Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fishermans Market

What up!
Lunch time. 
Trying to choose our order. Then pay.
Chicken caesar salad
Famous Baha Taco
Catfish Fillet
Ahi Poke

Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Angle & No Lights. 2

Mac Face and Body - N5
Too Sheer! Not good for acne prone like me. For Oily Skin, not recommended as well. Probably not going to repurchase. If I want a sheer coverage that's light weight I would go for a cheaper drug store.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Adventure Tips

I love doing things. Most people brag of the countries they've been n or say my dream is to travel the world and see sights and places. With me, I want to do extreme activities.
My dream job is to travel not to fight see and take pictures, but to do thrilling activities and record them so I can show the world that I'd done it not to brag but to be proud of it.
Every time I travel and post here, I'll try to include these three pointers and detailed explanations.
  1. Budget
  2. Itinerary
  3. Necessary
Budge- Obviously, what can you do if you don't have money. But, researching the intended trip before and detailed budgeting will take you there. Always have an extra, not a lot but just enough.
Itinerary- Days and time specifically. If you just want to hang out all day, I'm not the one you want to travel with. I prefer having a checklist and do those than tanning myself all day (which I don't need, yey). These will make you keep up and be excited for all the things that can be done. TAKE TIME TO REST AND DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF (too much).
Necessary- Extra clothes, towels, chargers, plastic bags, etc. I'll update these once I have my list. Yep, I wrote this stuff way before. Know where you're going and know what you're bringing so you won't over pack. I love packing since organizing is a magic for me. 


It sucks. Pressure sucks. Being an only child, pressure is all on me. Not only from my parents but relatives. Also strangers who know that I'm an only child. They keep thinking, my parents attention is all on me so I should be good and do great and be amazing. It's true that my parents are amazing and yeah they put attention on me and I'm forever grateful. But what if I don't want to do the things they want me to do? I already did, just haven't finished it yet. It's to have my Bachelor's Degree.

I got my Associate's Degree in Science last May. My major is Civil Engineering. I did 2 years in the Philippines and 2 years here in USA. I should've been finished if we stayed in the Philippines. I could still studying in Arkansas to pursue Bachelor's but no, we moved to California. Who can I blame? Whatever my parents are doing moving from places to places, it is for the greater good. But I'm exhausted. Transfer, then again and now I'm pressured.
For 21 years living in this crazy world, I learned that I easily get bored. And it's bad I guess but it's who I am. It also doesn't mean that I'm a lazy lady. I have plans. Clearer than before. More planned out compare to 4 years or even a year ago. Why? Because I'm learning. Not from only from college but from my experiences and myself.
As of now, I do not want to study again. I know I can finish it within a year but I just don't want to. I wanna work, I don't care if it's not even half of the rate of the work I might have if I have Bachelor's but I just don't want it. I don't wanna waste money and time and my mind learning again. I need a break. Or that's just it, I don't know. Engineers that finish their college late keeps telling me, it's worth it, I'm glad I came back to school. Good for them, Maybe I'll be like that in the future. But now, I don't know. All I know is I wanna work, earn, buy what I want for my plans while do things that are interesting. I know I may not have the money if I finish it, but I have a plan. And I feel good about it.

I do not need to be the great and amazing only child. I just wanna be good and happy. What's the purpose of handwork if you don't like what you're working on?
Sorry for rambling. It just sucks having parents pressuring you to finish what you don't want to. They haven't ask me if I want to come back. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death and again I'm forever grateful. I just don't want to come back. I have plans. That's why sometimes, I wanna move out on my own. I know I can, but then they'll be sad because I'm alone. And keep telling me, If you buy a house, be close. So what can I do?

Supposedly Routine

As of now, I still don't work. Yep, lazy butt. But, it's all good.
Now, I learned that drinking water makes you feel great from experience. When I was in Modot, precious Tim always buy bottled water for us and always ask if we want some and say "It's important to stay hydrated!" And I totally appreciate that he does that.
Being in an 'unintentionally' vacation, it's hard to have some routine. Once I start in a new job, these are the things that I will definitely do.
Three W's:
  1. Wake-up - at 0600 at least 3 times weekly
  2. Workout - at 0600 at least 3 times weekly
  3. Water - at least 2, good if 3-4, 16oz a day
Waking up is the worst feeling, at first. If you make yourself sleep at a certain time, it can be learned and it will be worth it. You'd get so much done during the day and no more dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Workout is just ewe. But then it is healthy. A 10 minute sweating is just what you need. The problem with me, I get bored. I can't run everyday, I already did that before so I know. Try other exercises like Zumba, Biking, etc. If I had my own house, I will make a room that's just for hanging out/working out. I'll put it on first floor so I can jump and dance because that's what I love to do. Try jumping rope too, then I'll laugh at your face if you haven't tried it yet because it is exhausting.

