Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pink on Parade 2017 @ Mt. Rubidoux

Everybody that I see HERE had fun. I were invited for this due to my job and so I invited my mom since we can bring a plus one. It is for a good cause. Trail itself is so pretty. Clean, organized and thoughtful volunteers. From cheering at every corner to free water as much as you can (though I do not recommend it if you're a real athlete, but I bet you know what not to do).
Freebies on right and left, Pen, Stickers, Calendars, Shopping bags, Toothbrushes, Free Blood Pressure Check up, and so much more! Afterwards, you can definitely have some food (purchased) like Tacos, Funnel Cakes, Huaraches (for this one we did and it was good!).
Mt. Rubidoux Trail, Perfect paved. You will not get lost (as our usual problem, LOL).
Plenty of people and dogs. Awesome view. Not too hard, just beautiful route.
Peak is where the White Cross is standing. Go to it not for religion purposes (but that's up to you of course), Enjoy your achievement :)

Saturday, October 7, 2017

M Trail Hike

Round Trip around 4 hours! It's a long way and a hot day. After multiple conversations with people hiking up and down like us where to go because there are so many trails, we found the M!
Got my mama and dog with me. Had to carry my dog many times since it's steep and again really warm. The last stop to M itself has no trail but just find your way to touch it like me :)
Above photo is the last resting place before hiking up to the M. Mama and Cosmo stopped here and just enjoy the view and a little shade from the rocks while I pursue reaching the mark. Pretty much this is the finish line. - Ootd
We went side track for 28 minutes. Saw the M after an hour 43 mins. Then touched the paint myself @ 2 hrs 28 mins.
Always find an easier route if you can. It's better to be slow and safe than fast then falling. There are lots of trails that leads to M. Most are newly made trying to make an easier trail rather than the steep one but then again experts prefer the shorter yet harder one.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Harvest Moon! On Top of Bump & Grind Hike (w/ Unfortunate Service Story)

Round Trip: 1 hour 58 minutes. This is my second trial for this hike, click here for the first one.
Reached the Peak 1 hour 2 minutes. Stay there for about 7 minutes then started going down without any breaks. We did going up maybe one to three times with couple minutes or so.
Bring water and hike at your own pace as I always say. This trail is steep and before starting you'll see where to go up top. Bring Flashlights! Be aware of the cyclists. Make way for people with a different pace than you are (never think they are better!). We just have our own journey so enjoy it.
If you want to see the Moon Rise like we did, start @ 1800 (6pm). It was beautiful.

Fortunately, It was actually the Harvest Moon going up :)
Casa Blanca (Mexican & Seafood):

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Edison Trail Hike

Round trip: 2 hours 10 minutes including lots of Side Tracks but couldn't find the 'M'.
Start: 9699 Box Springs Mountain Rd
Moreno Valley, CA

Better weather than yesterday (Two Trees Trail - September 30, 2017) but can't say better trail since I wouldn't know I just go. No shade all the way but pretty breezy since you're at the hills. Many poops of Horses and dogs since it's nature's trail.
After the second sign of Edison Trail we took left and stopped when saw the Horse Trails sign then went back. - Ootd
That's me kind of the other side trying to look for the 'M' but no luck.
Look how strong my parents are :)
And I thought they would've hate the hike all throughout especially papa since we have arthritis, lol.
@ 1236, 1 hour and 40 minutes later after running all trails I could see and finding some graffitis, I gave up looking so we went down.
My mom heading down fast while me and papa are at the back with me carrying my dog.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Two Trees Trail Hike

2 hours and 17 minutes Round Trip.
You're done when you reached the road that leads to the Parking lot. Once you see the Yellow House, don't give up! You're almost there. Not for a beginner so do at your own pace. Drink water if needed and wear sun protection.
432 Two Trees Rd
Moreno Valley, CA
If you want to go further to reach the 'M' go for it. Look at the map up top or take the shortcut and park here for $5.00. We didn't because I don't want my mom to push herself too much and the heat is getting bad. - Ootd
5% Shade all throughout so Luxury Hikers, this is not for you.
On the way you'll see the Cassina Springs and the Fire Trail from Summer of 2017.
At the top, there's a little shed with table that you can rest and relax while you enjoy the peak of your hike.
9699 Box Springs Mountain Rd