Saturday, August 29, 2015

TIL (9): Moving

  1. Do not underestimate you're stuff no matter how you think less of it.
  2. This part of your life will be exhausting, physically and mentally. Especially if you are the only daughter like me that will do everything and when you mess up even just a little bit that isn't even your fault, you'll cry. I did. 
  3. Know how to divide your time.
  4. Make a checklist.
  5. Follow that checklist.
  6. Do not take a break too long.
  7. Eat food while packing, Do not be dehydrated.
  8. Seperate important papers / stuff that the ones that you can send thru carriers.
  10. If you can pack everything in boxes and not use Uhaul or any other truck services and just send it thru Fed Ex, You'll save more than half of it. You'll be the one to pack it anyways except when you're freaking lazy and hire people to pack your stuff for you.
  1. There are a lot of kinds that you'll think you don't have but you do.
  2. Donate as much as you can because most probably, you are never gonna use it again or you have the same color, style, etc.
  3. Let go of the one the you used tons of times especially if you have pictures of them.
Kitchen Stuff:
  1. This is irritating. Maybe because I don't cook haha.
  2. No, seriously this is important as well. Do not forget bowls, knives and utensils.

TIL (8): Internships

  1. You'll always be dumber done everyone else.
  2. Smile to everyone and greet them if possible.
  3. Every mistake is a learning part of the job.
  4. Pressure freaking sucks.
  5. You are not employed with the company, do not even feel or say that you are.
  6. Grab every job that you can and do it.
  7. Have a snack by your side.
  8. Drink lots of water.
  9. Know how to answer and stop with other people, job related or not.
  10. Be grateful. Not everyone can have a try out job that you get to have.

Website Jobs

Website to look for jobs. Although remember to unsubcribe when you find something since they will send you a lot of notifications forever
  1. Indeed
  2. Careerbuilder
  3. Monster
  4. ZipRecruiter
  5. SimplyHired

Comfort Inn Marion, AR / CA Drive

Good bye Comfort Inn, Marion AR.
Thank you to my managers, The Patels.
My friends and the guests.

To CA Drive
Shift as follows:

1st Day
6am, Central Time - departure
1. 4 hours, Maanne
2. 4 1/2 hours, Papa
3. 4 hours, Maanne
4. 1 3/4, Papa
Arrived 10:30

2nd Day
7am, Mountain Time - departure
1. 3 hours, Maanne
2. 4 hours, Papa
3. 4 hours, Maanne
Arrived 6pm

New Mexico
2nd day Receipt was thrown away :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Make Up (I used to use)

I feel like I need to separate all this into several pages. But for now, here are some that I usually use.
Red are the products I still use and will continue to use.
  1. Just right, coverage is light - 5 Hours
    1. Maybelliene Fit Me® Shine-Free Foundation - $8.99
  2. Office type, inside job - 5 Hours
    1. Covergirl OUTLAST STAY FABULOUS 3-IN-1 FOUNDATION - $11.29
  3. Outside work / Moving, Swimming - Long lasting - Good with Flash
    1. Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Makeup - $14.09
    2. Revlon ColorStay™ Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin  - $11.69
  4. Fancy - Long lasting
    1. MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation - $27.00
    2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup - $38.00
  2. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Pressed Powder Foundation - $7.90
  3. Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder - $13.49
  4. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation - $13.49
  1. Sephora - Can't Find link, Sorry!
  1. L.A Colors - Can't Find link, Sorry!
  2. Covergirl CLASSIC COLOR BLUSH - $6.14
  1. Elf Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder - $3.00
  1. Maybelliene Color Sensational® Lipcolor - $7.49
  2. Maybelliene Color Whisper™ by Color Sensational® - $7.49
  3. NARS Satin Lipstick - $27.00

Music - Singer/Songwriter

This artists are my personal favorites. I'll say if I like them due to their talent as a songwriter or as a performer.
I usual listen to Rock, Pop, Alternative and sometimes to others.
If it's catchy, good for you but that doesn't mean it's a good song.
What I listen to most of the time are the songs that really has a meaning. And not random words/experiences about sex, drugs and other rebellious things that find some people fun to do or even listen to.
I haven't seen any of this guys perform live, I just watched a lot of YouTube videos.
I will say A - Performer, B - Songwriter and C - Genre.

