Thursday, June 18, 2015

1st week at MODOT

Boring story. New experiences.


Thank You Mama and Papa

Emotional as hell. Grateful for my parents.

Washington DC '15

Cherry blossom Festival. Lots and lots of people. Don't even think of exploring the city at this time of year.

Najee's 6th Anniv Gift.

It has my name on it - Maanne.
It has the date of our anniversary.
And it has the quote 'Amor Vincit Omnia' in the case which means "Love conquers all".
Forgive the cheesiness, that's what you get being in a long distance relationship.
Spread the Love!


What a baby (me)

Snow March '15

Adults being kids. That's what you get living from a tropical country, moved to a place where there's a so called 'winter'.


1 Slow Motion.

2 Snow Angel.

3 Parents saying it's too cold.

Nashville NY'15

It's freaking freezing.
But it's worth it! Lights and the spirit of holidays is just so heart warming.
1 Gaylord Opryland Hotel
3 Lady Antebellum! Just a kiss.

Blacklight Run 5k

Come early! Parking will be hectic when the race starts. I guess it depends on where it's going to happen but this one is in Memphis Race Track. When entering, it has two way one lane which makes the vehicles have a hard time.
Start partying early (standing and talking basically) then after the run is where the fun begins. Music, color, dance and screams. HAVE FUN! If your eyes are not good, be careful.
 I got hit by one of the sticks!