Friday, February 23, 2018

Terri Peak Trail @ Lake Perris CA

Cool trail if you ask me, not predictable especially for us since it took us at least twice to find the trail back. We parked near the neighborhood and walked our way up to start on the trail but unfortunately the one we chose had a dead end. We found another one but ended again. Watch the video to see how many times we had to go through the bushes. I keep telling my friends, have long socks in your bag just for the experiences like this! Not all plants are friendly and most of them actually has splinters. I had one in my right hand and good thing I have a tool that's multi functional that has pliers and Janine helped me take it off.
Lots of hikers like us, they brought their children, dogs and many bikers as well. I think there's more riding bicycles than people hiking. Bring jacket since when you go up as always it tend to be cooler breeze. - OOTD here.
Pictures are a mixture from iPhoneX of my friends' and my Htc Re.
Amazing Panorama by my friend Janine :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Etiwanda Stream @ Rancho Cucamonga CA

My second time hiking this trail, and this time it has water. First time I did this was in August 2016.
Going up it took about an hour while going down I think around 30 minutes? It's a priceless breeze up top so go at your own pace. Not for a beginner but definitely doable. Bring water. Do not be arrogant and regret it. Would love to be back here again.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Trespassed below the Big "C"

Before there wasn't any camera or fences on this place, mentioned by my friend who is a UCR alumni. They did reached "C" and was sure we can do it but was not aware that they closed it due to some incidents. Therefore, this mission was a fail. Lol. I was willing to continue fence or no fence but my company's scared of cameras all around the place. Plus, there was a man who clearly hiked inside the fence so I don't see something to be afraid of.
We roam around and climbed a big broken tree. Took some pictures and my friends claimed it was workout, it's not. It's a walk but not in a park.
You have to cross the Tunnel with lots of vandalism. I am so disappointed why people NEEDS to vandal the nature, even if it's the concrete which is manmade, why the F do you need to prove you've been there by writing something instead of just taking a picture? I don't understand.

Trespassed below the big “C” | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Broad ft. Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room

The Broad in Los Angeles is a Free Admission Art Museum for all ages. Just be careful when you have young ones because there are some explicit content. I booked our spot online about some time in December for January 21st. I do not recommend waiting in line and do the stand by since time is gold. Also, if you are only interested for the "The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away", you will need to enter FIRST then reserve ANOTHER spot to be able to go in to this exhibit - Infinity Mirror.
There are some chairs that you can sit on if you are like my father who is not into art and just want to sit while waiting for my mom and I. You can take as much pictures, videos you want as long as you NEVER touch the Artworks. Also, do not SIT. Of course there will be a lot of young people trying to pose while sitting and I witnessed one that was told sitting is not allowed, but you can slouch.
Some Infinity Mirrors, or other artists' exhibits have admission fee. Last time I check it's about $25. So if you see that it's free, I suggest reserve it and go on that day. It's worth planning for it.
This place is beautiful. Amazing date is what comes into my mind. You both can ask what you think of this art and move from their to fruitful conversations. I recommend go here at least once in your life.
Only con that I can say is not actually a con, when I reserved for the Infinity Mirror Inside, the estimated wait was 2 hours and 43 minutes. No biggie since we can still enjoy the huge gallery at the second floor then eat lunch then still have time. Good thing we're not avid art fans so maybe it took us only an hour and a bit more, ate lunch @ Lemonade beside MOCA. While eating, I received a text saying we should be ready in 10 minutes. When I look at my timer there's still 1 hour and 10 minutes left. So, do not go far away and rely on their estimate. You might loose your spot. When arrived exactly 10 minutes when I received the text and we have left overs so I asked if I can run to our car, leave our food and come back up. Yey that they approved it :) 45 seconds inside the Infinity Mirror, surreal and fast. Not enough time to appreciate it since taking pictures and videos is in the way no matter how much you try not to.
Last photo was not in The Broad but on the other side of the street MOCA. Second to the last photo is the street outside The Broad.
The Broad (Inside) | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.
Infinity Mirrored Room in The Broad CA | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.

Friday, January 19, 2018

LV Pochette Felicie Monogram - Mama's 45th gift

Yesterday was my mom's 45th birthday. If you don't know her, you'll definitely say she does not look like her age. My mom is stubborn, that's why myself is. But she has perseverance. She complains but she's the most generous person I know. She's lazy most of the time, but NOT when it comes to her professional career and taking care of her loved ones. Just like she mentioned, she's kind of 'Christina' from the TV Series Show 'Grey's Anatomy'.
Now that you know the background of my beautiful mother, check out her gift from papa and me:
Papa got her flowers after work yesterday as you see their sweet kiss (ewe, I'm allowed to say that since I'm there child). I love you mama! Sorry in advance if won't spoil you as much like this in the near future. Please know I'll give the universe to you and papa if I can <3
Louis Vuitton Pochette Felicie Monogram - $995 = $1089.53 with taxes. 
That's me and Angelica after our Eaton Canyon Hike, went tp Glendale Galleria and surprisingly bought my mom her gift right then and there when I saw the worker holding it without thinking it through or even researching before hand.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Felicie Monogram - Unboxing | Marecar Anne from Marecar Anne on Vimeo.