Friday, December 15, 2017

Festival of Lights 2017 @ The Mission Inn

We went December 9, 2017 Saturday. This is our second time and it still has the same feeling. Pretty lights, cool breeze, happy people, kids laughing, teens doing their own thing, hot drink and snacks with long lines and just plain family time. (last time in 2015 here)
Last time we were here I remember there was a small ice skating rink, mostly for children and this time there was non that I could find. But! they do have carousel which is pretty cool and I don't remember this part before. Even the Ferris wheel seems new to me. I definitely recommend going here if you are nearby and experience it at least once. Also, good luck finding parking! This time I got lucky and found a free and extremely close one :) Happy Holidays in Advance!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

US Naturalization - N400 Interview

2017 Timeline:
August 15 - Sent Application
August 18 - Status Online - Application Received
August 22 - Text Notification - Application Received
September 5 - Mail Notification Received - Biometrics Appointment
September 14 - Biometrics Appointment
September 18 - Status Online - Started Interview Scheduling
October 11 - Status Online - Process for Interview
October 31 - Status Online - Scheduled Interview
November 6 - Mail Notification Received - Interview Date
December 5 - Interview Date

23 years old. Female. Only child. Moved from Philippines to America in 2012. 5 year mark September 30, 2017.
Arkansas 2012 - 2015
California 2015 - 2017

995 Hardt St
San Bernardino, CA 92408
United States

Door opens on the back end. Free Parking. No food and drinks allowed inside. Once you enter you’ll go through security. Give your belongings like bags and shoes and it’ll go in a machine and you’ll have to pass thru metal detector. Second Floor is where the Interviews are. Use the Elevator.
You’d have to give your Appointment Letter right away and they’ll say we’ll call you by name. You can use your phone, as long as you’re not making any noise you have nothing to worry about. Please use common sense and always put your gadgets on Silent.
Then the waiting game begins.
1205 - Started waiting on chair
1300 - I was called.

Before you sit down, you will be asked to raise your right hand and say you yes that you will tell all truth.
Sat down and took a picture. Left index then Right index fingers.
She read where I lived and worked for the past five years.
Asked who supported me from September 30, 2012 until I was employed - My wonderful parents :)
All of those questions in the N400 Application regarding ‘were you a part of blah blah’, Lots of No then Six Yes.

Then the Exam Part.
Was given a paper with three choices, was told to read “Who is George Washington?”.
Then another paper and was asked to write “Washington was the first president”.

1. Name one war US fought in 1900’s - WW1
2. Who is US Chief of Justice - John Roberts
3. In what month we vote for President - November
4. How many US Representatives are there - 435
5. We elect US Representatives for how many years - 2 years

I’m sorry can’t remember the sixth one!

Sign here and there. Then received paper saying I am Recommended for Approval and instructions once I received the Notice for the Oath Ceremony.
Was out 1323, all done in 23 minutes (excluding waiting time of 55 minutes).

1. Arrive earlier than your appointment so you’re okay with finding it without rushing like me, but don’t arrived 30 minutes early (instruction per letter)
2. Get your photo taken. My good coworker heard about my interview and told me to have passport photo ready since his experience was ony last year. He told me that it wasn’t included in the letter but the serious officer he had had him get out and get his photo taken and come back. He also said that not all officer are like this only that particular one. I wasn’t asked a Photo when waiting for this interview and didn’t include any on my application since it’s not required that’s why I got scared. So of course I didn’t have photo ready so before heading here I dropped by CVS.
3. Use coupon to save $2.00 in CVS. Hey, this whole process is not easy money so don’t mock me regarding saving couple bucks. Find the coupon online, print it and show it when paying. From 13.99 minus 2.00, plus taxes = $12.92 for 2 copies.
4. Make sure you are well fed before arriving. Waiting game remember? You don’t wanna be Hangry when doing your important Interview, right?
5. I’m not a mom (yet) so you might hate me for this, but if you can, leave your children at home. They’re not your lawyers to help and they will only make noise. Of course the officers will be kind enough to let them play as long as they’re not making too much fiasco.
6. Do not take any photo. I witnessed one man who was told to stop it.
7. Study repeatedly so it’ll be a breeze when you’re in it.

Good Luck!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ayutthaya Temples + Riding Elephants

May 2017 Trip to Thailand :) Ayutthaya Temples and Ruins. We visited 2 tourist spots that has these beautiful ruins. Had to pay Entrance fee for each of course but it's not much. Possibly 350 Baht each person. Then we went to a Floating Market that has not much to see (about 10 minute ride) so we decided not to go since it's so expensive and not worth it.
People that has to say a prayer or want to get closer needs to take of their shoes obviously as most asian countries are to show respect.
 Shot in my Htc Re. Ootd Here.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ice House Canyon Trail

Beautiful place to hike. Cold at first but definitely will feel warmer after a while. We started going up around 0930, stopped after 2 hours and 45 minutes due to my mom not feeling well, rest for about 15 minutes then started going down and reached car in 2 hours. Total from vehicle and to is 5 hours. Bring a jacket, a thick one! I kind of regret not bringing my North Face with Wind Breaker since it's really chilly in the morning. 
We did not reach the saddle but just the view itself is enough so I really did not feel like I missed something. Mom enjoyed the hike as well except for the tiring part for her but she did well for her first time going up. So proud of her!
We passed many signs pertaining to how far is still to your certain destination. Burnt trees, many broken trees, Cucamonga Wilderness boards and a choice of Ice House Canyon Trail and Chapman Trail (longer and harder looks like).
There was nine of us in the group but we did not let us slow them down and went on our pace, and went back when it's time to go back, lol. Thank you Ranka for inviting us to join your group! :)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Santa Monica Pier

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My parents and I enjoyed Santa Monica Pier at Pacific Coat Highway. Warm weather but because it’s the beach it’s perfect. Cool rides for everyone and decent food choices. I love it. Awesome day (maybe night as well) for a date. Family or friends too! There are at least four singer/performers all throughout walking with about $10-$15 per cd of theirs and at least two caricature artists that has $10 fee.

Papa played one game for $5, pretty much shoots at basketball and he shot 2 out of 3 tries and won that colorful ball. He was trying to throw me that ball while I was taking a picture of them :)

Rides open at 1100.