Friday, September 8, 2017

Bump & Grind Hike

Awesome workout! I suggest have some practice before going this route. Not for beginners who just wants to walk. Locate in Rancho Mirage, CA.
Bring Flashlights in you're planning to do a night hike like us. Be careful at all times since it's a narrow trails. Do it an your own pace!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Balboa Park

Located in San Diego. Free admission unless you go to inside Museums and Art Crafts. Good place to chill but not on a hot Summer Day because like my mom you'll be tired fast. Have water handy if you don't wanna buy yourself when going around.
It was tricky to find this thru Apple Map so instead of Balboa Park, type in Botanical Garden. We actually park way front so my mom and I plus Cosmo had to walk to enter and same way back. Not bad if you're in shape but might be tiring for some who is not into strolling.
Lots of dogs. So if yours is like mine that wants to fight all the time, get a back pack for them like I did. Not only to stop then fighting but to carry them around when they get tired.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Victoria Beach

Free and Easy to go down compare to the Thousand Steps Beach. Little tower that my mom wanted some picture of. Although it's close, okay to hang out beside it. Not much people so perfect to relax. There's a not sa safe pool nature made that you can jump - mom won't let me so I didn't :/
Big waves as all of Laguna beach are. They say no Dogs allowed but oh well, we brought ours. Say Hi to my Cosmo - loves to fight other dogs :(
He's always on a leash, and if he gets really bad I carry him to avoid fights. Bad thing though with others, they didn't have leash so when Cosmo was barking at them, they came to Cosmo. Good thing I caught it and Cosmo bit me accidentally instead.
To that owner so calm about his dog. Please put on a lease. Both of us are int wrong for bringing a dog but you being so careless is not acceptable.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Road Rage - WHY? People are just plain rude.

I'm the right of way. Obviously I had momentum and he rushed and turned left. Good thing I was alert and stopped on time. Not only he did that he purposely drove SLOWLY ALL THE TIME to annoy me. WHY?? Why? 

I hate to be that bad person, but Karma's a bitch.

Please please. Own up to your mistakes and don't be a dick.
This happened August 29.

I dreamt that night and woke up August 30. It was about me and my man. We were on the ocean. I won't go into details but it was pretty obvious that we are together. This hot lady invited us somewhere. Then she says, actually I only wanted to invite your man but since you both are here and you heard it, I invited you both.

I did not get mad in my dream. But I remember this plot when I woke up and told it to my man. Of course he said it was just a dream.

Then I realize. No matter how 'good' we are, or try to be, there will always be stupid people who try to make you mad even though you're innocent. People who step on other people just to get what they want. I don't what to tell you but, Good Luck.

Driving home and all day, all I wish is for me to forget that this driver/incident never happened to me. But it helped me start a mantra of saying "Let it Go", many times while breathing so you can relax and really let it go.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Skyslide @ OUE LA

Quick and not cheap admission.
Skyslide combo - $33 on the website but I paid $34 each for my mom and I.
But hey, it's what I live doing so I don't care. And my mom enjoyed the videos, views and playtimes inside before doing the slide :)
I did it twice because my picture in the first one is bad - wrong timing of the camera. So the amazing worker on the photo at the time offered to slide again (because she knows I'm gonna buy it). I slid the 2nd time and got a better picture!
We parked on the Union Bank beside the building of OUE for $39. Yes, that expensive for a parking. If you wanna walk a little further, go for it. I saw some $17 maximum fee. 
Fun day with my mother. We were plannig to go The Broad but we didn't purchase the advance ticket and the wait that we were told it 1 1/2 just to get in. No Thank You! I already wasted 5 hours of my day driving so maybe next time we'll purchased it ahead of time.