Bands (All ABC):
  1. Fall out boy - My favorite of all time. This band has a little bit of punk into them which I'm not really into at all but I guess it's the mix of it and rock that I like so much. I don't know their really old song from the first 2 albums but most of it I do know. This band is my jam. I will be the happiest human if I ever get the chance to see them live.
  2. Paramore - Woman in Vocals, Hell Yeah. The song Misery Business is their first single if I'm not mistaken and I immediately fell in love. Not only with Hayley Williams but the band as well. Since then, All their albums are in my playlists.
  3. Panic at the Disco - Not so famous as the other two but amazing as well. Few of their songs are a little bit too soft (I don't know how to describe it). It's like quiet but has taste.
  1. Tori Kelly - ABC - New artist that caught my attention from the song 'Nobody Love'. I love her album ' Unbreakable Smile". She has a Pop, and a little bit of Rock and I love all her songs. It is all meaningful and true. I will not be embarrassed if people will know that I like her.
  2. Taylor Swift - AB - Hmm. I first heard her in high school year 2008 I believe. It was the song 'Love Story' and it's catchy. Well, she's an amazing songwriter. But some of her songs are a little bit too Pop for me. Awesome to dance with especially when you are with your girls? Ewe, such a girly thing to say. The only album I have of hers is '1989' - lyrics are smooth.
  1. Andy Grammer - ABC - He seems a little older that the artists that I usually like but his two albums are just true. Catchy, full of life and has pop into it. My mom is the one introduced me to him with the song 'Back Home'. And when I searched for his other songs, I figured that I already know his voice from 'Miss me' that was in radio back then. I love the song but I didn't really get into him until I knew that he sings the "Keep your head up'  which I heard in Disney Channel. I bet he's wonderful to listen to live.
  2. Neyo - AB - He is a hopeless romantic writer, in a hip-hop - rhythm and blues  kind of way. His songs are hell sexy, sometimes a little too sexy - That's why I took off the C but I still listen to him all the time. And he's a great dancer, which I really like since I like to dance myself. I do have mostly all his albums. My favorite is the 'Non-Fiction'. It's amazing how he can write an album with a storyline in it. Well, I don't know if it's done before but his has a vibe. That feeling where you want to listen to the song to know what happened next.
  3. Justin Timberlake - AC - There are times when he is attractive and not. Well, I believe if the person is something like that, then he has great sexual appeal. And that cannot be leaned or bought. I'm not a fan of all his songs but he's a wonderful performer. Like I said before, I like to dance that's why I like the genre.

Candy Crush Saga

Haha! I wanted to delete this in my Phone and that's why I want to post what level I'm on before I do that.
Level 154.
Level 88 - For the night with owl?
Yep. Too much for my storage but it's a good game. Lol. Bye for now Candy Crush :)

Saturday, August 15, 2015


In my almost 3 years of me working, last week was the first time I got 'OFF'.
It was the dates August 11 and 12, 2015 ( Tuesday and Wednesday). It was a breeze like I just blink my eyes and it's Thursday. I really didn't feel bad after I called saying if I can take off today.
First, I feel bad for myself. Torturing and pushing myself to the limit.
Second, I feel bad for my parents who are worried about me and can't take care of me from far away.
Lastly, I feel bad for my office mates.

In 4 months, I got sick twice. And that is not normal with me.
I have 2 jobs since May 2015, and that will end until August 2015.
I did already have 2 jobs at the same time in 2013 for 4 months as well and I did not like it.
As of now, I still hate being tired. Well, my boss in the hotel needs my help that's why I stayed but the other job now is the best one that I ever had. (It's the internship.)
On weekdays, I work in MoDOT. On weekends, I work in Comfort Inn.

Before, my mind is all money, need to earn, need to have money.
But then for what?? To make myself sick? To not have enough time for the people I love? To not have the time to even reply to all my friends and relatives? It's absurd.
Now, I've learned my lesson. I hate to say this but of course, my mom was right. Never worn out yourself in working. It's never satisfying. Money will never be equal to social life you should have and the quality time not only with others but for yourself. Career is important but Taking care of yourself should come first.
How can you work for others if you can't focus at all, and how can you help them if you can't even help yourself? I feel so stupid back then and now for doing two jobs. But I'm still grateful for all the opportunities I got to do and people to meet.

BOTTOM LINE: Work to Live; You are not living if you're just working. Have fun and it is true that Life is too short.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Boyfriend's FB

This is nothing exciting but just to remind myself that I did not open my boyfriend's Facebook page from end of March 2015 until now, August 10, 2015. I trust him with everything, and this has nothing to do with that.
It's been over a week since he went in the sea from Indonesia to Australia and as his girlfriend, I'm the one who he messaged last / called.
This is just a check for people who urgently needing his reply and do not know where he is at a time.
Baba, Najee, I love you and be safe always :*

After this day, I will not look again until needed (meaning he's away again).
I miss you babe and I love you always.

