of our Oreo Cheesecake.

Monday, October 12, 2015 - BAD IDEA

Graze is a website where they bill you every week for bunch of nuts that they'll send you.

I got a free code and when I tried it, of course Credit Cards are needed. After completing everything, I know how this works so I cancelled the next box which will charge me $11.99. Little did I know it also cancelled the FREE BOX. What comes free if theyre gonna force you to pay the next when you only want to try it?
I erased my CC's and will never even try to come back. 
Ps, they don't even have a number to call in the website.
Good Luck! 

Empyrean - Energy Consultant

Last month, I got the opportunity to shadow Verushka (sorry for the wrong spelling) in Empyrean, Rancho Cucamonga. I did not like it. I passed the first interview by Miraza which is the manager and said that they only chose few people from many that I doubt since I saw a woman with me the day before.

Second day was my last day. Outside sales and door to door is not my forte. I followed Steven for a couple of hours. And right then I knew I'm not gonna do it. 
Lunch was at 1630 and it's a frozen yogurt. Free since he treated me because my stuff was in Verushka's car.

After roaming around again after lunch, we spoke to a couple about the deal.. That family was amazing they gave us water. When it's over, I told them honestly how I feel and I prefer the Designing side rather than Sales part. 

Verushka's hand writing and explanation of their career growth.

I wish them all the best.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

San Diego CA Day

Great Weather and unplanned. Three stops. All taken by my Htc Re.
1. Seaport Village

2. Jetpack America - Mission Bay

3. Belmont Park

New Angle & No Lights. 4&5

Cover Girl 3in1 & Maybelline Better Skin
Taken about 3 hours:
No Primer or anything before putting the makeup. Looks okay but not all day. I like this foundation for a day at home or few hours going out in the day without flash photography.

Taken about 3 hours wearing Maybelline Better Skin:
It's thick and full coverage. But, I'm hella Oily. I even put Shine control before the foundation.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Home Decor thoughts

For outside and family room
For office part/desk

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Andy Grammer @ Morongo Casino Resort

He was amazing, the whole band is.
It's like an intimate gig and still a party.
Check (but follow first) my IG for more clips.
One of the best hour (and a little more) of my life, ALONE.

These are the few snippets. Using my Htc Re.

New Angle & No Lights. 3

Revlon Color Stay Foundation - Golden Caramel
Full coverage, flawless look and long lasting.
But I feel like this is a little darker for my skin. This is the problem with drugstore makeup, I CAN'T FIND MY DAMN COLOR.
Biggest CONS: Smell. Bad chemical Smell!