Monday, November 20, 2017

Don’t Please Others if You’ll Suffer

I know. Stupid Me

BIG INCONVENIENCE; Though, Nothing bad on the service. I think.
Appointment’s @ 1540.
Received a call same day @ 1210.
Voicemail @ 1211. Second call that I missed @ 1217.
Requesting for me to arrive around 1315, or even 1330. I arrived and started waiting before 1410. 
Originally, my plan was to miss work only by 30 minutes. But because of this request, I was out 2 hours earlier. Thinking I’ll be done fast due to the request of me coming early, I planned to finish work at home after. I was Wrong.

I was called @ 1538, ONE HOUR & 18 Minutes LATER.
Same time if I didn’t try to please the request and just went it on my appointment time.
Nurse apologized for me waiting and FULLY aware of the doctor’s request. She mentioned that when I came in that’s the busy time. NOT MY FAULT.
Done the little chit chat with the nurse @ 1542, STILL waited another 18 Minutes for the doctor.

If my time waiting does not equal to my rating, then Kaiser Permanente does not care about their patients’ time.
Please learn from my mistake and don’t come in early when they request you to, unless you have all the time in the world and you don’t need to work.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Chase Disney Rewards Visa - Approved!

I got approved! After thinking I got denied at my application due to 5/24 ruling of Chase, they asked for my SSN through mail so I sent them but did not expect anything then all of a sudden I received an email saying my new card will arrive in 3-5 days. 4 days later from that email, it did arrive yesterday!
Disney Rewards Visa from Chase. Can be use anywhere where Visa is accepted.
No Annual Fee of course that's I did not get the Disney Premiere Visa.
First Account from Chase, Thank you!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Huntington Beach

Awesome place to hang out, not too crowded, Parking's a dollar per hour. Enough Restaurants to eat in but you can always bring your own food and have a picnic. Pretty Cool place.
I would love to come back here :)

Monday, November 6, 2017

Encashing a Cashier's Check

My cousin worked in Maine for about 6 months. Since she has the kind of job that travels every now and then, she cannot stick to just one bank account and has to transfer or make a way to have her money with her. So she put it into a Cashier's Check. It was on her name and has a HANDWRITTEN signature of the bank she enrolled to. We had a HARD time looking for bank who will en-cash her Cashier's Check. Banks we tried:
  1. US Bank in Walmart of Day Street
  2. WinCo Foods in Moreno Valley
First one - Nope, only Bank of America checks.
Second, We do not accept Cashier's Check (looks like he doesn't even know what he's looking at).
Third - Nope again, only ours.
Fourth, Nah. Try Walmart in Eucalyptus (That's the second one), they accept check that has handwritten signature. I explained we just went there and she said Oh yeah? Well, you got to try other bank. Maybe WinCo.
Fifth - Nope, we only en-cash payroll checks.

Sixth , the longest we stayed in but the most effort put to help us so please consider them!*
Asked for all the info of my cousin, had to put myself and my mom as reference. Good thing I texted my mom about this since she does not answer calls at all so the helped called her she answered. Biggest problem is that the Bank in Maine is already closed so they cannot verify, other than that they would've done it easily. We were there for a good 30 minutes possibly more. Hoping this would be it but the one helping us said no, can't verify. I thanked here because she really tried and you see the concern to finish the job. (Fee was about 2.5%)

I only had two option left in my mind, either the Money Tree or Speedy Cash. Since Money Tree is closer that's where we went and not even 5 minutes, it was done. All she asked for is the Phone App that says either a statement or withdrawal showing the amount that's on the check. But while we are here, Pay Day Loans was calling! They said they got the go signal to help us. But my cousin and I already to decided to stay at Money Tree since it's almost done. Money Tree has a fee of 4.99% plus 99 cents (almost twice compare to Pay Day Loans). This is the only bad part here, a bit too much of a fee but quick and easy.

I called the Pay Day Loans back just to let them know we found somewhere else to help us and thank them again for their amazing effort and time to help us.