Your Maanne.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Mane Event Salon - Marion AR

July 25, 2015 (Friday). A little 'treat' for myself before turning 21st.
$18.00 - Dry haircut (No washing, etc.)
$10.00 - Brow waxing
No tax added, total was $28.00.
  1. Service - Okay. Around 1530 because I was from work at the hotel and went straight here. I give it a 2.5/5. I've worked in a hotel for 2 1/2 years and I know when people are okay with the service or not. In this salon, I'm the first one to greet them and didn't even asked what I need. I told them I was planning to get a haircut. The lady that was sitting and on her phone when I walked in asked another lady in the corner and said if she could help me. She told me if I can come back at 5pm. I don't see why I need to be back when clearly somebody can do me.
  2. Place - Maybe 3/5. Not Wow type a thing. THEY DON'T ACCEPT CARDS. Only cash. That's surprising.
  3. Vibe - 3/5. They had a conversation about Gun in Theaters because the one who cut my hair is 'licensed' and feel safe when she brings her gun. She did not talk to me or anything at all. Just cutting my hair and talking to others.
  4. Performance - 4.5/5. I'm taking a half start off because she's not that interested in what I wanted, no advice or questions and said just look at the magazine and tell me what length. She did not cut it too short so she can still ask me and I said a little more layers. Then bangs. I did like the outcome.
  5. Brow Waxing - 1/5! NOPE, TURN AROUND AND SAY NO. Shape was just okay. But the effect after it happened. I got bumps around my eyebrows for days! And I mean at least 20 bumps on each side. NEVER AGAIN.
    • Before, I was waxing my brows at West Memphis and it was amazing. Girl was doing there is an expert. You just have to wait in line. At this time, I was getting lazy and did not want to drive up there and I saw that they have one and go for it, BIG MISTAKE.
Bottom line:
Worth a try. Don't expect smiley faces and HORRIBLE brow waxing but good hair cutting skills.

In 4 months, I moved 7 times - SEMO

Yep, that's right. Summer of 2015 is my internship in MODOT and the time where we will move from Arkansas to California.
Semo Residence Halls
  1.  April 28, 2015 - I started moving my stuff to Semo Dorm Towers West. I needed to stay here because I started my internship earlier that the students leaving the dormitories. Towers West
  2. In about 2 weeks, I had to move to Towers North because this is where summer people had to stay. Towers North
  3. Water breakage happened and we have to move to Cheney Hall. Oldest building I believe in Semo. I do not like this place. Freezing cold every night. People are shouting every now and then. Bathrooms are disgusting sometimes and you will share it with others in the same floor. 2 bathrooms in each floors. And I was in 3rd floor, no elevator. Cheney Hall
  4. About a month after fiasco, and the water problem was fixed, Back to Towers North.
  5. August 5, 2015 - Because I will be staying JUST 1 WEEK LATER than the rest, I have to move AGAIN to Dobbins River campus. Dobbins Center

  6. August 20, 2015 - From Dobbins Center, back home at Marion, Arkansas.
  7. Probably around August 23-25, 2015 - Arkansas to Moreno Valley, California.
For all the people complaining how busy you are with all the moving, SHUT UP! Hahahahahaha.
Well, I was hell busy. There are weeks when I'm tired everyday. Physically and mentally. But, it was my choice anyway to start my internship early and end it later than the rest. So, yep.

Now, for my complains in SEMO. Of course I will have some no matter what lol.
  1. Regarding the Water incident, there was no discount or anything that was given to us. We had to move all our stuff in a no elevator building.
  2. I already mentioned this but again, Cheney Hall was not good. Bathrooms, temperatures and television in the lobby is broken.
  3. What's up with the 2 keys in Cheney Hall? So inconvenient.
  4. They had to move me again to Dobbins, which again is my fault for staying 1 week later than the rest. But the thing is, Ms. GWENDOLYN DUNCAN mentioned before hand, around middle of May, that if I stay only until end of August they can do something about me not moving again. KEEP YOUR WORD.
  5. Ms. Gwendolyn DUNCAN can even spell my name right even if I told here in all caps, it's M-A-R-E-C-A-R! Nope, she will still say Mericar. SO ANNOYING.
Time for praises.

Only thing I will praise in Semo is MR. CHRIS MILLER. He is the best in that place. So fast, so approachable, friendliest person I have ever known. He was never irritated or made me feel like I'm wasting his time asking for questions and such. That guy deserves a medal.
Towers North and West doesn't have much of the difference except for the parking Lot. North is closer and easier to get into.

Dobbins is FANCY. For rich kids people only for sure. The key is a card, and it needs to be used in the elevator as well, like a hotel. Place looks like one in and out. But for me, I don't need fancy place to live in at that time, I want convenience. And if they let me stay and not move just for 1-2 weeks in the fancy place, My feelings in Semo Dorm will more happy than disappointed. Except for CHRIS MILLER.