Saturday, August 19, 2017

Skyslide @ OUE LA

Quick and not cheap admission.
Skyslide combo - $33 on the website but I paid $34 each for my mom and I.
But hey, it's what I live doing so I don't care. And my mom enjoyed the videos, views and playtimes inside before doing the slide :)
I did it twice because my picture in the first one is bad - wrong timing of the camera. So the amazing worker on the photo at the time offered to slide again (because she knows I'm gonna buy it). I slid the 2nd time and got a better picture!
We parked on the Union Bank beside the building of OUE for $39. Yes, that expensive for a parking. If you wanna walk a little further, go for it. I saw some $17 maximum fee. 
Fun day with my mother. We were plannig to go The Broad but we didn't purchase the advance ticket and the wait that we were told it 1 1/2 just to get in. No Thank You! I already wasted 5 hours of my day driving so maybe next time we'll purchased it ahead of time.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Medieval Times @ 23rd

My mom prepared this date for the three of us, me and my parents at Buena Park in the Medieval Times. It so fun and creative for them that you eat while enjoying a good show with horses and costume. No utensils of course since it was not vented yet. They call you sire and my lady as they do back in the days. Show was 1 hour and 45 minutes. Fun Fun Fun!!! Yes, not only for children but for adults! Scream and cheer your team!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Meet Cosmo! My 1st Dog

We took him from my mom's friend's friend because she's sick and can't take care of him and his son Nico but mom and I decided we can only get one. Meet the 5 year old Mixed Pomeranian - Cosmo.
Groomed yesterday and I got some stuff at Pet Smart. Believe me when Insay he is intelligent.
Say Hello!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Home Depot 8K, Lowe's 3K, Best Buy Denial

Good Day! Where ever you are in the world. Today, I want to share my recent approvals and denials on Credit Cards I applied for a week or so ago. I attached a photo of my newest scores so you have an idea where I'm standing as to why I was approved/denied. Credit Report was pulled May 31st, 2017. Not long ago since I helped my parents buy a house.
Equifax - 738
Transunion - 704
Experian - 716
See Ranges below:
Home Depot - Applied June 29th in store. Approved right away for $8,000. Got my card in the mail July 11th. Activated at July 12th and added my parents as Authorized users. Easy :)
Lowe's - Applied June 30th online. Received a Code and told to call a number so I did. Talked to someone regarding verifications I guess, and approved! For an odd amount of $3,037. Got my card same day as Dome Depot's on July 11th and activated same day on July 12th including adding Authorized Users.
Best Buy - Applied June 30th online. Got the 2 weeks wait for our decision BS - so I already accepted it was denied. Got the letter July 11th as well with the official Unfortunately blah blah due to Too Many Inquiries pulled on Experian. Most probably because I just got approved on the other two and seem credit hungry so Best Buy denied me. I know it's nothing personal but you will never have me as one of our credit customer :0
I am not credit needy, it's all about helping my parents out for the new house. Their names are used too many times so I help as much as I can. Thank you for all of those who shared their experiences online like what I'm doing. Help each other out!
Good Luck to everyone who's going to apply!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Know Your Worth

I will talk about two separate situation that is both currently happening in my life. Let's start with the first one: Work Place.
I've been a Truss Designer for 15 months now and I know I have a lot if things to learn. I started on the very beginning with little to no knowledge at all about trusses. I studied Civil Engineering in College, not architect. So Last year, I am so happy (still am) that I was given this opportunity to be trained. To officially gained experience to start my real career.
While doing this Full Time, I'm also doing a Part Time job in the a Resort and Casino. I love both of my work and forever grateful to my managers for letting me do both without hurting the other. And most recently, had my vacation for a week. In this Part time, the stress is way less. It's all talk and physical (hands to be particular since we are making reservations and answering phone calls). Compared to my Full Time, it's like hanging out with my friends when we are not busy. And if we are, it's still tiring but nothing like Drained 100% of everything in your body.
5 months after I started my Part Time, I got my Full Time. My Full Time is more of my profession, while the Part Time is some kind of passion of mine since I love talking and pleasing others (not all the time though as any customer service agent know). I was paid less in PT but just before my anniversary, PT Company gave us all a raise. Now FT is the less one.

6 Months after our raise in my PT, it's my annual review in FT. They gave me a raise but not as much as my PT. Thinking I'd be okay with it, I was wrong. Weeks passed, couple months, I can't shake the fact that I'm earning less in my FT than my PT. It would've been fine I guess if FT is not hard but oh believe me, it's mentally draining.
Just last week I did not go to the gym because I was doing overtime (excuses as to me being lazy) but you get the gist. Is it really worth it to do this to myself?
So yesterday I had the courage to email my manager:
"I know it's only been a few months since my Annual Review but it's been bugging me that I haven't tried to ask for my pay to be matched with my Second Job. I'm earning about --- over there and the job itself is not mentally exhausting unlike here. I know I'm still learning and willing to train more to reach my best potential.
Please don't get me wrong, I love my job here.  It's just that, I don't feel comfortable being more invested with my career in this company than in --- when I'm earning less here at ---
Let me know in a couple of days about this matter. Thank you so much!"

Thinking they would just brush off my email, I was wrong. My manager is trying his best to get my request and my supervisor (who hired me) says why didn't I say something before. I said I was shy. This is the problem. If at that point (my annual review) I said something about my other job, maybe this would've been approved already. I hope I don't jinx anything by writing this but I'm just happy that my coworkers and the one who hired me says I have the right to have it matched since I learned fast. Please, I am not bragging in anyway. Just genuinely happy that my hard work is appreciated. Even if the upper people don't give me the match I requested, (I hope they will) I'm still ecstatic I asked since I did not loose anything and I was told I am worth it :)

I suggest DON"T READ the second part because it will ruin my happy story above.

Second part. Non sense compare to the first one - Love life. oh my "boyfriend" and I are not talking more than 3 days now. I put the quotation marks since I don't know if we are still together. Last time we argue, I was pissed that I threatened to break up with him. He answered with 'That's your solution to everything". I don't mean. I love the man no matter how hard this is. Long Distance Relationship right? Another Problem is, he himself is not okay. He is not confident because his career is on pause. I'm sorry my love if you are feeling this way. I don't know what to do anymore.
So last Friday I texted him FIRST after ONE whole day of no contact. Little rants and BS as part of our fighting, he left me in SEEN. Since then, Nothing. I really miss him, I want to talk to him, know he's okay. But I already did the first move last time. It got me nowhere. Why should I lower my pride more than him? Sorry for the rant guys.
Still, Spread Love if you can, you have no idea how lots of people need it in their lives <3