Suit up! In life.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Victoria Secret's Credit Card

I believe I purchased something March 28 and when I checked out I did not really understand what she was saying since I was kind of in a hurry. But even so, I still said yes. Little did I know, she told me to apply for a Credit Card and I got approved. I remember I just nodded since I heard her say if you do this you'll get a discount. Lol. As an a Filipino, I love discounts. 
Around April 16 I got my CC with my name on it on the back as you can see in the pictures.
Website was pretty easy to understand so no worries there and customer service when I activated the card is good as well. Here are some reviews regarding the card.
I feel bad for some complaints and bad reviews but in my experience, it's amazing. It's like a regular credit card, has interest rate which is high and due date. If you are bad with your credit card stuff, then do not apply for this. If you are an avid customer, Go. In my unexpected application then approved right away, I'm happy I got it because of the perks and discounts. After a few months, I got into VIP which I had no idea about that I earned 500 points.

BOTTOMLINE: Pay your bills asap. Know what you need. 
If you abuse the purpose of anything in life, it will get you in the butt in time.

Proactiv and Xout - NOPE + New Angle & No lights.

I'm not a teenager anymore. But, my acne is still saying hello.
About 3-4 years ago I tried and used for many months the process of Proactiv.
Maybe a year to exaggerate but it did not help my skin or anything for that matter.
When I moved to USA, my acne toned down a bit. Probably because getting older even if I was still a teenager. Or maybe because here, it's just cleaner.
The past months was hectic for me. I was stressed and tired doing 2 jobs and fixing are moving from Arkansas to California. I do not know if that triggered my body to get my acne bad back but I guess it kinda did, or so what my Mom and I noticed.

August 21 was when I used the Xout for the first time. Delivery was slow too. More than a week before I got it. It felt good regarding the icy feeling etc. After 29 days, my acne is still bad BUT it did lessen big time my OILINESS. Which is great! But I did buy it for my acne though not for my oily face.
Oh and after a few weeks, they charged my card (it did not go through because I called asap) regarding their 90 day blah blah promo or something. Good thing I checked my card's profile every now and then. If not they would just charge me and sent the package even though I don't know anything about it and yeah I don't want it (and my address changed by the way so they would've sent it to Arkansas). That's just BAD.
Over all, I do not like these products but that doesn't mean they do not work for others.
Have a Great day !

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Song that'll make you dance.. interestingly.

Not to be sexual or anything but these songs are sexy as hell.
Whether your sober or tipsy, listening to the following will make you.. interesting.
Have fun ;)
1. Smooth - Santana ft. Rob Thomas

2. The Game of Love - Santana ft. Michelle Branch
3. The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson
4. Like I'm gonna lose you - Megan Trainor ft. John Legend
5. Can't feel my face - The Weeknd

To be updated when I find some old and new ones :)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Iphone 6

Yes, this is about Iphone6. NOT 6S!!
I got mine the other day because I figured it's time to. And plus my boyfriend got his as well and my mom keeps telling me for about more than a year to upgrade. So I did!

I got my 4s October 2012. Woohoo! Almost 3 years haha, I'm not a techie person so I could still live with it. But since we moved here, the wifi of my 4s is just not okay. So I figured, why not make a change then I decided to have 5s! But when we ordered it online, it was cancelled because of our address changed (fraud protection). Afterwards, I thought let's just go to the store so I called ATT and ask if I can buy it myself even if it's my mom's account and they said yes as long as I become an authorized user. After they talked to my mom, me and my father drove to the nearest ATT but they don't have 5s. Still need to wait a few day. I don't want to, because my bf already got his Sept 9 in Philippines. So I decided why not 6 even if it's huge but still okay and I Love it!

Palm Springs

The Ride- if you do not like any kind of rides in amusement parks, you will not like this especially the going down part. My father was a little bit scared haha!
$25 each person-roundtrip.
There are also facts written above when you climbed up. Again, it's really chilly in here!

Newport Beach, Balboa Island

Great weather to be here! Living in Arkansas for almost 3 years with nowhere near beach is just plain awful and now I'm here! It's so exciting, I didn't even swim!

Wind, people playing and hanging out..
Because my man is a deck cadet, at the time. He would've love this place.
And my mom bought my Cap here. Pretty sweet eh?!
And the boat we rode into the Balboa Island! It is a dollar each person, and you can bring your vehicle for 3 dollars both for one trip. Once you get to the island, it is full of vacation houses that are beautiful.

1st 2 weeks in California

I don't have a job HAHA! But n, no worries. All is good. No matter what, Life is beautiful.
But hey, drivers here are CRAZY. Just as bad in the Philippines. Be careful.
So, my mom goes everywhere. Just cause she wants to roam around. Since my father is here now, she has to sit in the back and watch us drive.
We went to Balboa Islands, NewPort Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, Hollywood, Palm Springs, Redlands, Desert Hills Premium Outlet and of course the theaters nearby. In a span of 2 weeks.
Taken on my Photo Booth in my Macky so just mirror it haha!
Batman at Hollywood BLVD
Palm Springs was amazing! It takes about 9-10 minutes for the tram ($25 each) to arrive up top and vice versa.
If you are afraid of heights, Good Luck! But for me, it's my source of energy. I love heights and thrilling adventures. 
At the bottom, It's freakishly hot but when you reach the mountain view; It's hell cool!
We ate the Peak restaurant which is a little fancy but okay. Then went outside and see got some pictures of course. 
Transporter Refueled was our first movie in Ca! Not that it was a big deal but it kinda is because we love movies. And popcorn of course. Action, adventures and fights scenes are what we go for.
This cinema is in Redlands.